Metal stud framing has two major components – the stud and the track. For load-bearing walls and for structural applications like exterior walls, heavy gauge metal studs should be used. Build taller walls: Structural steel framing is rated to be built higher thanks to the heavier gauge material used. brief steps to framing backyard storage shed walls. Framing exterior walls is different from interior walls. Safety first design means fewer accidents during installation: Our hemmed option eliminates sharp edges, reducing business liability. Installing DensGlass On Metal Stud Framing. Our range of high performing exterior steel stud framing, slotted deflection track and other lightweight steel framing solutions are a few of the reasons Studco are leaders in the metal stud framing market. The Framing Details You Need To Know . (Oriented Strand Board). They provide the vertical strength necessary for demanding load-bearing structural applications and sufficient strength for many joist applications. We are using the DensGlass Exterior Sheathing on a commercial project for an entry way that’s framed with metal studs. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and you can trust our range of structural steel framing systems. CSJ members are the most widely used and specified framing members. So, here’s an exterior and interior metal stud framing guide with all the basic information you need. This stud/joist has a 1-5/8-inch flange and 1/2-inch return and is considered the industry standard. Metal Trims and Finishing Products #093 Zinc Control Joint (ZNCJ) Metal J-Trim #400 (M400 Series) Metal U-Trim #200-A (M20A) Metal L-Trim #200-B (M20B) Metal Veneer Plaster Beads + Trims . Exterior Structural Framing. This means more efficient walls and less installation time. The entry way will eventually get a brick facade placed over the framing. Like any type of framing, this is a layout that will determine where different partitions in a structure will sit, like drywall. The wind loads to which they will be subjected. Exterior walls provide strength and rigidness to a home so they need to be anchored down with anchor bolts and sheeted with plywood or O.S.B. Using ROCKWOOL stone wool continuous insulation, combined with stone wool batt insulation, can create a high performance exterior wall system. The studs for these framing systems must be able to withstand: The weight of the cladding material (metal, stone, tile, etc.). Curtain Wall Framing Systems support the exterior skin or cladding of commercial and industrial buildings. They are easily insulated and also noncombustible. Laying Out The Wall Studs, Windows And Doors; Nailing The Wall Together So, let’s start by explaining what exactly metal stud framing is. However, non-load bearing structures such as partitions, half walls and interior walls can be built with metal studs of a lighter gauge. Mini-Bead™ 800 and 900 #701A/#801A J-Trim #701B/#801B L-Trim; Tile Cap; Zinc Veneer Plaster Beads + Trims .

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