I have been writing and receiving letters from my sponsored child for the past 3years. I love them and now occasionally find myself mixing he or she just by association with them. There are some challenges like ones we experience at our local Church ie Little commitment of the local workers, inadequate education, greedy staffs and untruthworthness to some of them that hinders the achievement targeted by Compassion Office in our Home Country Tanzania! We certainly understand that when you give to a charity like Compassion, you expect transparency and honesty about finances. From "good people trying to help others" to "monsters exploting the needs and vulnerabilities of people to force their hideous religion onto them". Compassion provides holistic child development – spiritual, physical, social and economic supports. Hi Dennis! But you’re welcome to contact us if you no longer want to receive updates from the field and other mail from us such as general appeals and we’re happy to update your account so that these stop. I will push for this through the FTC. I receive photo updates every couple of years, but except for the first two years, I have not received further updated information, unless it came from the child. You can watch her story at http://www.missionsinaction.tv/episode3.php and also Accessible Financial Information. I will have to trust my intuition and send my support to other organizations that I feel good about. I cannot express how sorry I am to hear of the doubts you have about Compassion and whether your one-to-one sponsorship of Josiane is real. How do I ask personal or sensitive questions, like those related to health, without offending the child or his or her family? I just received a letter from her and it looks very much like all the letters from the past 10 years (the same very generic details anyone could write) but it said she is currently in grade 5. I plan on gifting my child and family till the program completion . It does take time to get your letters delivered to Rebeca. Items that cannot be donated will be discarded. I'm just an imperfect woman chasing after a perfect Savior. If you mail a letter, please remember to include your sponsor number and your sponsored child's name and number on each photo or small gift you send. Hi Rayshell, With this new method of calculation, Compassion still receives a 4 Star rating specifically for Accountability and Transparency. So now my concern is that, if his situation involves abuse by his mother (or her death), my letters will be depressing instead of encouraging and uplifting. [VIDEO].’ I hope that it gives you some assurance in how much your letters mean to your kiddos and that they do receive them. Please let me know if you did not receive that email or if you have any other questions at this time. Our reasoning for this is that we want every child to have the joy of receiving a gift and participating in our special Christmas celebration each year. Funny. Even the staff in our field offices do not have access to your personal contact information. And the easiest way for you to help your child take that step is to be involved in his or her life by writing letters. We value the impact of the relationship that each sponsor can build with their child and the hope they can bring through letter writing. I will be searching for another charity. We have put measures in place to make sure that these goals are being accomplished. While I understand it takes time to do this, that is what they are suppose to be doing; one on one work with the child and the thoughts coming from the child. As technology continues to influence and change how we communicate, we regularly look at our communication model with several questions in mind. Please email me at socialmedia@compassion.com with your sponsor number as I relish the chance to be able to research this situation and set it right. Your second letter is still being translated as a result of these kinks in the new system, but I can tell you that your letter is on its way to Juliano. I understand he may be too young to write the letters himself and someone else is doing it for him, but I feel this is a huge miss as we have pulled her in…we want it to be real as it should be. The goal is to ensure Compassion’s ability to attract and maintain the expertise required of a President & CEO equal to the scope and complexity of the global ministry. This has been very successful so far! I am very sorry that you did not receive a thank you letter for the gifts that you sent to Marcela. Hoping things improve for every sponsor soon. To help the center staff and translators recognize that you expect an answer to the questions: We take information security very seriously. Explain how your family includes your sponsored child in daily life (e.g.. Share your prayer requests and praise reports. The child and family, with the assistance of church staff, will purchase what they need most. We are still working through all the bugs in this new system (which I am guessing you will understand as a programmer yourself). Zero! As the name implies, all Complimentary Interventions are automatically provided to children and families as part of the program. I’m finding it harder and harder to believe that 82-86% of the money goes to the child’s care. Briefly and surprisingly though I received information that I got a church from South Korea to sponsor my education. I, too, had a disjointed goodbye with my grown child in El Salvador. Hi Vicki! Hmmmm, I think I am beginning to get the picture now. We actually just received the letter and photo back from the country office in Bolivia regarding the $500 gift you sent to his project :). Ask questions. You will also receive an updated photo of your child every two years as we know how much sponsors enjoy watching their children mature and grow. Thank you so much for being a blessing in Susi’s life, Debra! There is much going back and forth about the integrity of the organization and looking for proof that one should sponsor a child through Compassion or not. My child was in the 4th grade 5 years ago. d.Sectors/Functions Sometimes they are vague and sometimes they are very informative. Overall, I don’t think a Christian-based holistic child development organization would fare well in Givewell’s evaluation process, simply because Compassion deals in outcomes that aren’t easily quantifiable — increasing children’s self-esteem, quality of life, education, stability within the family, overall child safety, protection from abuse/child trafficking/gangs, spiritual development, etc.

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