As such, the media is a powerful dynamic force and cuts through gender, class, race, creed, and nationality to form bonds between groups of people who may exist in totally different circles, potentially bringing us closer to a global culture. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information. When to Apply As a result you will be assessed through a variety of methods, ensuring different aspects of your skill set are acknowledged and rewarded – these methods include; coursework, essays, examinations, industry-related practice, presentations, project work, practical reports, portfolio development and group work. Every event is a project. Launched in 2010 and located in the City of London, we are minutes away from the Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange, and are surrounded by several blue chip companies. This degree has been designed to offer you a range of choices. Explore the different career options you can pursue with this degree and see the median salaries of the sector on our Career Coach portal, Our international team travel overseas regularly to meet prospective students and attend recruitment fairs. You’ll also have a range of transferable skills in research, presentation, collaboration and self-management, which are highly sought-after in many industries. This course is available to start in January. Hospitality Management and Service Delivery  4) Help to equip students to relate theory to practice through the incorporation of teaching aids, such as: real event examples, case studies and empirical research. What if I don't get the predicted grades? The module offers a work-related learning component that builds on previous learning form level 4 and 5 by actively engaging the students with real business environments. Select your region to find detailed information about entry requirements: We want to recruit the best students to Coventry and having assessed applicants' past, current and predicted performance and commitment to the course we feel that it is appropriate to reward consistently high-achieving students with an unconditional offer from a top university. Download PDF (168). If you do not allow these cookies you may not be able to use or see the content sharing tools. It also offers a large number of employability opportunities, which are supported by our dedicated career and employability team on campus, The hands-on nature of this course aims to provide you with work-ready skills, which should help you transition more smoothly and effectively into your chosen professional career, A dedicated teaching team, all of whom have vast experience in the execution of business events across hospitality, tourism, fashion and marketing sectors, There may be opportunities to work with students and professionals globally to design, plan and deliver events, be it physical, digital or virtual, Industry experts will come in to share best practice, discuss and offer practical advice on your work (subject to availability), Upon successful completion of the course, you’ll develop a set of knowledge and transferrable skills in planning and managing events, as well as emotional resilience to be career ready in the ever changing events industry, or branch out into the closely related industries such as hospitality, tourism, fashion and businesses in general, If you’re interested in starting your own business, you could get business start-up advice and support, Develop knowledge and skills of events management theory and practice in a global context, Apply an enquiring, analytical and creative approach to understanding and producing events, including key issues in the global industry that have shaped, and continue to shape, events management and the consumer environment, Critically analyse how global cultures construct, influence and impact upon events management, Systematically utilise appropriate digital, financial, and economical solutions and techniques to analyse and present information to meet the requirements of different challenges involved in planning, implementing, delivering ande evaluating events, Critically evaluate the interconnectivity of events operations and wide business sectors within a contemporary setting, Apply practical understanding and experiences of the events industry into further employability, that have accumulated throughout the programme of study, and with placement opportunities, both in the UK and overseas, in an events or events-related organisation, which will increase a graduate’s career opportunities, Appraise research skills and ethical considerations that are necessary to understand, explore and evaluate a specific topic relevant to the event industries, Reflect upon learning, interpersonal skills as well as practical experiences accumulated throughout the course to identify areas for future development, Construct an appropriate level of emotional resilience, and a sense of commercial acumen and realism, to operate within often challenging and demanding organisational environments in the events industry, Conference and Exhibition Managers and Organisers. Skills for Hospitality, Events and Tourism (Mental Wealth), Meetings, The module includes both the use of computer programmes for project management and approaches to managing people and leading and motivating teams. It includes expenses for accommodation, food and drink, travel within London, text books, entertainment, clothing, toiletries and laundry. 4 for Hospitality, Event Management and Tourism in the Guardian University Guide 2020, London is your classroom. Our event management courses in London offer a real chance to get to understand the industry, gain professional contacts and explore London’s extensive network of amazing event venues. The written reports and reflections become part of their growth and productivity E-portfolio** which they will maintain throughout their programme. This module is a 15 credit option module on the Undergraduate Scheme. The module serves as an underpinning for the dissertation or consultancy projects in level 6. This module aims to give students a more conceptual understanding of events management by considering the nature and role of events within a wider societal context. Where possible, the module will also offer students the opportunity to either work, plan, or run an actual event (e.g. In order to understand the operation of these attractions, consideration to the main management functions including finance, marketing, visitor experience management, facilities management, interpretation and education is given. Finance for Hospitality, Events and Tourism Call our hotline on 0800 032 4441. ‘Visitor Attraction Management’ considers visitor attractions from the perspective of the tourism industry – as a product that is managed and marketed to tourists to meet visitor expectations and maximise visitor satisfaction while ensuring financial security in a dynamic external environment.The module covers visitor attractions in the commercial, pubic and not for profit sectors. 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