I wasn’t sure we would want them but you see our shoes from our bedroom and I think it will add more. My husband and I installed faux wood flooring in ourselves. I have had a set of pax wardrobes (with doors) in my apartment for a while! Can I ask how much space you have between the two now using both 22” and 13” compared to if you would have done 22” on both walls? I too am really glad you posted this. I agree that the three colours are nice today. Thank you so much! This new type of joint means it drastically reduces the time taken to assemble and disassemble Ikea furniture, and all you have to use is your hands – that's right, no tools or glue is required. I read far and wide before I purchased my Pax system but would say yours is the best detailed article I found. ), do you have any questions? This is disgustingly neat and beautiful. And remember, you can always add to it when needed. PLATSA is a storage system that can follow you on all the roads of life. Adjustable feet make it possible to compensate any irregularities in the floor. Have had them for 5 years. It utilises the 'click and snap' system. The PLATSA series has storage solutions for even the trickiest spaces. I guess good thing so, because when I called them they said when ordering online you don’t order extra hinges, they come with the doors, so they credited me for the double order. 'If you assembly yourself you can do it in one fifth of the time compared to another system,' says Henrik Elm, purchasing and logistics manager at Ikea Range and Supply. Our closet accessed through our master bath is 13.5 ft wide by 9.5 ft deep with two windows on opposite wall of the door. PLATSA is built using the wedge dowel system … Have you had any trouble with the extra wide Komplement drawers? Yes, we attached the units to the wall behind them. Thank you for taking the time to write this review. The range is a direct response to small and smart space living. You have of all 8 possible products to compare. It did add $180.00 (we live way oustside the cheap delivery area) to our bill, but it was well worth the cost. I keep all of my pants that tend to wrinkle on these pull out hangers but all of my jeans, leggings, joggers, etc. We couldn’t find our studs so we made do and attached to the wall as we best we could with the recommendations of the hardware pro at the local hardware store. Though we might pay to have it assembled. I also read everywhere in their literature not to forget the hinges with the doors. I’ll ask more questions as I think of them. I was browsing their site and came across the Pax system and I am so happy I did. Thanks in advance and sorry for long message! The exact part numbers to request are in the assembly instructions. The black-brown one is 602.469.33. I hadn’t considered 2 sizes. Good luck and hope you love your new closet! BCGramma, your comments have convinced me that I will definitely go with PAX and not worry about custom closets from a contractor. I say “2 bed” as there are currently no walls separating any of the rooms (the whole unit is 2200sf!) I am obsessed with your carpet from Kaleen. A small price to pay for an organised life! Thanks again. I’ve been planning and planning which Pax setup I’m going to choose for our new closet organization. I am looking at Ikea’s new system, Aurdal, for my son’s closet. May I ask does the screw to connect two PAX come with the wardrobe frame package or you get from Home Depot type of store? I only recently started following your blog but I’m so glad I did. We are thinking about buying a PAX closet system, and I’m trying to decide if we can put all our hanging clothes in there or if that will strain the bar too much—. And Kris, thank you so much for your article. Provides the privacy that you would want in a room, as well as, the needed storage that does not currently exist. I’ve been married 18 years and don’t have a closet!!! HI Kris! First look at Ikea's new TÄNKVÄRD collection, Ikea unveils new storage collection SAMMANHANG, Why the first burn of a candle is the most important, Ikea's most iconic home furnishings over the last 30 years, First look at Ikea's playful new toy collection. I am having trouble finding replacement plastic drawers for our recycling. I admire your shoe storage design section. I wanted to have Ikea folks assemble the wardrobe for us however, they said that for them to wall mount the wardrobe, the baseboards should be removed (so that the wardrobe can line up perfectly against the wall). https://www.idealhome.co.uk/news/ikea-platsa-storage-system-196935 It is particle board so it can chip and, if it does, probably isn’t very patchable. Their closet system is based on using PAX wardrobe frames (available in three width, two depth, and two height options) that you then customize with KOMPLEMENT accessories. You’re so right Milja – IKEA rolls out some things in the US first and some things overseas first. So far, though, I’m LOVING my Pax closets. Do you know if the shelves can handle pantry items over time? As far as the shelves go – you are totally right. On the other hand, PAX has a big advantage on the inside where you can do extras with interior fittings.'. ‘PLATSA is one of the most important families we’ve launched in recent years,' says Henrik. The doors looked nice, but I preferred being about to just walk right up and pick out something out of both closets without having to slide the doors back and forth. Great article and thorough. The back wall, between the two windows, we plan to put a thinner 13″ frame, 40″ wide, and 93″ tall and fill 80-90% of it with the metal shoe shelves. Guess I’ll contact them and maybe they can help. We added the container store linen wrapped boxes. Thanks for the kind words about our new house – I love it but I sure miss my old closet! We just moved to a different house with a walk-in closet that has built in shelves, etc and I’m really missing my PAX closets because now I’m going to have to buy a dresser so I can have some drawers storage space! Our frames are 93″ tall.It also would have been helpful if a template for installing handles on the chest of drawers would be included in the box. Can you please let me know where you got the white weaved baskets, they look great, also the carpet, is it a large rug or a carpet that you meed to install it You lose a little bit of space with every additional unit that you use so my personal preference would be to do the two frames but it also depends on what you are planning to put in them so I would figure out your needs first. Something like a bondo filler that will really allow the screw to re-grip the material. Fibreboard, Paper foil, Particleboard, Honeycomb structure paper filling (100% recycled), Will you recommend this product to a friend. We had our old PAX closet system for over five years and had no problems at all with the wood drawers – they weren’t sagging at all and still rolled in and out smoothly. Do you see many PAX units used outside of the closet on freestanding walls within the bedroom? And definitely much, much less expensive than other options! Boohoo! When we finished our basement & installed a bathroom, the debate was shower (him) or storage (me). I just want to say I love your blog and thank you so much for for all these details! Yes, clicking. Hi, I took a scan through the comments and didn’t see this question asked/answered. You can organise the inside with interiors from the HJÄLPA series – and for the exterior there are smart solutions in the LÄTTHET series. I go to IKEA to save money and cringe at the thought of paying someone to assemble for $350. Only the latest versions of these documents are available for download. Urbanisation has inspired the PLATSA range – but conversation around this modular piece of furniture started three years ago. We also have a bank of four drawers so I am thinking it mixes it up. IKEA has VARIERA cover plates that come in a pack of 100 for $1.29 to fill all of the holes that run along the edges of the PAX frames. PLATSA is built using the wedge dowel system and if you haven't already heard about it, this click technique changes everything. It’s not difficult to put the PAX wardrobes and interior accessories together, it’s just time consuming. Rate the functionality. But it also gave results. Moving home? As long as your carpet is fairly low-pile and your wardrobes are appropriately secured to the wall you should be good! I was wondering if I could add on another unit now a few years later? Perfect where space is limited since the frame is narrow. Considering he used to have clothes spread out between that closet, our guest room closet, upstairs closet, and chest of drawers in our living room, he’s not complaining :). Have those days couped up at home, snowed in, got you thinking about getting organised? I will still consider Ikea. ', Explore Ikea's PLATSA range here > SHOP NOW, 12 beautiful twig Christmas trees to buy now, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Certain drawers at the bottom wouldn’t work with certain doors (I can’t remember which, but they have sliders and hinged doors. There will be about 1″ space left on each end so a near perfect fit. pull-out trays with shoe inserts and rails, non-slip velvet space saving hangers like {these}, {this KOMPLEMENT pull-out tray with inserts}, https://www.ikea.com/us/en/cat/pax-wardrobes-with-doors-24337/.

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