Its nesting habits, however, are very interest- ing, and this paper is an account of observa-tions made on a pair of the species throughout one nesting cycle. The female lays four to six, more or less, speckled white eggs which hatch after about two weeks incubation and young leave the nest in about another two weeks. Usually, as soon as the young are ready to leave, the nest is abandoned. Eastern Phoebe Song. They often rear two broods in a season. First of all, remember that birds build nests specifically for hatching eggs and raising young. Their nest is an open cup with a mud base and lined with moss and grass. õ9] SMITH, Nesting Habits of the Eastern Phoebe 194• -• on the nest. Eastern Phoebe Eastern Phoebe nest inside a canoe. They start breeding as early as the first days of April and may raise two broods per season. Phoebes mate for life. Eastern phoebes are monogamous and form pair bonds. Photo: J. Andreone . Eastern phoebes do reuse their old nests and after a number of years these can become quite tall, as the female adds new moss to the brim before starting her next brood. These birds often nest on human structures such as bridges and buildings. The eastern phoebe is occasionally host to the nest-parasitic brown-headed cowbird (Molothrus ater). The first time I saw a bird go under one, I thought nothing of it. During six minutes oœ one absence, the pair were together. The first mama bird I came across this season was an Eastern Phoebe. The last flight occupied one minute and the period closed with the bird on the nest. Vol. The eastern phoebe (Say ornis phoebe) is an unpretentious, drably colored bird, which does not ordinarily attract attention to itself. Both parents feed the young and usually raise two broods per year. I did not disturb her intentionally, I was just curious to see what she was doing. The nest is an open cup with a mud base and lined with moss and grass, built in crevice in a rock or man-made site; two to six eggs are laid. Breeding. Behind the office building at Constitution Marsh there are rows of canoes.

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