Do not slam or use any force when placing the tumbler on a hard surface. We do not recommend using metal spoons or stirrers to avoid potential damage. Black teas it is also true but less marked. One of the shops on campus doesn’t mind me getting hot water, but it’s typically on the opposite end of the campus that my classes are at. Most glass tumblers use simple screens and use what we refer to as the ‘tea in’ method of brewing. This will mix the tea inside the tumbler. Heat the water until it just starts to boil. It looked so cool and everything, plus – as Americans – we always want to take our beverages on the go (we tea-drinkers want to have what coffee-drinkers have!). Or do you put the leaves on top of the strainer and pour water in it? Useful for on the go as you can brew whenever you crave for tea. It comes in several colors. Most tea blends and herbal teas require 1 teaspoon of leaves per cup of tea. Add water, wait appropriate steep time and pour out liquid. Get your answers by asking now. I have been using a very nice tea tumbler from teavana for a couple months now and was wondering about how others enjoy theirs. I can leave that stuff in there forever, and it never gets bitter. I usually put the leaves in the top basket thing of my Teavana tumbler. Tea tumbler usage. Twist the part with silicone rubber back on infusion chamber. I got the glass one with the strainer. Other than not being able to reuse the leave does anyone have any thoughts? If you have an oversized tea tumbler, use 2 teaspoons in the mesh cup. What’s a healthier choice for drinking than Soda Everyday. I found this discussion on Steepster (a social media site for tea drinkers), as well as the reviews at Teavana's site, to have a lot of good information on this tumbler: its chinese, and it means long life, or live longer or something like that. You could put them in a baggy to take with you but as that may be a little messy as the bag may leak. If you’re picky like me, you’re going to be worried that the water is either too hot for your green/white tea, or too cold for your herbal/black/oolong tea. This is where you do not remove the tea leaves and use the screen to filter out the tea before it reaches your mouth. You can remove the basket entirely, or leave it in there, and just drink the a little so that the leaves are no longer sitting in hot water. Thanks for the input, I’ll look into that. 3 Great Ways To Use LeafLife Tumbler's Tea Infuser - YouTube Is this true for all teas or only certain ones? She's constantly following food and wine trends and has even created her own private coffee bean blend. How do you think about the answers? Add ice and pour hot water in the tumbler. to leave a comment. Use your tea tumbler as you go out the door in the morning or as an alternate to tea bags at the office or at school. Remove the top and the mesh insert. Avoid drastic temperature changes. The steep in method keeps the leaves in the entire time. I feel your pain! I found this discussion on Steepster (a social media site for tea drinkers), as well as the reviews at Teavana's site, to have a lot of good information on this tumbler: Allow the tea to steep for the desired length of time, depending on what kind of tea you're brewing. Rinse the tumbler out with hot water to warm up the inside of the cup. White and yellow I’ve not had this experience but not surprising given that it makes up less than 5% of my tea drinking. Extra wide straw allows for the perfect Boba experience while saving the environment and our oceans from enduring one more single-use plastic cup and straw. Once the water is hot, remove it from the heat and let it sit for about 15 seconds. The Post Star: Tumbler Makes Loose Tea a To-Go Beverage, A Web Experience brought to you by LEAFtv. It is great for loose leaf tea, fruit infusions, organic coffee, cocoa or as a water bottle for flavored water. Finally, discard the tea and rinse out the infuser. However, I have a tumbler from The Puritea and with that one it works better to put the leaves in under the filter thingy. I use the leaves in the bottom because it seems like they have more room to unfurl and do their thing that way. Turn the tea tumbler upside down once, then back right side up after the brewing time has passed.

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