Ref 9957. Based on the traditional weapon of the highland clansman that has sown fear into the hearts of Englishmen for centuries, the Scottish Broadsword has a long, two-edged blade and a distinctive basket hilt wrapped in blued steel wire. Ref 3086. Ref 9825. Ref 2857. A very good Silver covered Dha / Dah sword, probably VIETNAMESE or THAI. Ref 3000. A scarce brass hilted British Grenadier hanger circa 1750-1770. Ref 2402. Ref 2919, A very rare English Civil War era Mortuary style rapier. Ref 2988. A superb 19th century North African Nimcha sword covered almost completely in silver. A rare Swiss sword probably 18th Century. Ref 3111, A superb silver mounted English Hunting Sword in scabbard. Ref 3157. Good condition. Circa 1860. A good and rare Napoleonic era brass mounted Naval Dirk circa 1770-1810. Ref 9827. Ref 1387. Copyright © 2020 Buying a Sword. A rare and interesting 19th century Tibetan or Chinese fighting dagger in scabbard. Basket Hilt Swords; Movie Swords . Ref 2982. All rights reserved. A good 18-19th Century Indian sword Tulwar with plain steel hilt. Good condition. Near mint blade. 19th Century All Steel fighting Axe with engraved blade. A very fine Russian Kindjal the hilt and scabbard covered in nielloed silver mounts. 17 INCHES. A very rare two handed German Landsknecht sword circa 1590-1600. Very good condition. Completely untouched piece.Ref 3064. A very rare and unusual CHINESE sword CIRCA 1900. - Circa 1640. Circa 1760-1820. 17th century military issue. Ref 9288. A Superb 19th century silver mounted Shamshir sword with an unusual armourer's mark to the blade. Good condition. A fine Russian Kindjal the hilt and scabbard covered in nielloed silver mounts. Ref 3115. Ref 1662. Ref 2795. Ref 3124, A rare untouched English Rapier, dating from around the time of the English civil war. Ref 9823. A very fine steel hilted small sword with gilt panels. A Highlander or Scottish warrior may look incomplete without a sword at their side. A very unusual French Grenadiers Napoleonic era brass sword engraved blade. Good condition. Basket hilt broadswords gained much of their popularity as military weapons in the 16th century and were used up until the 18th century. A rare 18th Century British military spear point bayonet for DURRS EGG FLINTLOCK CARBINE. 17th century Rare "Hounslow" style hanger or short sword. Worn condition. Complete with its original leather scabbard. A very unusual and rare Revolutionary War Era Dragoon's or Horse-mans Basket Hilt sword. The long hilt covered with red rope. Circa 1811-1815. * * A Fantastic Silver mounted 19th C. Ottoman Shamshir with original silver scabbard. Princeton, IN 47670 Ref 3076. While the terms broadsword and backsword did not appear until the Victorian era, they are used in present day to distinguish between double-edged and single-edged basket hilted swords, respectively. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Contact us Ref 2323. Ref 3078. Good condition. Good Condition. Good condition. Possibly for presentation to an eastern dignitary. A very fine Austrian brass mounted naval officers sword in scabbard. While the rapier was the dueling sword of the Renaissance, the basket hilt sword was used both by military and civilians. Celtic Swords; Celtic Daggers; Celtic Clothing; Celtic Jewellery; Celtic Accessories; Greek . Get all the latest information on New Products, Sales and Offers.Sign up for newsletter today. The blade of the sword is stainless steel with an unsharpened edge, so it is safe to carry and display. Ref 2190. A very rare English Mortuary style basket hilted sword circa 1650. Good condition. Probably Dutch. English Civil War Circa 1650. A British Military Victorian era brass hilted Band sword in scabbard. Please visit and follow our Facebook page. Good condition. Ref 8093. Ref 2797. Ref 2796. The blade of the sword is stainless steel with an unsharpened edge. Ref 3142, A rare decorated iron Main-Gauche or left hand dagger, manufactured in Toledo circa 1880. Ref 1948, A very rare Main-Gauche or left hand dagger, probably English Civil war era. Hours (CST) 9am-5pm Mon-Fri English C. 1640. Good condition. Good condition. Ref 9826. A very fine and scarce 19th century Japanese Aikuchi dagger covered overall in silver. A rare Napoleonic era brass mounted Dragoon sword circa 1780-90. A rare Napoleonic period officer's sword. Ref 9536. Good condition. Good cond.Ref 2556. Basket hilt swords – UK medieval weaponry by Southern Swords, a good selection of styles and quality to display or to use for cutting, we have just what you need. Ref 1700. Good condition. Ref 6104, A North American Indian double edged fighting knife. Southern Armoury - Quality UK Handmade Armour, English Civil War Oliver Cromwell Sword - 1599/1658, Nickel Finish Scottish Basket Hilt Broadsword & Scabbard, The Scottish Basket Hilt Broadsword & Scabbard. Every item listed for sale on our website is in stock now and is available for you to purchase. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Address3 Shepherds Lane,High Wycombe, HP15 7AR. Blade of pewter. Various forms of this Renaissance sword are known as basket hilt backswords, schiavona swords, and Scottish broadswords. The basket hilt sword developed alongside the rapier, and was often dubbed a broadsword in comparison.

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