�r~�%pR/�`;*�s����8n/�[gˣ~*�ۦG6{�)k`#4ęC� �q/Y�8n�O7��b�l���099�. Image files from all Hasselblad FireWire based digital camera products are supported. No cameras implement it and very few software applications do either. Hasselblad Phocus 3.3's graphical user interface: Hasselblad X1D Camera with a computer. 1 0 obj The X1D II 50C’s brilliant 3.6-inch 2.36-million-dot touch rear display and enhanced 3.69-million-dot OLED EVF are updated with higher resolution, enabling a more accurate post capture evaluation of images. This software, for Hasselblad users, can control the camera and deal with image files. The 907X has classic Hasselblad styling and will be a great addition to their lineup. Expanding the possibilities of the Hasselblad workflow, Phocus Mobile 2 takes the image editing process to a new, portable level. Like the rest of the XCD lens range, the XCD 35-75 features an integral central lens shutter, offering exposure times from 68 minutes to 1/2000s with full flash synchronisation throughout. Capture One, with its massively larger development team (funded by those paying for the pro version to use with small-format cameras) has incredible image quality, and a significantly wider gamut of tools and workflow options (I would also argue it is significantly faster, but that will of course vary on what kind of computer you have and what … Adopting the award-winning design of the first generation, the X1D II 50C continues with Hasselblad’s heritage of blending form and function seamlessly for a smooth handling experience. The X1D II 50C’s updated electronic platform allows for a more responsive camera experience, including faster image previewing, enabling quicker post capture evaluation. The X1D II 50C enables in-camera battery charging via USB through a computer, charger or power bank. <>>> <> 2 0 obj Robert My files from the XCD 45p and 90 show almost no difference when exported from Phocus or from C1 DNGs as JEPGs or TIFFs. Ideal for shooting anything from wide angle landscapes to portrait images, this lens is perfect for photographers who are looking to keep the amount of equipment they carry when travelling to a minimum but don’t want to compromise on image quality. Tethered operation will work with the same range of cameras except for the first generation Ixpress series. ]�:��Q������h��`z����Kz�&��P`Vl���W�~�p�XǪ�ݪX��ɓ�&n����,.���A{����CٲY[��w��2ɜ�nГ̦,l�a������R�zz�gT��U�8!���+p��v�;� �d�;iQ�m Capture of micro-step images is not supported. Phocus 3.0. is a software used to process image files and it’s had an overhaul and loads of updates to make it easier to use and more accessible. Photographers using Wi-Fi-enabled broncolor flash equipment now have the ability to control their flash settings via Phocus 3.3 with only the touch of the left or right cursor key. Building upon the previous generation’s intuitive user interface with pinch-to-zoom and swipe image browsing, the X1D II 50C is refined with a quicker overall response when navigating through its menu system. Phocus produces great image quality results. The XCD 3,5-4,5/35-75 Zoom Lens is the ninth addition to the X System lens range. endobj In addition, Phocus Mobile 2 supports full quality image export, tethered shooting, and direct camera control. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Digital backends are also used on tech cameras and lenses from other systems are adapted to Hasselblad cameras. g]��?��$p����/_�c�xf�c7����mME��q��kk�{.�7�֦�]*Vr7�7 �M��Z�7�m?��E9 ����Ix������2鷭&���? There are various ways to support Photoxels. Its internal focusing keeps the lens’ dimensions constant, delivers quick autofocus and additionally keeps the overall weight down. Hasselblad just announced the new, FREE image processing software has been updated and expanded, Phocus 3.3, with new features that work seamlessly with all Hasselblad cameras. The CFV II 50C will incorporate a tilting screen to emulate a waste level finder. endobj Built-in Wi-Fi and USB-C connectivity create a portable photographic workflow with wireless or tethered image export and tethered shooting using Phocus Mobile 2. ��������a���?,�t�^|��ƌ %��2�ɑ��y�f�,�Š�Aے�ۺIQqń�}Dw[�ߕs������{��[�F�]Ox@�ozK�H���4䡳(���pg�9 With Phocus Mobile 2, users can import, edit and rate RAW images and import and rate full quality JPEG images directly on their device. On the Mac platform, Phocus offers support for RAW files from around 200 other digital camera RAW formats. ; On the Mac platform, Phocus offers support for RAW files from around 200 other digital camera RAW formats. Dual SD card slots ensure optimal storage space or the option to back up images to a second card when shooting. In addition to the improved performance of Phocus 3.3, that seamlessly works with all Hasselblad cameras, the update also includes integrated control of broncolor flash equipment, which are certain to be welcomed by Hasselblad users. In all those cases you have no lens profiles and Phocus … Carrying less equipment but still having access to various focal choices lets the photographer focus on their shot with quick adjustment rather than needing to change between different lenses. Individually calibrated for optimal performance, its large 50-megapixel medium format CMOS sensor (43.8 x 32.9 mm) features outstanding colour depth and a huge dynamic range of 14 stops. With the recent release of the new Hasselblad H6 came a new, upgraded version of Phocus. In addition, the menu system is now accessible when looking in the EVF, providing greater usability in the sunniest conditions. %PDF-1.5 Further additions to the rear display include autofocus point drag and drop placement and autofocus point size changes with pinch/spread finger movement. Overall on a typical laptop configuration you can expect to see a 2-4x improvement of export speeds and much better responsiveness when zooming the viewer to 100% and above. In addition, the X1D II 50C now enables full resolution high quality in-camera JPEG images with Hasselblad’s signature colours.

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