How do I get the best movement from my machine? 0000161063 00000 n 0000138866 00000 n 0000004944 00000 n Match the needle size to the thread. 0000012105 00000 n h�l��KBa��իb��5B�0�!����@��P�Eq!����EH"p����K���� 5��k���Ղ�~�}�Á���1���[.���L��i��0A�唸�6Qrx�$��`��S� �������]&�2��.���M�dD�H��|u����5��rϾ�E�F|�`�d��Jl�xS�pM�t��u���j&c(V��AC&�p�렸t,�s��В|vP���?�|;"6�l v�в��ح��Z�v�H-5�Zg���s�ڌ�hz�d��;J/�i��¶5�Q2[�(�-A�������`�!\. 0000161282 00000 n 0000055012 00000 n Is a bump jumper, the same thing(a wedge) that you use to place under the presser foot on a sewing machine for sewing through thick fabric like denim? 0000016565 00000 n This needle has a large eye and can withstand the flexing that happens when you move the machine (over-flexing can cause directional tension changes.) First one needle, then the other, then both!!! 0001142912 00000 n 0000965713 00000 n 0000024266 00000 n APQS machines can sew with nearly every type of thread, from 100-weight silk to 12-weight heavy cotton. I'm got some thread breakage going on. Click here for information on threading your machine, SecureTrust Trusted Commerce - Click to Validate. 0000960798 00000 n 0000021862 00000 n 0000140172 00000 n New To PR | if the thread doesn’t break, then there was something wrong with your first cone. 0000140604 00000 n Make sure to follow the easy colour-coded thread guide and place your threads in the correct position, especially the last 2 positions before the needle. While we prefer polyester thread at the factory for its strength, durability, and relatively lint-free properties, we know that quilters often have other ideas! To increase your thread’s shelf life, store it in a closed container away from direct light, where sunlight and UV rays can not accelerate the damage. 0000993268 00000 n 0000121718 00000 n 0000156512 00000 n 0000114774 00000 n 0000991249 00000 n 0000020901 00000 n If you run into an issue with your thread breaking and skipped stitches, try swapping out the brand of thread. trailer <]/Prev 1211087/XRefStm 3766>> startxref 0 %%EOF 396 0 obj <>stream 0000022503 00000 n If you find one, cut a narrow strip of emery cloth (see answer above) and carefully polish out the burr or scratch. 0000141409 00000 n APQS machines can sew with nearly every type of thread, from 100-weight silk to 12-weight heavy cotton. 0000023630 00000 n However, the bobbin thread content as well as the tension setting can cause the top thread to break. When and how should I time my APQS machine? Returns & Refunds | 0000121039 00000 n Education Director Dawn Cavanaugh shares lots of tips and information on the APQS blog that may also help you with your thread and tension questions. 0000004102 00000 n 0000161129 00000 n to follow the progress on my next ballgown. © 2016-2020 APQS. 0000139818 00000 n You can also reach Dawn at  800.426.7233, or email her. If you are trying to use cotton thread in the top with that pre-wound bobbin, the bobbin’s strength may cause the top thread to snap. 0000164985 00000 n Drop a length of thread into the needle hole, and “floss” all around the hole to see if the thread catches on a notch or scratch. If the machine sews with no tension on the thread, start turning the tension knob tighter (clockwise) while testing your stitches. 0000128800 00000 n You may be able to sew with it by “re-hydrating” it with mists of water or by treating it with a thread lubricant called “Sewer’s Aid” (liquid silicone), available in the notionsdepartment at many sewing centers. 0000032050 00000 n Just hitting a bulky seam can deflect the needle enough to strike the hook as it rotates, putting a scratch or burr on the metal. 0000033046 00000 n 0000024084 00000 n 0000005463 00000 n (We don’t recommend titanium-coated needles.) For very thin thread, you may switch to an MR 3.5 (size 16), and you can increase the size to an MR 4.5 (20) for heavy, thick thread. Paradiso Designs Retro Granny Skirt Formula Pattern, Victoria Jones Collection Happi Coat & Hanten (230). 0000032584 00000 n 0000109212 00000 n 0001147702 00000 n 0000041417 00000 n Since the top thread travels completely around the hook to form the stitch, it will find those burrs and break. Continue to adjust until the stitches appear normal again. If a needle has scratched the hole, the scar will cut your thread. APQS times each machine to an MR 4.0 industrial needle (equivalent to a size 18).

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