Chris Kresser:  Absolutely, absolutely. So today we have a brain—and I could go into the detail of it all—I’ll do it real fast here. Dr. Rick Hanson:  That’s really beautiful, and I would, if I could just say two things quickly about related to what you’re saying. And also too, even the worst-managed cattle on overgrazed grass is still a better system than monocrop grain. So you’re looking at the full lifecycle of a beef animal compared to just the tailpipe emissions from transportation. That’s an important part. So that’s why I like to say “it’s not the cow, it’s the how,” because there’s just many different ways of raising cattle. I’m thanking you for the chain because I have my hands on it. Because our focus can be so easily hijacked, especially when you have technology companies that employ brain hackers that understand all of this and actually purposely design their technology to exploit those human vulnerabilities. So let’s really dive into that and unpack that from the perspective of the paper. How do you turn experiences of gratitude into trait gratitude? But that we’re not subject to the, completely to the whims of life and we have some ability to actually hardwire, to use your term, happiness into the brain. And for me, like, learning that and really understanding the biomechanics makes it less personal and takes it out of the realm of “This is an individual weakness or failing” to, “Wow, this is some hardwired biological programming that I actually have to work to overcome in order to feel the way I want to feel and accomplish the goals that I have.”. Or yeah, yeah, exactly. Diana Rodgers:  Or do we look at this more wizard tech solution? James Wilks is a retired mixed martial artist. Diana Rodgers:  So 85 percent of the beef cattle in the US are actually grazing on land that can’t be cropped. And the project has also transformed from a feature film into a docuseries because we felt that it’s a more digestible way, literally, to get this information across, and there’s also more that we wanted to cover that we didn’t feel would fit into the narrative of one film. So there’s, they were really attacking red meat on a nutritional and environmental angle. I’m always really interested to learn about people’s journey and how they arrived where they are now. Dr. Rick Hanson:  As a little kid, even a little, little kid, you know things you can’t put into words, but they’re still true. And so we’ve destroyed just so much of our soil and so much of it is also just blowing away and running off. At the time, the project was called Kale versus Cow. So that’s what’s really fascinating to me is we can choose these levers that lead to healing, even if those levers are not the source, or the same lever, that caused the problem in the first place. So it’s really fantastic, and I think that that is at the crux of what we’re dealing with right now. So when life is really hard and you’re working really hard, you don’t have the privilege to push away something nutrient-dense like meat. And thanks for all your support ever since I first met you. But what folks aren’t realizing, number one, is that it relies on this horrible monocrop system, which is ruining our environment and a completely inefficient way of producing food on so many levels. Dr. Rick Hanson:  On the other hand, even though I love wilderness and I spend a lot of time there. All rights reserved. But most of what I think the opportunity is in terms of growing psychological resources is to experience a resource like understanding how to be more skillful with your wife. Diana Rodgers:  Yeah, and I have to say too, so I actually have recently been following Marty Kendall’s NutrientOptimiser diet personally, just as an experiment to try to maximize my micronutrients. What was his name? The whole goal, what people don’t realize, is that we want as much life as possible. But of course that’s also the perfect temperature for bacteria to grow as well. Chris Kresser LLC, a Nevada LLC | 1810 E. Sahara Ave, Suite 402 Las Vegas, NV 89104 USA | 702.850.2599. Dr. Rick Hanson:  You must deal with this, Chris, in your own work. Dr. Rick Hanson:  How do we weigh these different factors?

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