and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners. Before taking on the next side quest, there's a couple of small things to do down here first. Kill them and interact with the body, then return to the temple. Travel south from Samos to reach your next destination, Kos. Whilst here, head up the rocks south of Shipwreck cove and dive down the hole in the top to end up in a small cave. Zas, which you'll be prompted to find with Ikaros as you get close to it. For completing the last quest, you'll be rewarded with the Spartan War Hero Gauntlets legendary item for killing Silanos, the leader of Paros, who is Peloponnesian League Cultist (2/6). First, head to the south side of the Grand Temple of Apollo and drop down on to the rocks overlooking the ocean. Talk to him, and whichever option you choose you'll be in a fight against the Cerberus and several of his guards. Nearby (south of the island) you will encounter the next cultist, The Octopus, who is on a ship with black sails and an octopus on them. Once again, head to Zeus's Playground, and whilst the objective does say kill the followers in the caves, this can also be got from killing the ones at the Lost Minoan Shrine. Continue to the west side of Thebes to the gymnasium and speak to Melanippos inside, then head west out of Thebes along the main path. Using Shield Breaker helps a lot especially on wave four, as does Hero Strike. Go down the stairs and left at the first fork, then up another set of stairs and follow the path until you reach a room with a hole in the middle. You can find a spare one next to the silo, then return to the worker. Make your way to the Leader House and grab the Estate Envy ostraka from the tower in the northern corner, then go south to a house facing out onto the ocean and interact with a bowl on a table in a pool to complete the ostraka. During the cutscene, choose to help Brasidas, and promise Myrrine that you'll bring Deimos back. Whichever way you've chosen to deal with him, return to Thaletas who'll now be on Delos to end the quest. Afterwards, head west to the Temple of Athena Itonia for another Ancient Tablet, then make your way to the center of the structure to find a small metal object on top of a pillar to interact with and complete the Fire in the Belly ostraka. You’ll get … Fight him afterwards and you'll receive the Amazon/Achilles Bracers, as well as Heroes of the Cult (3/6). Sail from the west coast of the island, and sailing around the area will be Melanthos. Head south-west into the Fertile Battlegrounds to find the Shepherd's Hut on the road leading north-west out of the region towards Little Egypt. If you give the necklace to Timon, he will also join your crew if you ask him. As you approach, you'll have to take out the Athenian guards surrounding it, before talking to the civilian. Talk to him when you arrive, then slide through the hole in the wall where the people are worshiping, and go right at the fork to come across a door and interact with it. Another cutscene will follow after the eight of them are killed, then Roxana will want to race you to the Lover's Leap synchronization location on the south west side of the island. You'll receive Hermes's Kerukeion for completing this quest. Speak to her when you arrive. Dock your ship on the west side if you wish and head north into the Sacred Lands of Artemis to find the Kynthos Ruins. Completing Call to Arms will lock out all the Kyra’s side quests and Thalates’ side quests.. Do not do this side quest first if you want to complete the quest line. Back to the Porphyrion Cave to speak to Praxos, then head to the Altar of Artemis to find Kyra. Another very short and simple quest, make your way to the north-west corner of Pan's Cradle to find Lagos's Compound. Speak to her workers in the fields, the one on the right wants some mint to help her stomach, which can be found on the back side of the house on a table. Make your way back north to the Gorani Marble Quarry and use Ikaros to locate the enemy target. Talk to Brasidas in Sparta for a meeting with Pausanias and Archidamos. With the ten followers killed, return back to Gortyn to end the quest. Instead, investigate the fire, the entrance to the hut, and the tracks on the path leading north-west from the camp. Fast travel to the Isle of Thisvi back near Phokis (or to Phokis and sail south if you didn't come to the island earlier in the game) and head inside the cave on the north side. Return back to the grieving father, concluding that it was Kythera's Leader who killed him. Speak to Zopheras again when you arrive, and follow her up the nearby hill, and speak to her again, ending the quest. Head east back to Oropos Heights, and to it's highest point to find a small bag and an apple sat on a few planks of wood, interact with them to complete the Elbow Greece ostraka. Once again, use Ikaros to pinpoint his exact location. Should you wish to only follow the story islands and those in that direction, and deal with these islands later, that works too. Afterwards, head west to, At night they come without being fetched, and by day they are lost without being stolen The Stars, small piece of land off the north coast of Hydrea, © 2020 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Before leaving the temple, enter the building to the right of it and pick up the Made in Abyss ostraka. We're done with these islands now, our next port of call island wise is Samos, but first, head north of Andros to come across Asterion and his ship, deal with it as you would any normal ship, and once he's dead, you'll receive the Pirate Gauntlets, as well as God of the Aegean Sea Cultist (1/6). As you sail out of Lakonia, keep to the east coastline and near the southern edge you find the Palopetri location, which is Underwater Treasure (33/42), and also step on the small island just west of it. Reduce the grip of the Athenian leader of the island first, then head to Herodianos the Spartan polemarch. Whilst the fight itself isn't too different to any other legendary beast you've fought (dodge the charges and use whatever abilities you have handy), the boar does have one annoying trait. Anything below level 46 will be near impossible, and level 50 is recommended. Swim a small way north-east (still underwater) to find a body next to a broken pillar which has the key to the chest.

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