If you’re not talking, act as the ideal audience member. A nice tool to use to create materials (if you aren’t fluent in Affinity Designer, Photoshop, or AI) is Canva. I’m not a big fan of agendas, but many groups find it very helpful to set a meeting agenda whenever they are going to be working on the project. If you make too many changes to an essay, then the paper reads inauthentic and losses its power; likewise, the quality of an excessively edited DECA paper holds an inverse relationship with the number of frivolous edits. These resources were provided by DECA Inc. to use at district-level competition. "�r��i��(ȡ��ʋ���,>�"+X�J��F`��ʦ�[!4�Y�� ��E�K<8�Q� ]Ͻ7 That said, enjoy your time at ICDC: meet new friends, explore exciting cities, make a memory that will last a lifetime! x��}[�Ǒ�F������sl�a׽�oX�a������`Ĺ@3�����ߗY�]�s����9U��.yϬ����#���=�^���9�[[�}��(�8&�qp�#��p�?zyd�WG=22�P�sz9���c�������! Go with your gut; ask teachers and fellow members, but the end decision is yours, so own it. Even though I have harped on the importance of research and planning, I have purposely left this stage relatively empty. An age-old debate between research hounds and perfectionists: should my paper be content heavy or aesthetically pleasing? E — Engaging. Instead, put information that is vital: company name; mission statement; brief summary of the problems your company/project is addressing and how they will be solved, the revenue model, UVP, and competitive advantage. I don’t care. Generally, a fancy board will take away from your speaking. Many chapters already put on amazing school/community activities, and the Chapter Team events allow you to showcase your chapter’s awesome outreach/impact! A maximum of three pumps. If you received a perfect score on your Executive Summary section, and you believe the score was not by fluke, then why edit your paper?! Refund C. Extension D. Penalty 42. In your paper (and presentation, but we’ll get to that) be certain to include the exact vocabulary from the rubric and guidelines in your writing. If you are competing with multiple people on a team, you take the test individually, and your score is averaged. Do not think that just because you were told that a certain section isn’t important that you don’t need to include it in your paper. No matter if you win or not, be proud of yourself! For example, I included my company’s logo as the center header on every page, and the footer with the required page number was in the color scheme of my company. I’m a driven guy, so I could count on that drive and desire to win to push me. International finalists will be announced during the achievement awards session (which is the morning of Grand Awards). Penalty points are awarded for “stupid mistakes,” and they’re very easy to avoid, if you pay close attention (see below where to access penalty points). Though, it does not come without its pitfalls, too. This is, without a doubt, my most important tip. Side note: A hybrid of the two methods I will discuss exists and is likely what many will use. If you have any interest in entrepreneurship, I highly recommend looking into these events! However, you should not take up that whole time presenting. Find the methods that work best for you/your team. 5 0 obj The events that were under this umbrella and phased out include the Advertising Campaign, Fashion Merchandising Promotional Plan, and Sports and Entertainment Promotional Plan. Like every project or idea, the team is the backbone and will make or break everything. A simple print-out of the event guidelines, a few dates/ranges scribbled here and there, and that was it. “Make sure that you have someone other than yourself go over [your paper] and make sure it meets the guidelines in every way it needs to.” — Brian Josephson; Oregon DECA President. If you are going to fall at around the 2 level on the flowchart below, at least memorize the general structure. Ah, my favorite part of DECA competition: presenting. Instead of thinking of this as an explanation of the extremes, consider this with the mindset of outlining how to achieve perfection in your mix. At North Carolina’s — and many associations’ — CDC, we don’t have preliminary rounds. Make sure, though, that you aren’t adding visuals just to add them. %%Invocation: path/gs -P- -dSAFER -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -q -P- -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sstdout=? It is often said, though, that if you are going to memorize your presentation all the way through, you need to have it down to the “Happy Birthday” level, where you are comfortable belting out your script in the most stressful situations. In my opinion, choosing the right event to compete in is the most overlooked but vital part of the competition process. If you aren’t the best public speaker but a great designer, then go for an extravagant board! Better yet, if you can include an opening that calls on pathos, then this is definitely the best way to go. To advance out of the preliminary round and be recognized as an international finalist (a blue ribbon medal), you must be one of the top two scoring projects from your group. The great thing is that DECA’s Competitive Event series offers a plethora of exciting events to chose from. I ran tight on time during my final IBP pitch at ICDC, and I honestly think that was the deciding factor between first and second — oh well. It’s okay to be nervous; you should be (after all, you spent months on this paper), but don’t present nervously. (This may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who do this.) When I presented, I used a traditional PPT and a clicker (if you’re going to use a slide deck, make sure to have a clicker). Throughout it all, don’t lose track of your end goal: DECA Glass. That said, if you’re going with a presentation board, follow these tips to make it effective: Generally, a plain presentation (a PPT, pretty much) will not blow your judge’s socks off; that’s a given. The 2019 topic for every BOR event is as follows: The 2019 topic for each career category is the development of a cause marketing campaign.

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