Players must collect third anniversary candles from the garden event, fishing tourney and gyroidite scavenger hunt. If the player fulfill requests for animals, you can get candy canes. Depending on the duration the player has played Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for. Throw nets are used on the dock at Saltwater Shores and Lost Lure Creek to catch multiple fish and shells or at Sunburst Island to catch multiple bugs. The player has to participate in part 1 and 2 of the garden event. The animal will come and visit the player's campsite when their minimum required friendship level is reached, their required furniture is placed at the player's campsite, and the player calls them via the phone to invite them. This is raised by leveling up villagers. For each new level, the player will receive rewards that include unlocking more furniture or animals who may visit, as well as 1000 Bells and 10 Leaf Tickets. Part 1: From 2/1/2018 - 2/10/2018; Part 2: From 2/6/2018 - 2/10/2018. Jump to: navigation, search. Part 1: From 3/30/2018 - 4/9/2018; Part 2: From 4/4/2018 - 4/9/2018. It was released in Australia in October 2017, and worldwide the following month. List of villagers (Pocket Camp) - Animal Crossing Wiki. Female player breaking rocks with a shovel, Male player with a fishing rod and horse mackerel, Female player with a net and monarch butterfly, Downloadable phone background released for the 3rd anniversary, featuring Tom Nook and Isabelle, Downloadable phone background released for the 3rd anniversary, featuring Pete, Downloadable phone background released for the 3rd anniversary, Stitches's Patch CookiePatchwork Bear Set, Lily's Hydrangea CookieHydrangea Garden Set, Bluebear's Party CookieIce-Cream Party Set, Inkling's Splatted CookieSplatoon 2 (Fortune Cookie) Set, White Gothic-Rose CookieWhite Gothic Rose Set, Gladys's Camellia CookieWinter Camellia Set, Nordic Patch CookieNordic Patchwork Bear Set, Poppy's Cocoa CookieSweet Chocolatier Set, Apple's Glazier CookieStained-Glass Garden Set, Chrissy's Royal CookieRoyal Tea Party Set, Stella's Sleepy CookieDreamy Pastels (Cookie) Set, Kiki and Lala CookieLittle Twin Stars Set, Kerokerokeroppi CookieKerokerokeroppi Set, Beau's Artisanal CookieArtisanal Bakery Set, Wolfgang's Cog CookieCelestial Observatory Set, Pastel Glazier CookieStained-Glass Garden (Pastel) Set, Bree's Boutique CookieFabulous Boutique Set, Flurry's Powdered CookieSnow-Dusted Village Set, Rhonda's Holiday CookieFantasy Pop-Up Library Set, Gothic Royal CookieRoyal Tea Party (Gothic) Set, Chevre's Serene CookieSerene Hot Spring Set, Olivia's Whimsical CookieWhimsy Valentine Set, Eloise's Flapjack CookiePancake Diner Set, Vesta's Chic CookieFashion Design Studio Set, Mitzi's Aviary CookieOutstanding Little Aviary Set, Punchy's Crunch CookieCrunchy Veggie Restaurant Set, Butch's Candlelit CookieCandlelit Ceremony Set, Rod's Adventure CookieAdventurous Journey Set, Raymond's Scholar CookieScholar's Study Set, Carrie's Apple CookieBaking Apple Pie Set, Chief's Fall Feels CookieElegant Autumn Evening Set, Kiki's Black Cat CookieBlack Cat Mansion Set, Dom's Funfair Cookie Dream Theme Park Set, A player catches a Horse Mackerel at Saltwater Shores, A player next to a pear tree in Lost Lure Creek, A player catches a Miyama Stag at Sunburst Island, A player with Kid Cat at the campsite, with Lily and Hopkins on a Merry Go Round, Animal Crossing: New Horizons(prior to 3.3.1), From Nookipedia, the Animal Crossing wiki, Non-craftable furniture can be bought at Nookling Global and during limited-time events. Animal Crossing Wiki. The player can use Leaf Tickets to start an order even if they don't have all of the materials required, as well as speed up the time it takes for an order to be completed. File:PC-Furniture-Antique Library Books.png, File:PC-Furniture-Big Pastel Blossom A.png, File:PC-Furniture-Big Pastel Blossom B.png, File:PC-Furniture-Big-Top Balancing Ball.png, File:PC-Furniture-Big-Top Popcorn Tower.png, File:PC-Furniture-Big-Top Stage Screen.png, File:PC-Furniture-Big-Top Treats Wagon.png, File:PC-Furniture-Cottage With Chimney.png, File:PC-Furniture-Decorated Holiday Tree.png, File:PC-Furniture-Decorated Magic Carpet.png, File:PC-Furniture-Festive Candle Bench.png, File:PC-Furniture-Folktale Flower Patch (Winter Folktale).png, File:PC-Furniture-Glittering Waterfall.png, File:PC-Furniture-Illuminated Candle Path.png, File:PC-Furniture-Lantern-Lined Aisle.png, File:PC-Furniture-Lavish Carriage Couch.png, File:PC-Furniture-Lavish Flower Stand.png, File:PC-Furniture-Librarian's Counter.png, File:PC-Furniture-Marching Snare Drum.png, File:PC-Furniture-Marching-Band Flute.png, File:PC-Furniture-Marching-Band Stage.png, File:PC-Furniture-Marching-Band Trumpet.png, File:PC-Furniture-Musical Marching Road.png, File:PC-Furniture-Palace Water Fountain.png, File:PC-Furniture-Pastel Hot-Air Balloon.png, File:PC-Furniture-Pastel-Blossom Arch.png, File:PC-Furniture-Pastel-Blossom Fountain.png, File:PC-Furniture-Pastel-Blossom Swing.png, File:PC-Furniture-Pastel-Blossom Trampoline.png, File:PC-Furniture-Royal-Rabbit Spoon (Gothic).png, File:PC-Furniture-Royal-Rabbit Teacup (Gothic).png, File:PC-Furniture-Royal-Rabbit Teacup.png, File:PC-Furniture-Royal-Rabbit Teapot (Gothic).png, File:PC-Furniture-Royal-Rabbit Teapot.png, File:PC-Furniture-Royal-Rabbit Treats (Gothic).png, File:PC-Furniture-Royal-Rabbit Treats.png, File:PC-Furniture-Scholarly Book Stool.png, File:PC-Furniture-Scholarly Staircase.png, File:PC-Furniture-Sleepy Wolf Plushie.png, File:PC-Furniture-Sparkling Snowflakes.png, File:PC-Furniture-Stained-Glass Apple Tree (Pastel).png, File:PC-Furniture-Stained-Glass Apple Tree.png, File:PC-Furniture-Stained-Glass Birdbath (Pastel).png, File:PC-Furniture-Stained-Glass Birdbath.png, File:PC-Furniture-Stained-Glass Fountain (Pastel).png, File:PC-Furniture-Stained-Glass Fountain.png, File:PC-Furniture-Stained-Glass Mirror (Pastel).png, File:PC-Furniture-Stained-Glass Mirror.png, File:PC-Furniture-Stained-Glass Path (Pastel).png, File:PC-Furniture-Stained-Glass Well (Pastel).png, File:PC-Furniture-Striking Clock Balcony.png, File:PC-Furniture-Two-Story Bookshelves.png, File:PC-Furniture-Whimsical Tea Fountain.png, File:PC-Furniture-Whimsical Tea Treat.png, File:PC-Furniture-Whimsical White Rabbit.png, File:PC-Furniture-Winter Folktale Basket.png, File:PC-Furniture-Winter Folktale Tree.png, File:PC-Furniture-Winter Tree-Stump Table.png, File:PC-Furniture-Winter-Village Cottage.png, File:PC-Furniture-Winter-Village Stage.png, File:PC-Furniture-Winter-Village Tower.png,

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