It looks to me like items on shelves above the tub could be reached only from IN the tub, especially if you are petite. I met with the kitchen department at HD and they quoted me about $300 for one to fit my space but again, it was a weird custom size. What we suggest are 14" deep shelves. Shelves above a kitchen counter should be about 18″ to 23″, with about 15″ in between shelves. You can always do a sort of half-shelf to split up the big fixed space. You will be able to see what looks best to you. I knew I would have trouble seeing in the mirror when I had it mounted even with the one over the sink. You can always do a sort of half-shelf to split up the big fixed space. Gala Prep continues! Waiting for the after pics. A metal shelf might be better suited for the bath -- it can be repainted as needed. That is easier than stepping over a curb would be. The corner shelf/grab bar that I had mounted low for a foot rest has held up very well. Make them all adjustable. :). Need help deciding if this wallpaper goes with the bathroom tiles. No issues with either. Thanks - Beverley. But they can do it. Is that going to be a towel rack near the shower? Height? Get shelving that'll make your bathroom look neat and efficient. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. I need to contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Another option is to have the shelves match in between the two panes (so part way past beginning of window) but then would be about 62 inches for first and 75 inches for second and I worry second would be too high. I have it at the tallest height due to my terrible knees. Try to get the widest/deepest you can so you can fit items safely on them (~8-10"). It works for me. We are adding two shelves (they will match the vanity) behind the tub (see picture, wall besides window). They'd need to be high enough for you to not bump your head on them. I am tall so my shelves might look better to me at a different height. Thanks suezbell. It’s a large bath but no storage for stack of towels etc. Picture I show does have wall, so not sure if not coming out right on site. Why don’t you put blue painters tape where you think you want the shelves. Unless you want to be decanting your toilet paper all the time. That was super helpful ! If so, having your towel there will be a nice balance. Since we are right-handed, I wanted it on the right. If anyone were to wear makeup and want to sit to apply it, I recommend having the second mirror mounted lower. I dry my hair sitting on it. I did not want it looking odd, so took a chance with it. Hmm. However, if you want to have a bit more decor and a distraction from the toilet spacing against the bare wall behind the toilet, I would suggest you hang several pictures on the wall and have them be different heights and/or sizes. Corner Glass shelves in bathroom. Remove the small wire shelf next to the toilet. So I want to try to optimize things with the spacing of fixed shelves. Everything from toilet paper holder height to the height and size of our shower niche, and more. Bathroom shelves question -- spacing/ height (with picture) Rosa. These both have the lower shelf at the window height ... Jinx - those images are super helpful. We squeegee the walls and floor after most use and I have never cleaned the walls. I wanted a tub more than closet so I am fine with that choice. We don’t want to tighten it so much we crack the sink! I'm trying to figure out at what heights they should go, and how many there should be. I find that the shower curtain billows a bit inward, but not enough to be a bother., The shelves that came with the shower are sturdy and having no issues, even though they mount with no grooves to hold them, just caulk. I love my rain shower head and Hubby loves his Speakman wall head. A couple of legs holding up another 16" deep shelf that just sits on one of your fixed shelves. 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