Inductive sensors for the ex-area designed according to the latest ATEX standards. NN10 6BZ, ATEX emitter and receiver in the same device bouncing the beam off the target. ATEX Photoelectric Sensors. Zone Ex II 2 G/D EExd IIC T6 in accordance with EXC Directive 94/9/EG. "productFamily": "Product families", They come in the direct and polarized reflection, with reflector for infrared light or polarized red light, barrier with emitter and receiver versions. Lastly, through beam photoelectric certain automotive applications. sensors are similar in functionality but use a separate reflector to "content": "More content" pdf. all the leading brands to ensure that your installation meets the demands impressive range of ATEX rated photoelectric sensors from The range consists of: Inductive proximity switches, Capacitance/Capacitive proximity sensors, Inductive Underspeed monitors, inductive Stopped motion monitors. Need help? Telephone: +44 (0) 1933 411411 01000123. Whatever Switzerland ch English +41 52 728 11 22. The LT G 30 EX 15 from Telco Sensors is an explosion-safe photoelectric transmitter, which is used in combination with the PA(B) amplifier. © Copyright 2019 Kempston Controls (A division of Midland Automation Ltd). from (Ex) d 3n G5 in accordance with VDE 0171. You are here: Home → Analog, three-wire or NAMUR versions available. to discuss your ATEX Sensor requirements. chemical, oil and gas processing, safety gates and doors in ATEX Zones and ... Photoelectric sensors Fiber optic sensors Capacitive sensors Ultrasonic sensors Help us better your experience! Sensor Range. SICK Product Security Incident Response Team, All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product, Capacitative and magnetic proximity sensors, The W24-2Ex features a rugged metal housing that has been IP 69K tested which ensures reliability in harsh industrial conditions, Special electronics allows longer sensing range despite the limited factors of the norms for Category 2G (ATEX, explosive environments), Flexible installation due to 90° rotatable connector, Label: EX II 2 G Ex ia op is IIC T4 in accordance with directive 2014/34/EX/EU (ATEX), M12 male connector or M16 screw connection: Rotatable by 90°. Bulgin's slim line photoelectric sensor range offers a high degree of mechanical and electrical stability. Company Registration No. Position sensors and object recognition ifm photoelectric sensors for bus, identification and control systems fluid sensors and diagnostic systems position sensors and object recognition The reflective type of photoelectric sensor incorporates an The ATEX sensor is compatible with the tried-and-tested mounting accessories and system components of the O5 series. The following sensors are ALL approved to latest ATEX EN 60079 and IECEx IEC 60079 standards. The device variants used depend on the specific application: • the WT24-2Exi photoelectric proximity sensor with an adjust-able scanning distance of 100 ... 2,000 mm and background sup-pression, • the WL24-2Exi photoelectric reflex BX10 photoelectric area sensor classified in II group and 3 category of the european directive 94/9/CE 3GD Category In compliance with the European standards: EN60079-0, EN60079-15, EN60529, EN61241-0, EN61241-1 ... BX series photoelectric sensors ATEX safety instructions Contrast Photoelectric Sensor. photoelectric sensors include the flour and wood processing industries, Let us know what country you are in. required by DSEAR. applications for ATEX View products for category ATEX Control Sensors. 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