These cookies are stunning!!! I have learned so much from you over the years. […], Your email address will not be published. Pipe the white inside of the ear immediately on top of the brown icing and drag a toothpick or scribe tool from the brown to the white to create the furry look. There seems like there should be a sure fire solution out there. Hi Janet, to be safe, I’d only make this pasteurized eggs — sorry! It tastes good too.This batch performed just as I expected. I have read that it can be tricky. They also have emulsions. I do not have pasteurized eggs (not even sure where I would find pasteurized eggs at the store?), Chocolate Cookies with Raspberry Royal Icing Recipe,,, Highland Christmas Cookies | Outlander Kitchen, Sugar Cookie Obsession | Sun-Dried Tomato(e), The Hockey Goods – Hockey Puck Cookies | Sarah's Kitchen Adventures, Rainbow Spaghetti & Art Class Sugar Cookies Inspired by Jackson Pollock |, Pumpkin Spice Cut-Out Cookies – SUGAR BY ALYX K, different colored cocoa powders make different colored icing, If the icing is lighter than you’d like, add a tiny bit of color to darken it a bit, Try not to over mix. Find the cookie cutters by clicking on each individual cutter below (Any links to Amazon in this post are affiliate links): Wreath Cookies (Scalloped Circle Cutters), Buck Cutter – From How Sweet is That’s shop. Do you have problems with this recipe being so brittle when it dries that it’s hard to bite into or eat? I’m doing a demo on Sunday for 300 women who love all kinds of cookies and that cookie will be perfect and I’ll recommend your blog again ♥. The cup measurement can vary greatly from person to person depending on whether they sift, pack…etc. Here’s an easy recipe. Please and thanks for sharing your experiences and talent. That said, the whole water thing can be iffy {which is why I take pictures} so I would suggest mixing the vanilla with HALF of the water, add that, and then add more, little by little, until you reach the right consistency. This royal icing is perfect for decorating holiday cookies, creating intricate designs, or making letters or flower decorations. I loved your previous royal and flow icing…could I thin this down like the flow, to decorate with? Lots of factors. God bless you! 828,190 suggested recipes. I have always been too scared to flood a cookie but am really tempted to try now☺☺☺ Thank you for the wonderful recipe! Cover the bowl with a dampened tea-towel to prevent crusting and drying. Use your favorite brand but rest assured it still tastes nice with the cheapest cocoa powder I could find. I just made this recipe and had good luck with drying, piping,etc.. Yay! Thanks. You absolutely can and should start yourself out with a chocolate base for black icing!! Hello, hello! Thank you for sharing this, I must try it. I’m trying to find a way to make my icing (where i use egg whites only) less hard to eat. i will be trying it and halving the recipe. Enjoy! Ack. I definitely don’t feel qualified to share a how-to on airbrushing as I’m so new to it, but I can share a few things I learned. To pipe the sweater pattern, use tip #1.5 to outline the neck, cuffs and around the perimeter of the cookie and pipe the “knit” using tip #2. The pine cone was made using fondant colored brown and pressed into this mold. Pure talent! For the sweater cookie, outline and flood the base of the cookie with 10 second, slightly ivory, royal icing. You can also pipe onto wires, toothpicks, skewers etc. I’m thinking it’s not thin enough. In a way, it seemed like royal icing that gets contaminated with oil, which makes perfect sense, since cocoa powder does contain natural oils. Thanks for all the helpful hints. Join me for an online class, including how-to videos, PDF guides & recipes. That’s a great question! I actually should’ve gone by weight, I used 1 32 ounce bag of sugar. This recipe is so easy to make and gives so much control over the icing. Use food coloring to tint the icing and then add water, little by little, to get the right consistency. If you dip a spoon into the icing there should be a peak… The tip of it will flop over, but it’ll be a fairly thick icing. Hello. These are just STUNNING I am green with envy (or Moss). You can also subscribe without commenting. This can be done with lemon juice, vinegar or cream of tartar.Ok, there are actually three ways!. Thank you for your comment Cindy, I’m so glad these posts can help! Thank you do much for your help!! I only ask because I had to keep adding more and more liquid to the Mixture of 4 cups sugar 1/4 cup meringue powder, 1/4 cup cocoa. Carol, Aww thanks Carol! Beat on medium speed until frothy. I usually store my RI at room temperature. She didn’t make a habit of saying things for nothing, so, I assume there is some truth to this observation, even though I don’t have the facts to back it up. Use a thicker icing for details and outlines and a thinner icing for "flooding," or fully covering the surface of the cookies. *Just* when I decided to simplify Christmas this year, lol! Add the confectioners’ sugar and beat on low speed until blended.

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