The foregoing description is illustrative and explanatory of preferred embodiments of the invention, and variations in the size, shape, materials and other details will become apparent to those skilled in the art. Preferably, the reaction solvent comprises a base metal salt selected from the group comprising zinc bromide, calcium bromide, zinc chloride, calcium chloride and combinations thereof. JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A., TEXAS, Free format text: The resulting zinc bromide which dissolves in the reaction solvent can be drawn off in solution in a batch mode or recycled along with the reaction solvent and bromine. Application filed by Tetra Technologies Inc. The apparatus from Example 3 was modified to allow the recycle zinc bromide solution to be drawn from between lower and upper column sections as shown in FIG. Alternatively, the reaction solvent initially comprises aqueous calcium bromide alone or in combination with zinc bromide. During the practice of this method, the reaction temperature is maintained at less than 60° C. The reaction solvent preferably comprises an alkali, alkaline earth or transition metal halide and the halide salt preferably comprises a chloride or a bromide. This direct reaction can be accomplished with relatively straightforward equipment in a rapid, safe and efficient manner. The resulting solution was 58.7% zinc bromide and 0.9% bromine. 4. If I use this method i would end up using 2400g of ZBr2 to make the 1 liter solution, that seems like a lot to me. I am Completely lost. The metallic zinc 38 is contacted with the bromine/reaction solvent solution to form zinc bromide. Assigned to WILMINGTON TRUST, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, AS ADMINISTRATIVE AGENT, WILMINGTON TRUST, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, AS ADMINISTRATIVE AGENT. NUNC PRO TUNC ASSIGNMENT;ASSIGNOR:TETRA INVESTMENT HOLDING CO.;REEL/FRAME:026864/0914, Owner name: Such reactions are impractical for large-scale production of zinc bromide, especially from a health and environmental standpoint. 3. More recently, zinc bromide was prepared by the addition of moist bromine to hot zinc as disclosed in R. Pajeau, Bull Chim. The solution of bromine, water and zinc bromide was pumped from the feed flask into the bottom of the column. Preferably, the temperature throughout the reaction is maintained below about 60° C. In a more preferred embodiment, the reaction temperature is maintained within a range of about 0° C. to about 50° C., especially 30-50° C. The equipment used during the practice of this method is known in the art. ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST;ASSIGNORS:DUNAWAY, WEYMAN H.;HANLON, DAVID J.;HOWARD, LYLE H.;AND OTHERS;REEL/FRAME:009941/0255;SIGNING DATES FROM 19981112 TO 19981117, Free format text: The present invention relates to a method for producing zinc bromide, particularly to a method for producing zinc bromide from metallic zinc and bromine. Bromine is an extremely toxic and corrosive chemical, especially in its free form as a liquid or as a gas (boiling point 59° C.). The product streams resulting from the method of this invention in Example 4 indicated high density zinc bromide solution free of appreciable color. © 2020 Yeah Chemistry, All rights reserved. Both sections had a 1-inch inside diameter. Preferably, the reaction solvent is aqueous. SECURITY INTEREST;ASSIGNOR:TETRA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.;REEL/FRAME:046837/0040, Owner name: Advantageously, the product stream is essentially free of bromine and preferably, the bromine in the product stream has an equilibrium concentration with air of 1 ppm or less. U.S. Pat. A method for making zinc bromide from metallic zinc and bromine comprising contacting zinc with bromine dissolved in a reaction solvent containing a metal halide salt. Large scale production of zinc bromide can be accomplished both rapidly and safely. Hokkaido Univ. Production of Zinc Bromide Solution from Zinc Metal, Bromine and Water Using Higher Bromine Concentration. The Rosenstein disclosure states that the process cannot be worked with pure zinc. One preferred source of halide ions is a base metal salt. A more preferred metal comprises a metal selected from the group consisting of zinc, calcium, sodium, potassium, cesium, lithium, barium, magnesium, strontium and combinations thereof. According to the MSDS the density of Zinc Bromide is 4.22g/ml and this is where I am getting turned around I need to make a solution of Zinc Bromide that has a specific gravity of 2.4. A method for making zinc bromide comprising: (a) dissolving bromine in an aqueous reaction solvent; (b) feeding the reaction solvent resulting from step (a) to a reaction vessel containing metallic zinc; (c) contacting the metallic zinc with the reaction solvent to form a zinc bromide solution; (d) obtaining a zinc bromide product stream essentially free of bromine from the reaction vessel; (e) recirculating at least a portion of the zinc bromide product stream back to the reaction vessel as the reaction solvent in (a)-(c). Consequently, there remains a need for an inexpensive, and simple method for rapidly manufacturing zinc bromide in large quantities. Assignors: TETRA PRODUCTION TESTING SERVICES, LLC, TETRA TECHNOLOGIES, INC. RELEASE BY SECURED PARTY (SEE DOCUMENT FOR DETAILS). Preferably, the reaction solvent is aqueous. 1 is a schematic of a method of batch production of zinc bromide according to the present invention. The concentration of the base metal salt within the solvent can vary widely during the method of this invention. Side by side sensory comparison of products from these examples showed noticeably lower bromine odor as the concentration of bromine in the product was reduced. The base metal can be selected from the group comprising alkali metals, alkaline earth metals and transition metals. The method of claim 8 wherein the percentage of zinc bromide in solution is increased by recycling the zinc bromide solution resulting from (b) continuously back to step (a). No. U.S. Pat. Organozinc compounds in organic chemistry contain carbon to zinc chemical bonds. Preferably, the feed solution comprises bromine dissolved in an aqueous reaction solvent. It is intended that all such variations and modifications which fall within the scope or spirit of the appended claims be embraced thereby. ASSIGNMENT OF ASSIGNORS INTEREST;ASSIGNOR:TETRA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.;REEL/FRAME:011159/0741, Owner name: In one preferred practice of this method, the reaction solvent comprises aqueous zinc bromide. The method of claim 12 wherein the reaction vessel comprises at least two stages and the product stream from the first stage is recirculated back to step (a). The reaction vessel can comprise either a one stage or a multiple stage reactor. More preferably, the bromine is dissolved in the presence of an aqueous solution of a halide ion. The column used for this experiment was actually two commercially available chromatography columns joined together by a union adapter. 4,514,374 to Kirsch teaches the use of a lower alkanol as a reducing agent. FIG. The product solution was 30.8% zinc bromide and 0.01% bromine. These early reactions were reported to be sluggish, presumably owing to layers of zinc oxide on the surface. What mass of hydrogen contains the same number of atoms as 7.00g of nitrogen? Organozinc chemistry is the science of organozinc compounds describing their physical properties, synthesis and reactions.. Organozinc compounds were among the first organometallic compounds made. The problem of release of harmful or potentially explosive gases is addressed, resulting in the minimal release of gaseous bromine during the reaction and significantly reduced production of hydrogen gas, thereby improving health, environmental and safety conditions. The reaction solvent feed can comprise halide ions to improve solubility of the bromine in the reaction solvent. The solution of bromine, water and zinc bromide was pumped from the mixing vessel, through a heat exchanger and into the bottom of the column. In one embodiment, the reaction solvent is aqueous. W. Manchot & F. Oberhauser reported in Z. Inorg. SECURITY INTEREST;ASSIGNORS:TETRA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.;TETRA PRODUCTION TESTING SERVICES, LLC;REEL/FRAME:047526/0436, Free format text: The reaction vessel 40 is a two-part vessel comprising an upper section 48 and a lower section 46. One preferred method includes the step of recirculating the zinc bromide product stream back to the reaction vessel. The bottom of the column was fitted with an adapter that allowed liquids to be pumped into the column, but retained the zinc shot inside the column. The column was filled with 3-5 mm zinc shot from Fisher Scientific. 139, 40-50 (1924) the following bromine vapor pressure data for bromine dissolved in potassium bromide solutions: Bromine vapor pressure generally decreased as the concentration of potassium bromide was increased.

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