And now that he, a hero, he wants to find challenges that meet his skill level. If he and Goku don’t meet on a traditional battlefield, then Saitama definitely has the leg-up in the battle. Here are five reasons Saitama would definitely win a fight against Goku and five reasons Goku would win. Un peu malgré lui, Saitama est officiellement reconnu par l'Association des Héros (même si il est encore peu connu). Both anime are special and unique in their ways. Goku doesn’t actually have the ability to give up on a battle. Parmi ses exploits : Ceci dit, Saitama est loin d'être digne d'un Prix Nobel. Saitama rarely goes out looking for a fight. Malgré ses défauts, le Héros de Classe B reste néanmoins beaucoup plus malin que le célèbre Saiyan. To date, we do not know its limits. VIEW OLDER REPLIES. However, Goku is absolutely not invincible in his universe at all. Because that’s the principle of Dragon Ball. Goku vs Saitama - But Goku trains, . But how can we blame him, when he was young he fell on his head so hard that all his malice inherent in the Saiyan was removed from his mind. In anime, the ” Power of Friendship ” have a very important place, especially in Shonen. Mais récemment, un animé au succès fulgurant (nommé One Punch Man) est entré en lice avec un personnage à la force surpuissante. When he isn’t the one to collect them, it’s usually because he’s dead and they need to be used to bring him back to life. Alors inscris-toi sans plus attendre jeune Saiyan ! Comme l'indique le titre de l'anime, Saitama peut neutraliser n'importe quel adversaire d'un. Fighting Goku would probably qualify as a good time. Saitama trains incredibly hard. Mais aucun d'entre eux ne semble atteindre le niveau de Saitama. Mais entre Goku de DBZ et Saitama de OPM, qui est entouré des alliés les plus loyaux et puissants ? But now we will see that who has most loyal friends and allies between DBZ Goku and OPM Saitama. . Dans les animés, le "Pouvoir de l'amitié" occupe une place très importante, notamment dans les Shonen. La victoire revient donc au surpuissant guerrier de l'espace Goku, définitivement plus fort que Saitama. Both are very popular anime with exciting characters and story. Related: Dragon Ball: 10 Pieces Of Vegeta Super Saiyan 3 Fan Art That Make Us Wish He Transformed. This is probably not the answer you wanted, but in our opinion it is the most logical answer. C'est le principe du personnage : tellement cheaté qu'il en est devenu totalement blasé À ce jour, personne n'a réussi à survivre à ses gants rouges emblématiques, pas même le chef de la Guilde des Pillards de l'Espace Dark Mater, le terrible Boros. This would definitely change the landscape of a battle between these two incredibly, Saitama has a pretty hard training schedule, which involves a ton of push-ups, crunches, squats, and running. He will be hurt and maybe die, but in the end he will have won that’s how it always been. Saitama. All I know is, whoever wins will have an EXTREMELY hard time doing so. It seems like Goku would have a hard time against that. Ceci dit, Saitama est loin d'être digne d'un Prix Nobel. If Saitama ever confronts Goku in the Dragon Ball universe,  Goku  will win and Saitama will lose. Comme l'indique le titre de l'anime, Saitama peut neutraliser n'importe quel adversaire d'un simple Coup de Poing. If the anime worlds of Dragon Ball and One Punch combined, would Goku or Saitama win in the inevitable fight? Death Parade: Every Main Character, Ranked By Likability, Rent-A-Girlfriend: 10 Times The Manga Broke Our Hearts, Naruto Uzumaki & 9 Other Anime Characters Who Actually Got Married, Hunter X Hunter: 10 Killua Cosplays That Are Electrifyingly Epic, My Hero Academia: 5 Times Bakugo Acted Like A Hero (& 5 Times He Seemed More Like A Villain), My Hero Academia: 10 Most Powerful Elemental Quirks, Ranked, Dragon Ball: 10 Power Rangers Teams Who Could Beat Broly, Ouran: 10 Facts About Kyoya Otori Most Fans Don't Know. But recently, a hugely successful anime (named One Punch Man) entered the fray with a character of overpowering strength. Also read: One Punch man Season 3: release date,Cast,plot and Others. En plus, tous ces personnages se battent très bien en équipe et ils l'ont d'ailleurs démontré à de nombreuses reprises. At the same time, Goku has always been able to push his limits. GOKU VS SAITAMA : C'EST GOKU QUI GAGNE ! Goku has literally died in battle and still returned to face the opponent that killed him. Goku is a Saiyan, which gives him otherworldly alien powers, allowing him to max out his power and then continue training to max out at another level, Saitama is more down to earth, having gained his immense power through sheer physical training, bringing himself to a level of strength that is unmatched by anyone else in, Goku has often been the recipient of a wish on the collected. 0. Why? Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. En matière de force pure, les niveaux de Goku et de Saitama sont tellement monstrueux que les deux personnages peuvent prétendre à la place de numéro 1. Goku has the same skill set and abilities with the added ability of being able to fly. Both are very popular anime with exciting characters and story. But he’s also able to access different levels of power through going Super Saiyan; he doesn’t always have to operate at full power. Maladroit, distrait, il ne calcule pas vraiment ses actes... heureusement que Genos est là pour changer la donne.

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