It comes with a simple three-channel mixer and it even mounts onto your mic … Mics & Amps– Mics (microphones) and amps (amplifiers) are what harmonica players use to be heard when playing with other amplified musicians.Mic and amp setups are also responsible for creating a more distorted and saxophone-like sound a la the “Chicago Blues” sound. That’s over 25 years of experience and dedication. These microphones are used, but each is carefully built using the best vintage parts available. FREE Shipping. 15 Watt Guitar Amp with Reverb (AMP-G15R8) $ 139.00 Read more Glen Burton 50 Watt All Tube Guitar Amp (AMP-G502) $ 939.95 Read more NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Harmonica Amp | Shaker | 20 Watt Because acoustic instruments use microphones just as harmonicas do, acoustic instrument amps have inputs that are specially designed for mics, and they may have better feedback rejection than electric guitar amps. The VoiceSolo FX150 is a vocal amp that comes with all the basic effects – reverb, intelligent EQ and compression. ... Barcus Berry 5600 Clarinet/Saxophone/Harmonica Microphone with Pre-Amplifier. And that’s fine; mics that work well for vocals usually work well for harmonica. Each mic is individually tested for function and tone by yours truly.The sound elements are vintage Shure Controlled-Magnetic or Controlled-Reluctance units, and these are installed with custom silicone gaskets for protecting the element, sealing the chamber, and adding to that great vintage harp tone. Our range includes Pignose amps, and the stylish, all valve Supro range. Usually the mic will be a vocal mic — a mic you would use for singing. The Harmonica Company prides itself in providing accessories that are geared specifically for the harmonica (“Harp” “Mouth Organ”), and here we provide a top quality choice of harmonica amps. Our SonoResin bodies/cases are cast in Springfield, MO by Bob. The speaker delivers 150 watts of clear and crisp power, which should be plenty, even for noisy rehearsal sessions. harmonica microphone and amp. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. $254.72 $ 254. The first time you play harmonica with amplification, you’ll probably play into a microphone that’s connected to a sound system. Playing into a microphone … Other options New from $254.71. We’re proud to say all Shaker mics are hand made in the USA in the Ozark Mountains by harmonica players, utilizing as many American made parts as possible. To play distorted, harmonica players often use electric guitar amplifiers that have been adjusted and modified to work with harmonica. 72. Shaker Harmonica microphones came on the music scene in 1992. Mics are a very personal choice and will function and sound different depending on what kind of amp you use with it.

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