Epistemology, the philosophical study of the nature, origin, and limits of human knowledge. of language as a brother of phil. Many modern philosophers like John Rawls try to argue for justice and ethics without using ontological or theological arguments, but even the forefathers of philosophy like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle argued for ethics. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Deductive reasoning proceeds from a general statement to a particular statement. ), Aesthetics (Study of Art - What can life be like?). Which branches of philosophy matter most to law? Ethics involves the principles of morals and rules. The study of logic in philosophy examines the concept of reasoning. Aristotle. Friends, Are We Not Philosophers: Is This Place a Bazaar or a Cathedral? The main branches of metaphysics are ontology, natural theology and universal science. The Philosophy of History is a relatively minor branch in the field of philosophy, focusing on the study of history, writing about history, how history progresses, and what impact history has upon the present day. Philosophy of Mind . Philosophy of Mind – The study of self and group thinking. Although I personally like this system that bridges the gap between Aristotle and Kant, it is hardly the only system out there. Here, if you can study it, and especially if it is a category of inquiry that can be studied formally, it can rightly be considered a minor branch of philosophy… and that means we can get as specific as possible, discussing not just the philosophy of a TV show, but the philosophy of a character on a TV show for example (although you probably can’t get a PHD in that). Agriculture is probably the most important branch of engineering. It seeks to discover and restore the social bonds that hold the mankind together. ), Philosophy of Politics [referring to the social sciences] (Society, etc. Aesthetics – The study of beauty and art. a. Monism Ethics and politics have to do with action and quality of life. Philosophy of religion is concerned with much the same issues, but where Theology uses religious works, like the Bible, as its authority, philosophy likes to use reason as the ultimate authority. Epistemology is the study of the grounds and nature of knowledge itself. What are some good multi-volume book series on the history of philosophy? Many would argue that the most important philosophies are those that have real world application. ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. Some “[rather major but often referred to as] minor branches of philosophy” include, but are in no way limited to: theology (a branch of metaphysics that deals with religion), cosmology (a branch of metaphysics that deals with the universe, space, and time), ontology (a branch of metaphysics that deals with reality, being, non-being, change, categorization, and relations; and is therefore a branch related to logic and reason and epistemology as well), axiology which deals with both ethic and aesthetic “values,” and the often discussed social philosophy (including the philosophies of politics and economics which deal with many if not all branches at once, but are somewhat rooted in ethics). Skip ahead to the scientific revolution with Descartes in the 1600’s who sums everything up at that point. Mill's On Liberty. Then you don’t just want to study ethics, you want to study the subdivision of social and ethical philosophy, the philosophy of law (either modern or historic, either general or specific to a field of law). What does "no long range" mean on the soulknife rogue subclass mean? Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. What textbooks should I read after reading many short introductions? Aesthetics has traditionally been part of other philosophical fields like epistemology or ethics but it started to come into its own and become a more independent field under Immanuel Kant. and Other Greek Philosophers, our page of epistemological and ontological categorization, the Five Branches of Philosophy by importanceofphilosphy.com, metaphysics gets grouped by its relation to “feelings” (including sentiments, intuitions, and imagination), ethics its relation to actions, logic its relation to ideas, and aesthetics its relation to physical objects/beings, What is Philosophy? The philosopher wishes to know the answer to questions such as: http://www.philosophy.vvrias.com/About-Philosophy, Syllabus BA-I: Elements of Philosophy & Logic. Log in Join now Secondary School. LearnReligions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, Theology, Apologetics, and Religious Philosophy, What is Aesthetics? Want to consider the philosophy of Internet Explorer 6? Sometimes confused with theology, the Philosophy of Religion is the philosophical study of religious beliefs, religious doctrines, religious arguments and religious history. Is it too late for me to get into competitive chess? It is concerned with answering the questions about identity and the world. ), Politics (Study of Force - What actions are permissible? Once the domain of Aristotle, the foundation of the exact sciences must now take into account relativity, uncertainty and incompleteness. TIP: Eastern philosophy can be categorized and understood through the lens of western philosophy, or it can be explored on its own merits. The major branches of philosophy can be denoted as: metaphysics (what is), epistemology (what we can know), logic and reason, ethics and morality, and aesthetics (beauty and art).[1][2][3].

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