Search results for diphosphorous pentoxide at Sigma-Aldrich. A chemical formula of Diphosphorus pentoxide can … That's how you get P2O5. This compound can be called phosphorus pentoxide or diphosphorus pentoxide. P2O5 Reason: di means two. The correct formula is P4O10, it exists as tetraphosphorus decoxide. Question 2 The Correct Formula For Calcium Nitride Is: Ca3N2 Ca2N3 CaN Ca(NO2)2 4. 2 Answers anor277 May 11, 2016 #P_2O_5# as written, but this is an empirical formula. *Please select more than one item to compare The Diphosphorus pentoxide molecule contains a total of 14 atom(s). Line Formula: P 2 O 5. What would be the formula for diphosphorus pentoxide? I can see where the confusion is. Additional Names: phosphoric anhydride; diphosphorus pentoxide. The actual oxide is #P_4O_10#, with an adamantane structure. Question: Question 1 What Is The Correct Formula For Diphosphorus Pentoxide I P204 P2O5 P30s 2POS Moving To Another Question Will Save This Response. Di = 2, Penta = 5, so P2O5, but P2O5 is an empirical formula, not the actual formula. Percent Composition: O 56.36%, P 43.64%. So, pentoxide means there are five oxygen atoms. Chemistry Covalent Bonds Covalent Formulas and Nomenclature. Prepd commercially by burning phosphorus in a current of dry air. Compare Products: Select up to 4 products. So, diphosphorus means there are two phosphorus atoms. Explanation: #P_2O_5# is of course an empirical formula. There are 10 Oxygen atom(s) and 4 Phosphorous atom(s). Literature References: Exists as P 4 O 10. Molecular Weight: 141.94. Molecular Formula: O 5 P 2. Penta means five.

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