Unlike the coiled metal pads on some other brushes, the Best’s steel bristles stayed intact and upright with no signs of breakage or shedding. In our tests, the 18-gauge uncoated aluminum construction avoided warping at high temperatures, up to 500 °F. Over the years, we’ve found fish turners to be the most versatile spatulas in general, and this large version is no different. The best use you can put this grill basket is on small foods and vegetables since it produces amazing results. At $100, the Slow ’N Sear Deluxe isn’t a small-ticket item. Weber 6434. The GrillFloss is also an ideal tool for kicking hot charcoal around the firebox, a job usually reserved for tongs that eventually touch the food. The silicone bristles on the OXO brush are heat resistant to 600 °F, so they won’t melt or leave stray bristles on your food (as most natural-fiber pastry brushes will). We spent over 85 hours researching and testing—and selected our favorite tools and gadgets from past guides—to bring you the best gear for picnics and cookouts. The popularity of the Weber kettle grill has invited a lot of third-party innovations—essentially, ways to "hack your Weber" to add even more versatility. If you’re a regular griller/smoker or plan to be one, these qualities may justify the expense. This spatula has a similar blade to our main pick, but it’s not dishwasher safe. *At the time of publishing, the price was $40. AIGMM Portable Stainless-Steel BBQ Barbecue Grilling Basket; 4. The Slow ’N Sear is also good for "reverse searing," or as Craig “Meathead” Goldwyn of AmazingRibs.com calls it, “sear in the rear.” Ideal for thick steaks, this method involves cooking the meat indirect until the internal temperature is 15 degrees below your target, and then searing directly over the hot coals to get a crisp crust. In our tests, the ThermoPop was quick at reading temperatures, and very accurate. The experts we spoke with recommended an instant-read thermometer over a probe thermometer: Instant-read models are faster, and they generally last longer since they have no exposed cables that could deteriorate in the heat. Though the handle was shorter than those of some other brushes we tested, we found that it still provided enough distance from the grill to keep our hands safe. Over time, we think the stainless steel Grillaholics basket will stand up to the rigors of high-heat grilling better than the nonstick Williams-Sonoma pan we tested. Unlike oven mitts, these five-fingered gloves allow for better dexterity, which translates to a better grip on tongs, spatulas, and basting brushes. Another Weber product has entered the best list of grilling basket, but this time, the series of holes will be gone but instead will be replaced by rounded-rectangular holes – featuring the Weber 6481 Vegetable Basket. If you want the fastest instant-read thermometer, one beloved by the pros, we recommend getting the ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4. Sam Sifton called these top performers "perfect." The best thing about this grilling basket is that it has been made with stainless steel. While the GrillGrates did manage to eliminate any chance of a flare-up, we’d rather have more contact with the high ambient heat from the firebox to get the browned crust and crispy, rendered fat cap we look for in a grilled steak, or the nicely charred surface that makes for great grilled veggies. It’s a virtual twin (aside from having a different-colored handle) to our former pick, the discontinued Qually United grill brush. This silicone basting brush is heat resistant to 600 °F, so it’s ideal for applying barbecue sauce to meats on the grill. We also tested the small OXO Good Grips Silicone Basting Brush, but it has a shorter handle than our main pick and brought our hands too close to the high heat of the grill. Though any number of welding gloves offer similar features, we didn’t find any that were as inexpensive and widely available through Amazon and welding specialty shops as the US Forge gloves. It helps even beginners make great barbecue. Though it’s very flexible, the Hell’s Handle is still strong enough to help transfer whole chickens from grill to cutting board. The beveled edge of this wooden grill paddle takes on the pattern of your grill, becoming a custom scraper that hugs the grates. Other grill brushes we tested but dismissed include the Tool Wizard Barbecue Brush, which uses replaceable woven wire pads to clean grates.

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