. The major benefit is they’re cheaper to produce, while hand-knotted rugs come with a significantly higher price tag because of the time and effort it takes to meticulously hand-knot a rug. I have also received updates from people who have made one of these DIY rugs from my tutorial and several people shared that they made a bath mat size rug (2×3 in size) in an afternoon or over two days. Just wondering, do the rubber bands eventually disintegrate? One question, do you vacuum the rug? Cut the fabric into long, 1 1/2-inch wide strips. , It’s lovely but it’s very difficult to see how you are ‘weaving’, etc. Customer Support| Fixing Stuff & Weird Product Questions| If you can’t tell the difference with the naked eye, look at the back of the rug. Cotton piping is NOT cheap, that rug cost a small fortune! . I want to make this but I also don’t want to spend $300 and lots of time for it to Fall Apart. But at least I’ll still be saving 100’s of bank thanks to you!!! Thank you. They look small. Some tufted rugs or super dense hand-knotted rugs can be damaged if creased. Thank you so much for your time, Please ignore the comment I made about the rubber bands and the questions I asked. Yes, the time spent on it would be long, but quilters spend hours and hours on their craft and this beautiful rug would last for ages! In my case, I wanted a 5×8 rug for underneath the couch. Wow, that must have been so much work, but it looks amazing! Lastly, trim any edge or interior pieces that feel like they need it, with a pair of sharp sicissors. I would have used just one giant piece of netting, but was limited on what I could find in stores, so I opted to attach them together once complete and it was honestly just as easy. Was there any cotton piping leftover? I am amazed and doesn’t even look like its been made rather bought from a high-end store! Happy Wednesday! My roll of netting is smaller than that, so I did some quick math to determine how many pieces I would need to cut to make a 5X8 rug (3 pieces that are 8 feet long, since the netting is 2 feet wide). I love that it’s handmade. It’s not a fast project, but it is easy. Lastly, trim any edge or interior pieces that feel like they need it, with a pair of sharp sicissors. Thank you for the idea. Looks amazing but hair rubber bands eventually break. Hope you’ll let me know how it goes. Very creative, will also check your Instagram highlight. The rug does shed a little at first, but sheds less and less as time goes on. I attempted to make this rug for my husband for Christmas this year. There HAVE to be trolls on here because NO one could possibly read your instructions AND all the comments and ask the SAME question over and over, ad nauseum. However I don’t have time , drive or energy to make this, not to mention I have the attention span of a hamster. And this do it your self-rug would be awesome in the apartment. Because of the success of this project, I’ve received an overwhelming amount of questions about this rug. I desperately needed a new rug and I tirelessly searched for one that I absolutely loved (that was also budget-friendly). For rugs larger that 9×12, it is sometime impractical to use a single fold method. It’s not uncommon for an artisan to take up to a year to finish an intricate hand-knotted rug. Fold the rug just under one third. I wish I knew someone with a tile saw… Any ideas will be greatly appreciated! But if the pieces aren’t secured and are just being held in by the force of all of the pieces being tightly pushed together (which does work by the way), you may occasionally suck up a piece in your vacuum if it’s really strong. Or two cats? I have been trying to find a similar cotton piping of that thickness but not having much luck. Is it possible to modify a woolen floor rug? The rug is beautiful I plan on making several in several colors. I used a variety of thicknesses of cotton piping because I was on a time crunch when creating the rug, so I couldn’t wait for X number of cotton piping yards to come in for the project in just one thickness. ; ). do you think this is possible to do as a carpet in a small room that does not get a lot of use? And I would have an extra foot leftover from the width, that I could cut off of the mesh before getting started, etc. I’m brainstorming about doing this with a 2nd color to create a pattern to replicate a Moroccan/Beni Ourain style rug for my living room. Nylon is a manufactured fiber that can transform into a limitless amount of colors. I will definitely try it. How well do the rubber bands hold up. I feel like cotton piping is my magic craft supply rn. Love, love, love the texture! can i ask what thickness of piping you used? If that is something you’re worried about longterm, you can use string to wrap around and knot each piece together (in place of rubber bands) OR as another option, only use rubber bands or string for the outside perimeter of the rug and let the interior pieces just hang out freely, without any additionally security. Awesome rug! Refurbishing my lounge next year and will send photo of finished rug once in place. It’s awesome and beautiful! I absolutely love this rug!!! « Family Games : Perfect for the ENTIRE Family. What size piping did you use? Hi!! . The hand-tufted rug is a different variety of hand-woven rug, that is produced using a modified hand-held drill gun, which inserts the natural fiber into a cloth foundation to create a loop pile. I wouldn’t recommend using rug cleaning equipment on it, however, since it’s a handmade item that is a bit more delicate than a manufactured piece. One of those difference is that the cotton cording I used to create this DIY rug isn’t secured on it’s own (with a knot like latch hook is). what else can be used? Take Care!! Needless to say never finished it. I love how this rug looks and am thinking of making one! Is there a better substitute? But if you can find a rug pad that has larger holes, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. So, there really is no limit on the size for this project – big or small. Just trying to plan out how much to buy. I really love, love this rug idea and I am wanting to use some chunky yarn that I have. Wonderful that you shared this. I didn’t find any colors of cotton piping like mine when I was searching for supplies for this project, Judith. I also have a (very ….lame) question… I still respond to comments on this post years later as much as possible to help. You see…..I would love to give this a try but I have five kitties and am wondering how easily the bands break. How can you tell the difference between hand made and machine made rugs? Je ne comprends pas tres bien l’anglais mais j’essayerai de comprendre les explications. Thank you, I am a do it yourself junky and these are the the clearest, most inclusive (sites and $) I have ever read. Thanks Kelly. What I used was a combination of piping ranging from 3/8 inch up to 11/16 inch in diameter, but I would say 1/2 inch diameter or even 11/16 inch are probably the ideal sizes. I also asked if it would be better to due it in pieces or as one long rope. […] the last DIY rug I shared ended up being my most popular project of all time (so far at least), it only seemed fair […]. It works the same basic way clear fingernail polish did on panty hose (remember those?) There are instances where folding can damage your rug: never fold a rug unless you are extremely attentive to it's condition. Once you have that figured out, roll out the length of the netting you need and cut the pieces with a pair of scissors. You want them all to be roughly the same length, so that the rug looks relatively even when its completed, while also having a little bit of variation, so you can more of a textured feel that looks handmade (and not manufactured). Hopefully the picture below explains it better! I don’t know a more affordable material, Sam. In a Machine-made rug, the fringe of the rug is sewn on at the end of the process and serves no function in holding the rug together. Or will it just keep shedding? Haha! Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect custom rugs for your space: Measure twice, buy once! Thanks! Hand-tufted rugs are also a passed-on weaving tradition, but the drill gun dramatically speeds up the process, and an artisan can ‘mass produce’ this type of rug, taking only a day or two, as opposed to a hand-knotted rug that can take months to complete. I would love to try this and might be tempted since you said you did your large one so very quickly. I heard rubber bands desintigrate. This is lovely. God bless, Your email address will not be published. This WAS the case in my newly finished master bathroom. Depending on the type of rug material you’re considering purchasing, your size options may be a little bit different. My favorite cotton piping sizes for the rugs I've made with this technique are 1/2 inch and 11/16 inch. I am not kidding, the rug took 12 hours and IS ONLY 2’x3′!!!!!! And for me, the rubber bands have held up quite well. And your rug is Beautiful! But I haven’t had that happen personally… So, if you have the time, feel free to DM a video or photo on Instagram (my username is @paperandstitch) and I can take a better look and suggest something more specific. Also, do you think the netting is strong enough to support some tugging and twisting, as when someone gets in and out of a lounge chair? I AM MAKING THIS! Hi Jamie.

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