The reflective tape on their shoes gleamed in the pre-dawn and I thought, “I’m in trouble here.” My hunting boots already felt heavy. Not only had we arranged to hunt the high country of Crested Butte, Colo., with our friends and acting grouse guides Katherine and Eric Grand, but also, Olympic biathletes Lanny and Tracy Barnes joined us for this morning’s dusky grouse hunt. This may be a little counter intuitive if your a pheasant hunter, because when I’m out in the plains that’s all I see; tracks but no birds. If there are any berries left, hunt around them. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The Barnes’ sisters took a weekend break from their Olympic training routine in Utah, to scoot back to their home state of Colorado and hunt October’s season of dusky grouse with us. I only agree with 5 out of 10 of these grouse hunting 10 commandments a lot was missed ,I have a great grouse hunters group called “northern Ontario grouse hunters group ” new members are welcome. But, we had the twins; they covered ground like panthers. In the evening they will fly downhill to roost in the trees for the night. Also, you may donate to their fundraising for the 2014 Olympics. Add in some working bird dogs and I’m pretty sure this is why I was put here on this earth. Please don't spam. If the heat is cranked up, I also look for nearby, small patches of conifers where they tend to hide in the shade, attempting to cool off. We hunters had already passed through that neck of the woods and stood out in a grassy meadow. Crisp air, golden aspens and enough exercise to keep your heart doctor happy. An NRA pistol instructor, avid huntress and freelance writer in travel and outdoor markets, Baird can be found afield or on a range when not editing or writing. I wrote some additional grouse hunting tips here as well for anyone that’s interested. Not really. But, the credit went to a local herd of elk that had just been there. If it’s got one barrel, it needs to choked wide open. As November hits we will be up higher in the pines. Love the hunt, even more with a good pointing dog! (Yea, yea, get your dog steady to wing and shot and this isn’t a problem. Great tips and I would have to agree with the others on pointer being the only dog comment.. Currant and other berry bushes are often producing at this time of year, as well. If it’s got two, it should be skeet and improved — that improved barrel designed mainly for longer shots, which occur mainly in late season. As the grasshoppers and berries die out at the lower elevations, grouse make their way up in elevation to find calories. Short of this, birds will not hold, and longer-range flushes in the trees just do not work. Obviously the author has never hunted over a good flushing dog for grouse just as I have never hunted with a good pointing dog for grouse. I cannot find the research that concluded your statement. My pup’s current Union contract clearly states that these rules don’t apply to him.). For more information about Colorado Small Game hunting, visit the state’s online guide. In the winter, dusky grouse live in the high country, roosting and feeding in stands of Douglas fir and lodge pole pine. Now, I never claimed they're logical creatures. Positioning yourself for the clearest shot is key. This bird’s hunting season usually runs from Sept. 1 through Nov. 20, and West of I-25 only, with a daily bag limit of three and a possession limit of nine. I’ve walked through perfect habits, I mean the correct elevation and a buffet fit for a grouse king and not seen a single bird. If it’s so thick you can hardly swing your gun without smacking a 2-inch popple trunk, it’s perfect! That’s obviously a completely ridiculous statement. Reverse migrators, a quirky habit of these guys. Dusky grouse are named after the bluish-gray appearance of the male. In comparison, first year birds or poults typically weigh only 16 to 28 ounces during the early days of the September hunting season. In evenings, they will come to forest openings for insects or roadsides for gravel.

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