At the time, the card Shadowstep boasted a high mulligan win rate but wasn’t kept that often much like Nightmare Amalgam. vs Shaman: Assume Even Shaman or Questless Evolve Shaman, use General Mulligan but also keep Mogu Fleshshaper and Evolve if you have both. Whether it is users who haven't set any deck, are overriding or forgot to unset their deck, are reconnecting or spectating a game with a wrong deck, or are using an old version of their tracker: Any of these may cause data quality issues that result in incomplete or outright wrong deck lists. This page is beneficial if you’re looking to make changes to the deck and want to look at the stats for different card choices. As this fix would take 30 days to fully correct the affected rows in our Mulligan Guides we have updated them to filter out data from before the fix was applied. This issue affected our global and personal Mulligan Guides on for the rows belonging to this card: Arch-Villain Rafaam The following cards were also affected, but none was played in a deck eligible for a Mulligan Guide at the time of writing: While you may build a deck with a specific gameplan in mind, this can often change depending on what cards you get in your mulligan. Here, Archbishop Benedictus denies me any game plan using Coldlight Oracle to kill my opponent in fatigue. On the other hand, area of effect cards (AOE for short) like Brawl and Warpath have very little impact in the match and are often played just to clear space in your hand. In most of these cases it is trivial to infer the original: The "identified" items will have always been an unidentified item in your deck list, the Worgens will always their base version, and for cards like Shifter Zerus or Chameleos we actually see the card morph when it is played. I think I learned more through experience than through any sort of statistic. In addition to Hearthstone, he has played Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, as well as some other obscure games like Neopets and the first Star Wars TCG. Mulligan guide for exact deck is free, I do almost the same stat dig as described in the article myself with no subscription. I think I learned more through experience than through any sort of statistic. Our data shows that which cards you choose can swing your winrate by as much as 5-10%. How to mulligan correctly is one of the most essential skills to know when playing Hearthstone. Lifedrinker benefits greatly from quest completion and offers both healing and burst in the form of a fairly cheap minion that also buffs Shudderwock. Most of the time you want to hard mulligan for Prismatic Lens, but in some matchups, it might be a good idea to keep a hand with a good curve. 11 min read. Making the proper mulligans in Wild can be difficult, because there is a wide variety of deck archetypes available to every class. As these are usually long and grindy matches that tend to end from fatigue damage, the most important card to keep in your mulligan is by far Dr. Boom, Mad Genius. Kinda glad I got to learn the hard way. If you are certain it is Odd Paladin, also keep Mogu Fleshshaper. Finally, have a gameplan in mind when you mulligan but don’t be afraid to change that depending on what cards you have. Kabal lackey + Mana bind + Platebreaker. However, a card that might feel counter-intuitive to keep is Dr. Boom, Mad Genius. The cards displayed at the top of the table will be the most important ones to keep in your opening hand. Additionally, Zola, Barista, and Bog Slosher battlecries will often add followup Shudderwocks to hand, and the battlecries of both lackey generators and lackeys will fill your hand with (mostly) useful cards. But, it can be one of the hardest to master, especially in a new meta or if you are a new player. In the mulligan, prioritizing removal for Lab Partner is significant. Cards like Azalina Soulthief work by actually moving your current hand out of the game and granting you new cards. Only run this card if you REALLY hate Secret Mage. Quest Shaman excels at several different game plans, so you could probably fit a wide variety of cards into this deck if you would like. Mulligan guide for exact deck is free, I do almost the same stat dig as described in the article myself with no subscription. It's no surprise many players have a hard time with mulligans. Finally, the overall statistics for cards that were randomly created by the above cards could have been slightly skewed on the Cards page. Coldlight Oracle is in this deck to make the copy of Ice Fishing look less silly. Thankfully, HSReplay hosts stats for nearly every deck from a sample size of hundreds of thousands of games. When extracting a list of played cards from the game it is important to differentiate between cards that are present at the beginning of the game from cards that were created later. You may also notice some new options on the left-hand side of the page: If you want to know specific mulligan stats when playing against a certain class, then you can choose that class from the “Select Your Opponent” box. Additionally, Sludge Slurper provides draw targets for Ice Fishing. 29 Mar 2019 – could be added if you specifically want to go all in on the “mill” part of this decks game plan and win in fatigue. The idea is to construct your gameplan with the cards you get—whether mulliganed or kept—and be flexible. Novice Engineer is a decent way to draw 2 cards cheaply after quest completion, and can be played before quest completion if necessary. Although my list is slightly different, I couldn't have climbed as easily without their guide. The primary purposes for Coldlight Oracle are milling opponents’ combo pieces, milling cards against any warlock deck (because warlocks will generally draw faster than shamans), milling cards against priests who have already played Psychic Scream (because this will allow you to fatigue the priest), killing mages who have played Aluneth (which is hilarious), and desperately drawing in situations where doing so is deemed necessary. Therefore we ensure the correctness of a submitted deck by cross-referencing it with the cards that were played in the game itself. Thankfully, Note: Some of the filtering features on HSReplay do require a, When you go to HSReplay and click on the “, ” tab, you’ll be presented with a list of the best to worst decks in the current meta. Learn about this how you can use this filter in our Mulligan Guides. Every game of Hearthstone starts the same way. During the mulligan, it’s important to ask: is this card good by itself or good with any of the other cards I’m presented with? Playing Doppelgangster early, when possible, is also often a good play even without Evolve, as it’s a decent tempo play and makes your future Shudderwock into a huge tempo bomb. If you’ve made it this far, you may be interested in seeing my future decklists at or future gameplay at This page is beneficial if you’re looking to make changes to the deck and want to look at the stats for different card choices. Mogu allows for massive board swings vs aggressive decks and massively boosts Evolve turns. For skilled players, it may be more beneficial to know my reasoning behind certain mulligan decisions than to know exactly what choice I would make. I've had a premium membership for so long I forgot some of this wasn't basic features. AAEBAaoIBpwCi84Cw+oC7/cCvZkD4agDDPgH+qoC9r0C+b8Cl8EC7/ECi4UDtJEDxpkDu6UDz6UD1KUDAA==. Use General Mulligan, but also keep Devolve. However, we need to remember the context in which this card is good. This alone also doesn't handle transforming cards like Shifter Zerus and Chameleos. Just like coin and opponent filter, you can even see symbol on the screenshot that stats are compromised for chosen conditions due to low data sample and that is for murloc paladin deck... You're right, that's a mistake that we should have caught! I dont think having this when I started is what I would want for myself back then but I like having it now. If we look back at the previous example, we see that Nightmare Amalgam has an 86% win rate against Hunter but is only kept about 42% of the time. This makes cards like Eternium Rover, Town Crier and Dyn-o-matic great to keep in your starting hand, while other cards like Omega Assembly just don't do enough in the early game to justify keeping.

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