Aluminum Nitride, formula AlN, is a newer material in the technical ceramics family. These materials are available in both lapped and "as fired" condition as well as metalized and non-metalized substrates. Wavelength: µm Thickness: Calculation method: Transmittance. Mid-infrared optical properties of thin films of aluminum oxide, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, aluminum nitride, and silicon nitride, Appl. Aluminium Nitride Sheet, Thickness:0.64mm, Condition:Translucent: AL643125: Aluminium Nitride Sheet, Thickness:0.125mm, Condition:Translucent, Polished both sides:Polish : 0.025 - 0.05µm Ra: AL643200: Aluminium Nitride Sheet, Thickness:2.0mm, Condition:Translucent : AK613010: Aluminium Nitride - Machineable Sheet, Thickness:1mm, Grade:Shapal ™-M soft: AK613011: Aluminium Nitride - Machineab 51, 6789-6798 (2012) (Numerical data kindly provided by Jan Kischkat) Data [CSV - comma separated] [TXT - tab separated] [Full database record] Optical transmission calculator . Aluminum Nitride, AIN Ceramic Properties. Surface oxidization happened in air even for room temperature, however, the aluminum oxide layer can protect the material up to 1370 C. Compared with aluminum, which is the traditional technical ceramic material, aluminum nitride has better thermal conductivity and even higher hardness. While its discovery occurred over 100 years ago, it has been developed into a commercially viable product with controlled and reproducible properties within the last 20 years. UNIPRETEC offers a series of substrates based on AlN materials for use in application environments. Aluminum nitride, AlN, is a light grey or white ceramic material which has a density of 3.26g/cm3. Opt. Common Brand Names: Shapal ™-M soft, Shapal ™ Hi-M soft : General Description: Shapal ™-M soft is a high purity, machineable ceramic with high strength and high thermal conductivity.Although the thermal conductivity is not as high as Aluminium Nitride, it is still 50 times that of Machineable Glass Ceramic. AlN(Aluminum Nitride) Ceramic has excellent thermal conductivity, is thus considered as high performance electronic packaging material. Aluminum nitride sheet, thickness 0.125 mm, size 25 × 25 mm, condition translucent; Synonym: AL643125; find null-GF14244285 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich. This article provides details on how aluminium nitride is produced, key properties and its applications, including microelectronics. Aluminium nitride can be produced by dry press and sinter or by hot pressing with appropriate sintering aids, the result of these processes is a material that is stable at high temperatures in a range of inert environments including hydrogen and carbon dioxide atmospheres.

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