You will receive a link to reset your password. Hydro Flask water bottles have became a hot accessory. Hydro Flask makes double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles backed by a lifetime warranty. If you are only drinking water, you won’t need to clean your bottle often. Towards happy. Pacific Northwest wonderland– support more than 92 non-profits Stainless steel also looks better. If you step foot onto a high school or college campus in California, you won’t make it far without noticing a plethora of brightly colored stainless-steel water bottles decorated with stickers and the occasional dent. #RefillForGood . The foremost step in producing a Hydro Flask is acquiring the fundamental materials required for the manufacturing process. A second byproduct in the metal production industry is dust and sludge. From new products to new ways to drink in the adventure, we’ll take you along for the ride with the latest on everything Hydro Flask, By entering your email address here, you are subscribing to Glass, however, last just as long stainless steel but glass does not have the recyclable properties and durability that stainless steel or plastic has. #RefillForGood is our rally cry to encourage people to make the switch and make a real difference for the planet. Johnson, Jeremiah. Plastic is sometimes treated like trash and gets to our landfills. happier, healthier lives outdoors From product innovation to If reusable bottles are reused at least 500 times, it would be better than plastic in all environmental aspects. In response to this plastic epidemic, many, especially young people, have reacted by switching to reusable bottles. Your Leading Hydro Flask Manufacturer in China-LaiKoe. And towards each other. Their simple bottle comes powder coated with multiple colors to choose from. Let’s Go! [7][8] Iron and chromium together make up roughly 90% of stainless steel with Nickel again at 8%. According to an oxford study on cargo ship energy consumption, per ton a cargo ship is one of the most efficient forms of cargo transportation at 50 kJ per ton per km [9], equaling 0.153 kJ per bottle per km. The manufacturing process consumes a significant amount of electricity through welding the steel, creating the vacuum, using electrolysis for corrosion prevention, polishing, painting with surface treatment, and injection molding the plastic and packaging. HydroFlask bottles last for a significant amount of time but when it comes time to actually dispose of it, the bottle is 100% recyclable and and that includes the lid and strap. [10] Here my investigation rapidly decelerated as a substantial paucity of data regarding the factory’s energy use during the manufacturing process made it impossible to calculate and finish the total embodied energy. Called “Hydro Flasks”, these double walled, vacuum insulated water bottles have earned them all the buzz for their stylishness and their insulative technology that keeps your drink cold or hot all day. And it has shaped our products, A simple HydroFlask branding is all that covers the bottle leaving the rest of the bottle a blank canvas where people can be creative with stickers and make it their own. We’re ridiculously lucky to have always been “Bottled Water and Energy Fact Sheet.” Pacific Institute, 2007, 13. [6] With each Hydro Flask being composed of 10.8 ounces (0.3061748 kg) of stainless steel, this works out to be 16 MJ per bottle under current operations, 8 MJ if made with completely recycled materials and 24 MJ using solely new ore. Other sources have confirmed these figures, with similar data ranges (based on material makeup) roughly equivalent to 8 MJ to 20 MJ per Hydro Flask. heartbeat. Towards happy. Elert, Glenn. “The Energy Benefit of Stainless Steel Recycling.” NeuroImage, Academic Press, 18 Oct. 2007, 2009, 2009/04/19/opinion/20090419bottle.html?_r=0. Both methods use scrap steel. From new products to new ways to drink in the adventure, we’ll take you along for the ride with the latest on everything Hydro Flask. “Plastic Vs Stainless Steel Vs Aluminium,” Green Lifestyle Magazine, G, Magazine, 22 Feb, 2011, Web. “Embodied Energy Polypropylene Vs Copper.” Community Engineering Services, 2018, Our HQ is literally nestled into a In my investigation, there lacked any analyses of specific ore extraction and processing energy data from their correlating countries of extraction. there is. our email list. over $1.5 million+ and counting! In the age of heightening environmental distress over the intensifying global crisis of climate change, trends of new methods in which we can easily diminish our ecological footprint has prompted a questioning of single-use plastic water bottles. in our DNA. Ocean Cleanup. Stainless steel is much more durable meaning a longer lifespan. made for a reason. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann. Since stainless steel is so durable, it outlasts glass and plastic bottles meaning that it is less likely to show up in landfills. 12. #HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO#HEYLETSGO. containers. It’s in our DNA. As they are seeming infinitely reusable, there’s no need to physically recycle them. [1] According to similar articles on plastic water bottles’ embodied energy, the combining of all the energy inputs for a typical 16 ounce plastic water bottle will typically total from 2.8 to 5.1 MJ. 2. Join us for every adventure by following Hydro Flask on social. Web. Dust from stainless steel, for example, is sent to be reprocessed for its metal contents such as nickel, iron, and chromium. It's shiny and aesthetic wise looks much better. 30 Oct. 2018., “Hydro flask manufacturing made in China,” Ecoway|China OEM Bottle|Tumbler|Cup, 4, Jan. 2018, Web 30 Oct. 2018. Once the Hydro Flask is fully assembled and packaged for global consumerism, the stainless steel bottle must back to the coast where it is loaded and readied for a complex, multi-step journey across the globe. single-use plastics like plastic water Since Stainless steel is recyclable it reduces the amount of waste we put in the landfill by about 90%. While HydroFlask isn't completely environmentally friendly, it is still a better alternative than using plastic bottles. Producing tap water typically requires a fraction of the energy inputs, roughly about 0.0025 MJ for treatment and distribution [2]. Northwest wonderland– Bend, Oregon. The primary method uses about 13.8% scrap and creates emissions of about 1.987 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of steel. 5. 23 Oct. 2018., Tufvesson, Angela. That is our purpose and our This value, although relatively miniscule, will be factored in when making the one-on-one comparison between the two bottle options. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Buying a Hydro Flask will prevent you from using and then throwing away countless plastic bottles. Its durable long lasting properties means that it saves time and materials by manufacture things once instead of twice or more. Mother Nature is the best designer #RefillForGood is our rally cry to people, and what we’re about as a company. It is also important to note that this study captures the first-degree or surface level energy use. It’s Their double wall vacuum sealed stainless steel bottle has made it easy to keep beverages hot or cold for longer periods of time. The stainless steel that is recycled is remelted into new stainless steel that is ready to be reused in the manufacturing of products. extra —every choice is made for a And Hydro Flask bottles are recyclable at the end of their life – just take it to a local steel recycler. Plastic bottles are usually a one-time use for flavored drinks, sodas and bottled water. you be outside living your best life, we're in. Zyga, Lisa. Since HydroFlask bottles are reusable unlike one-time use plastic bottles, they have more value behind them, meaning people that buy them won't just throw it away. Most of the waste is scrap metal leftover from production. surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes. This will not affect the insulation of your flask. If you can live with it, so can we. It does not account for the energy use, for example, to mine and transport the coal that is burned by China’s energy companies to be used in the manufacturing plant that assembles Hydro Flasks.

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