Using imagery is a powerful way of increasing your email click-through rate. By dynamically switching the products being promoted based on the subscriber’s gender, they ensured each subscriber saw the most relevant and appealing products that would entice them to make a purchase. The “from” name is one of the most prominently displayed elements of your campaign when it arrives in your subscriber’s inbox. No doubt your inbox is full of such emails – that outfit you quite liked the look of, or that destination that looked so tempting you almost splurged on a spur-of-the-moment getaway; it’s no coincidence that these emails were so appealing to you personally. Email marketers might consider investing in specialist software to automate, track and evaluate their emails. Use virus protection software to scan all emails to prevent spreading and receiving viruses. To re-engage inactive subscribers, you can send a re-engagement campaign asking them if they still want to hear from you. Competition is stiff, thanks to thousands of active websites and increased knowledge among webmasters on how to rank high in search results. Using professional-grade email marketing tools like Campaign Monitor, almost every part of your email marketing campaigns can be personalized, using tactics that range from the simple to the more advanced.We’ll cover each of these tactics so you can understand the realm of possibilities. Quite unsurprisingly, open-rates and click-rates are far higher in targeted email campaigns, which then leads to more conversions. When you send your campaign, the tags will be automatically replaced by the information you have stored in your email list (i.e., the first name of the subscriber.). By recording the customer’s birthdate, Monica Vinader can send out an automated birthday email that reminds customers to engage with the brand, which can lead to more ROI and revenue for the brand. CRM systems allow companies to capture and store all information that they hold about each of their customers, including their personal details, location, occupation – and even purchase history, interests, previous engagements and financial details. and then use it to personalize campaigns. What marketers are not doing. We created different images for people in the UK, USA, and Australia and tested them against a generic version (with just one location-agnostic image) to see if personalized images worked better. Campaigns can even be made up of many layers. You can manage your cookie preferences at any time. Dropbox does an excellent job of this, including the subscriber’s company name to take the personalization to a new level and increase the relevance of the email for the reader. A lot of customer data is often stored in third-party apps that may not have a pre-built integration. So how do you level the playing field? A common use case for this would be showing menswear to your male subscribers, while showing womenswear to female subscribers. They are using personal words. It’s an integral way to move towards a one-to-one email marketing strategy. If you’re a Campaign Monitor customer, you can easily do this in the email builder. In fact, in a recent campaign, we tested dynamically changing the images to match the subscriber’s location. While any relevant and timely email may drive a new sale, personalized emails […]. By showing that they know the recipient’s preferences and the day he became a customer, they are showing that they value the customer’s relationship and not just the business they bring. As well as creating targeted emails, the best emails feel really personal to the reader.

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