You will need their fruity and woodsy flavors if you want to make classic dishes like Oaxacan mole. Pasilla chili peppers have one big drawback, which is that they are not easy to find in brick and mortar retailers outside of Mexico. Chili powder is a versatile and handy spice mix to have in your pantry. Ground cayenne pepper is eight times hotter than chili powder. Dark chili powder varieties have a smoky and slightly sweet flavor. If you need some right away and don’t have time to wait for an online order to arrive, try one of the pasilla powder substitutes below. The Spruce / Lindsay Kreighbaum Chili Powder vs. Cayenne Pepper . The spice sold as cayenne pepper is simply ground cayenne pepper and it is not a chili powder substitute. Chile powder vs chili powder: Chile powder is made solely from dried chiles, whereas chili powder is a mix of ground chiles and other seasonings.

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