This study proposes a pre-stack gather optimization technique based on the improved BEMD (bidimensional empirical mode decomposition) method with high stability and adaptability. © 2020 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Then, the first-order primal-dual method is employed to solve the proposed model. Such differential equations describing radar wave propagation can be derived from Maxwell's equations through a series of vector operations (Nabighian, 1988) as follows,∂2E∂t2−1με∇2E+σε∂E∂t=SE,∂2H∂t2−1με∇2H+σε∂H∂t=SH,where E and H are the electric and magnetic field vectors, respectively; SE and SH are the external electric and magnetic source vectors, In GPR data processing, when we use Eqs. On the other hand, cross terms are avoided because the proposed method is based on the short-time Fourier transform and convex optimization technology. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Journal of Applied Geophysics, Volume 177, 2020, Article 104031, Journal of Applied Geophysics, Volume 175, 2020, Article 103993, Journal of Applied Geophysics, Volume 177, 2020, Article 104053, Journal of Applied Geophysics, Volume 177, 2020, Article 104027, Journal of Applied Geophysics, Volume 177, 2020, Article 104026, Journal of Applied Geophysics, Volume 177, 2020, Article 104023, Determination of the absorption coefficient of radar waves in solid earth media, the Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Seismic spectrum decomposition based on sparse time-frequency analysis, On the study of industrial waste sites on the Karelian Isthmus/Russia using the RMT and CSRMT methods, Magnetic gradiometry with a low-cost magneto-inductive sensor: A case study on Baba-Ali iron ore deposit (Western Iran), A novel thresholding method for simultaneous seismic data reconstruction and denoising, Pre-stack gather optimization technology based on an improved bidimensional empirical mode decomposition method, A new generalized membrane polarization frequency-domain impedance formula. A simple method to calculate the attenuation coefficient is given and two models are established to verify the effectiveness of the method. This method has been widely used in groundwater studies (Shih et al., 1986; Harari, 1996; Arcone, 1998; Nakashima et al., 2001; McClymont et al., 2012; Liu et al., 2014), road evaluation (Saarenketo and Scullion, 2000; Benedetto and Pensa, 2007; Li et al., 2016), the detection of pipes and holes (Zeng, 1997; Pettinelli et al., 2009; Ni et al., 2010; Ayala-Cabrera et al., 2011; Ocaña-Levario et al., 2018), archeology (Malagodi et al., 1996; Brown et al., 2009; Böniger and Tronicke, 2010a, Böniger and Tronicke, 2010b; Neubauer et al., 2002; Zhao et al., 2013; Panisova et al., 2016; Qin et al., 2018), and other environmental and engineering studies (Brewster and Annan, 1994; Stevens et al., 1995; McMechan, 1997; Rashed et al., 2003; Theune et al., 2006; Bonomo et al., 2009; Hughes, 2009; Lowry et al., 2009; Xu et al., 2010; Dorn et al., 2011; Varnavina et al., 2015; Anbazhagan et al., 2016; Baek et al., 2017; Drahor and Berge, 2017; Giulio et al., 2017; Fernandez-Alvarez et al., 2017; Varnavina et al., 2017; Hong et al., 2018). A meaningful method for absorption coefficient estimation in the time domain was introduced and tests with synthesized data demonstrated that this method is simple and effective. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. To carry out GPR data migration for an attenuative medium, it is important to have accurate estimations of the attenuation coefficient. α = A ( h ν − E g) 1 / 2. A landfill in the settlement Morozova near St. Petersburg was formed as a result of a long-term warehousing of toxic wastes by the sulfuric acid manufacture. When the conductivity is high, the effect of β cannot be neglected. (1) Design a semiconductor light emitting diode and analyze efficiency Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is a technique that images shallow soil and rock conditions using high-frequency electromagnetic (EM) pulses transmitted from a radar antenna. Beers law may be written as: A= εbc. We derived the scalar GPR wave equation for earth media with slowly varying electrical parameters, proving that it is equal to the product of e−βt and G(x, t), where β is the GPR wave field. Average values of some acoustic insulating materials that are used in buildings are tabulated in table 1.

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