The first essay, "Bank Consolidation and Financial Inclusion," focuses on deposit-taking ... My dissertation focuses on topics in household finance and bank regulation. Youth and Economic Development: A Case Study of Out-of-School Time Programs for Low-Income Youth in New York State, The real exchange rate and economic development, The Real Exchange Rate And Economic Development, Essays on International Reserve Accumulation and Cooperation in Latin America, Three Essays on Racial Disparities in Infant Health and Air Pollution Exposure, Capitalism in Post-Colonial India: Primative Accumulation Under Dirigiste and Laissez Faire Regimes, Uneven Development and the Terms of Trade: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis, Gendered Vulnerabilities After Genocide: Three Essays on Post-Conflict Rwanda, The Employment Impacts of Economy-wide Investments in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Household Employer Payroll Tax Evasion: An Exploration Based on IRS Data and on Interviews with Employers and Domestic Workers, Racial Inequality and Affirmative Action in Malaysia and South Africa, Three Essays on the Political Economy of Live Stock Sector in Turkey, The Impact Of Public Employment On Health, The impact of public employment on health, Effort, work hours, and income inequality: Three essays on the behavioral effects of wage inequality, Essays On Investment, Real Exchange Rate, And Central Bank In A Financially Liberalized Turkey, Essays on investment, real exchange rate, and central bank in a financially liberalized Turkey, Labor Turnover in the Child-Care Industry: Voice and Exit, Economic Reforms in East African Countries: The Impact on Government Revenue and Public Investment, Post-Marxism After Althusser: A Critique Of The Alternatives, Essays on Financial Behavior and its Macroeconomic Causes and Implications. Three Essays on Governments and Financial Crises in Developing Economies, 1870-1913, Peter H. Bent, Economics. This dissertation presents three essays addressing the role of informational frictions in monetary policy. the list with available BSc topics. Ask about the possibilities! An empirical analysis of the revenue and expenditure implications of trade liberalization, Barsha Khattry, Property from the sky: The creation of property rights in the radio spectrum in the United States, Elizabeth M Kruse, Three essays on China's state owned enterprises: Towards an alternative to privatization, Minqi Li, From welfare rights to welfare fights: Neo -liberalism and the retrenchment of social provision, John Arthur O'Connor, Political community and individual gain: Aristotle, Adam Smith and the problem of exchange, Kimberly Kaethe Sims, Rethinking prostitution: Analyzing an informal sector industry, Marjolein Katrien van der Veen, Land and labor markets among paddy producers in the Nepalese Tarai, Ravi Bhandari, What drives equity values: fundamentals or net flows? For further information on thesis topics please contact the thesis coordinator > An important step in starting a thesis is the selection of a topic. This dissertation consists of three independent essays on the understanding of investor behavior and financial markets. The price of goodwill in the food and agribusiness, Performance measurement of commercial businesses and public agencies, Sustainability choices of farmers when (re)building new farms, Economic evaluation of heifer calves selection moment, Pet boarding kennel (dierenpension) business economics and management, Development of a model to forecast the next year economic results of dairy farms in different regions of the world. In this case the economic part will be supervised by one of our staff members. Chapter 1 (co-authored with Zhong Xu and Chuanwei Zou), “Trading Relationships in the Chinese Repo ... My dissertation is composed of three papers in financial economics. Home Using corporate bond transaction data with dealer identifiers, I find that a large component of the bid-ask spread is dealer-dependent. Endogenous Capacity, Multiple Equilibria and Thirlwall's Law: Theory and an Empirical Application to Mexico: 1950 - 2012. for Potential Economics Majors; Forms. My dissertation is composed of three papers in financial economics. This dissertation examines the social and economic processes that generate innovation and distribute its rewards in society, in the context of the United States over the past twenty years. An important step in starting a thesis … You can start with a broad topic and discuss your ideas with one of the staff members. With respect to asset prices, my main focus is on the price discovery process: how ... Browsing FAS Theses and Dissertations by FAS Department, Empirical Analyses in Finance and Macroeconomics, Essays in Consumer and Small Business Finance, Essays in Entrepreneurship and Financial Economics, Essays in Household Finance and Bank Regulation, Essays in Information Technology and Productivity, Essays in Market Design and Behavioral Economics, Essays in Monetary Policy With Informational Frictions, Essays on Asset Prices and Macroeconomic News Announcements.

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