The Instant Pot makes preparation a cinch in this Creole-style jambalaya. I pinned to my Tried It – Loved It board. Either way this will be added into my cooking rotation. I also used whole wheat pasta, and no one batted an eye, so I think the flavors worked. I just wanted to check… I do not cook the noodles prior, right? I don’t see why not! Italian Sausage you would have to have the ability to ADD to it to make a good flavor profile….like different cheese, more garlic, beef broth, and marinara instead of tomatoes…you know? I love how this recipe has such longevity–5yrs since it’s post, and still keeping folks interested, satisfied and giving feedback–HA! Perfect quick and easy comfort food. I can’t wait to taste it! Omg this looks amazing I’m planning on making this except I was wondering if I could use a different kind of pasta and could I just dice up tomatoes not sure if I have any canned ? Andouille recipe. Thanks so much! I have a few cherry tomatoes lying around (about 13 of them) though. (Alternately, transfer in 2 batches to a food processor and process until finely ground.) Easy and you can add whatever you like to your taste. Your pictures are showing 4. I used a whole box of quinoa elbow pasta instead of regular elbow pasta, and andouille chicken sausage. Excellent recipe. It's super easy! But as always, please use your best judgment. Yummy looking recipe and I’m always looking for simple one pot meals. I searched online for a recipe to use the remainder of my andouille sausage and I didn’t want yet another jambalaya recipe. it’s what i had   used heavy cream. Hi Chung Ah! So glad I found this recipe! Oh, and possibly some oregano or Italiajn Seasoning, and red chili pepper flakes. I love love love one-dish meals. Sometimes I add bell peppers or zucchini when I add the tomatoes, but it is also delicious as is! Thank you for sharing! I used Mexican style tomatoes for a little extra zip abd served with green salad and Mexican cornbread but it is also a perfect stand alone dish. I’ve shared it this recipe with all of my friends. i’ll certainly be adding more garlic than called for; not sure about 8, but that many cloves doesn’t daunt me. I made this with fire roasted tomatoes with chiles, which come in the smaller can, and still to much liquid at the end. Great recipe! It was very easy and quick. Made this per the recipe & it turned out amazing! Lindsey, thank you for trying my recipe. Super good recipe. It’s a simple sauté of smoked andouille sausage, and with a little bit of diced tomatoes, chicken broth and milk, the pasta gets cooked right in the skillet! Thanks for sharing! The sausage produces enough. I want to try it again with turkey kielbasa instead of the Andouille to reduce the fat (we are dieting, what else is new). Remove from the smoker and use as desired. Yum! This will become a constant in my dinner tricks! This was delicious!! 7 delectable andouille sausage recipes  that will impress everyone at the dinner table, Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Pinterest, Meet Go-Go-Gadget Renee'. will definitely be made a few times/month!! Combine the pork, pork fat, Essence, paprika, garlic, black pepper, salt, file, chili powder, red pepper, and cumin in a large bowl and mix well. I will be making this for Valentine’s Day instead with linguine and shrimp, and I am going to try mozzarella cheese this time since it was a tad on the Hot side for our liking. My son and I pretty much inhaled it. Thanks so much! Next time I would also add some other veggies, maybe some mushrooms, spinach or shredded kale, and some bell peppers, to make it a little more substantial. The whole family loved it . A creamy cheese sauce is layered with cooked potatoes and the sausage and vegetable mixture to make a casserole that is ideal for a cold winter night. – I don’t oil. “One pot” pasta dishes are the best. Oh well, it was still yummy! Another good recipe to add to your arsenal is this corn chowder with spicy andouille sausage. Nice and spicy! This andouille-stuffed and bacon-wrapped pork loin is full of bold flavors and simple to prepare. Made this last night with one small change, it was so good! It was so easy to make and come out very well. I followed the recipe to the letter and had no problem with extra liquid. Then I topped it with shredded mozzarella and Mexican blend cheese bc that’s what I had in the fridge…then I topped it with parmesan…what can I say, I love cheese! Let’s c how it turns out. Andouille Macaroni and Cheese. It was absolutely scrumptious with a caesar salad and bread sticks.. The sausage is cooked along with bell pepper and onion and then is stirred together with a Creole-flavored cheese sauce and penne pasta. If I changed anything, it would be to either simmer cover off once the pasta is in, or use slightly less chicken broth. Thank you! Could you substitute beef broth or water? All of these ingredients are so accessible — I actually have all of them in my fridge/pantry right now! It seems to get better and better each time we eat it. Tonight I ribbon sliced baby collards from the garden. I added peas made it with chorizo and added cubed ham! }); Just made this last night. I hope you get a chance to try this with andouille sausage instead – that’s really the star of this dish! – I use whatever pasta I want Easy, delicious, and extremely forgiving—perfect for a busy weeknight. The Amazon pan is showing 2 rivets for the handle. Has anyone tried to double this recipe? Excellent This recipe is amazing, easy as you claim, and took only 15 mins. Anyone else experiencing this issue? I have been making this for several years now. Deff be using this recipe again! Since I didn’t have pepper jack I added a little cayenne pepper. It was soo yummy! Jaya, I worry that your heat source was set too high, which didn’t allow your water to reduce completely. OK first off, I would like to say that the flavors of this dish are amazing! Just made it! It handles the long, arduous smoking process, so the flavor is great, but removing the casing can be time-consuming, and for some, possible off-putting to the dining experience. This was SO good!!! It's almost similar to a Jambalaya dish but instead of rice, they use fettuccine or penne pasta that provides an Italian touch with a hint of Louisiana’s food scene into the recipe. Whoops — also forgot to add that I used the Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausage as a replacement … it was perfect for a vegetarian! Addicted to this receipt. This is absolutely amazing, I made it exactly as the recipe says and I must say this is just delish!!!! Thanks for sharing your version, Christine! chicscript.src = '//'; I doctor it up with a little extra broth, Rotel instead of tomatoes, and some cream cheese and Velveeta at the end so it’s more saucy. This was really good and easy! window.adthrive.siteAds.targeting.push( {key: 'at_custom_1', value: 'myxx_off'} ); awareness. What are the little green flecks in the photos? – After slicing the sausage, I cut them in half to make half moons. I’ve never thought of cooking the pasta in the dish with the sauce – what a great and easy idea! Loved it! Serve it with a loaf of bread or...some white rice will do! I love how quickly it comes together too.

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