"Chef Ramsay, you can't cook for nothing," the TikTok user says. With only one side of the steak buttered and seasoned, the meat is then placed butter-side down in the piping hot pan. Gordon Ramsay is still having a blast critiquing home chefs on TikTok, and this time he's taking aim at a food blogger who dared to demonstrate one of his recipes. ', A thick layer of butter is applied to one side of the steak (left) before seasoning is sprinkled onto the butter - rather than the steak (right), The steak is then placed in the red hot pan and the thick butter quickly melts away from the steak, leaving Gordon very disappointed. Aldi and Sainsbury's become first UK... Gordon Ramsay on Instagram: “Would you like some steak with that butter ? Another day, another, like, five Gordon Ramsay TikTok videos. Gordon Ramsay reacts to his daughter’s cooking on TikTok. Gordon didn't like that part: "Make too big of holes, you'll dry the lamb out, you donut," the chef said before questioning his choice to use whole cloves of garlic. "Chef Ramsay, you can't cook for nothing," the TikTok user says. Nevertheless, @hypebeast_ock dubbed himself the "best chef in the world and all of the galaxies," so it doesn't seem like he'll be listening to Gordon's insults anyway. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Gordon Ramsay is using TikTok to roast home cooks. Gordon Ramsay is still having a blast critiquing home chefs on TikTok, and this time he’s taking aim at a food blogger who dared to demonstrate one of his recipes. Published: 04:22 EST, 30 October 2020 | Updated: 13:41 EST, 31 October 2020. According to Delish, Ramsay recently commented on a video of his daughter Holly cooking and he was less than impressed in her work.It seems that Holly was trying to recreate one of her father’s recipes and well if he is to be believed, she didn’t do as good of a job as we might of expected. Gordon Ramsay, 53, who is currently staying in his Cornwall home, blasted home chef and TikTok user Oliver Jack on the social media app over his sweet potato mash recipe, calling it … A further replied to the video joking that the amateur chef should have tried adding some steak to their butter. Touchy Trump blasts 'lightweight' reporter who interrupted him and asked whether he will concede - but he admits he WILL leave the White House if the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden, Trump tears into Twitter claiming it makes up 'false trends' and demanding section 230 be repealed before #DiaperDon goes viral on the site, Ocean's three! The celebrity chef, 53, has taken to TikTok in recent months to post review videos of various 'influencer chefs' who try their very hardest to impress him. Fans of the celebrity chef were quick to praise the home cook's harsh critique, with one person joking that he should have added some steak to their butter (pictured). Just FYI, unless it's non-stick foil, it probably doesn't really matter what side you use, shiny or matte. Long-haulers report dental problems months after recovering from the infection, Donald Trump says COVID vaccines will start going out NEXT WEEK as he brags about his accomplishments in Thanksgiving call with U.S. troops and tells them 'don't eat too much turkey', Texas funeral becomes a super spreader event after 100 people pack into the pews and remove masks to pose for photos leaving 42 family members infected with COVID-19, Oxford-AstraZeneca will likely run a NEW global coronavirus vaccine trial after the jab blocked 90% of infections in participants that were accidentally given a LOWER dose, CEO says, Narcissists classed as key workers during the Covid pandemic thrived because it made them feel like 'heroes' and 'gave them a chance to shine'. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. I dunno! In one of the latest of his reaction videos, Gordon roasted a TikTok home cook who might be just as bold as he is. I'll drink to that! is going to see darkest days in modern medical history': Doctor's dire warning as 95% of country sees 'uncontrollable COVID-19 spread' and 50 MILLION travel for Thanksgiving - with 17% spike hitting California in just 24hrs, Could COVID-19 cause teeth to fall out? Uploaded August 05, 2020. Another agreed with Gordon's angered response at the bizarre cooking technique, saying: 'So wrong in so many ways.'. But the bit that really had the comments section talking was the fact that he used the "wrong" side of aluminum foil, according to Gordon. Please click the “Report” button below if the video on this page is not working properly. Gordon Ramsay (pictured, left), 53, uploaded a new video to his social media platform where he reacts to a home cook smothering his rib-eye steak in thick butter (pictured, right), A repulsed Gordon says: 'Hold on a minute, there's so much fat on a rib-eye steak, why put all that butter on there?'. As the short clip progresses, the home cook can be seen sprinkling seasoning on top of the butter rather than the steak. A disappointing Gordon lets out one last 'No!' While the cut may be Gordon's favourite, he is left horrified when he witnesses one side of the meat being coated in a thick layer of butter - and as usual, he doesn't hold back in saying what he thinks. 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Either way, Gordon seems ready: "Alright, big boy, I can't cook for nothing," he said. exclaims: 'You can't cook it like that! Gordon's savage review of the rib-eye steak cooking technique was inundated with comments from amused fans - including one who claimed they wait every day for the chef's reactions. ‍♂️�. probably doesn't really matter what side you use. BROKEN? https://www.yahoo.com/gma/gordon-ramsay-takes-home-chefs-082326081.html Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, 'Don't ever talk to the president that way!' Next, Chef Ramsay doubted his decision to rub the lamb in olive oil, since he said lamb already has enough fat and doesn't need any. Gordon Ramsay Responded To A TikTok User Who Said The Chef 'Can't Cook'. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. https://people.com/food/gordon-ramsay-keeps-roasting-these-tiktok-chefs Matthew Merril, of the popular TikTok @matthewinthekitchen , attempted to make Ramsay's famous scrambled eggs — and the "MasterChef" star wasn't exactly impressed . before raising his head into the air in frustration as the butter quickly melts into the base of the pan. The comments below have not been moderated. Gordon, who shared the video on his social media alongside the caption: 'Would you like some steak with that butter?' "Show me what you got.". Even his bio reads, “I cook sometimes too…..” like he knows he’s not really doing much of the chef part of being Chef Gordon Ramsay. 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