Finished in Le Creuset's bold exterior enamel and surrounded by low-profile, gently sloping sides, the cast iron crepe pan makes a unique and decorative addition to any stovetop. Crepe pans are usually made of either cast iron or carbon steel. You have a lot of cast iron options when it comes to making crepes. It comes with a colorful handle that is easy to hold and use, and its smooth surface is easy to wash clean with soap and water. But it does take a little practice if you’re not used to cooking with cast iron. The cherry red exterior makes it an attractive and unique addition to your kitchen. Whipping up the batter can be done by hand, but using a blender is much easier. Ladle about ¼ cup batter into skillet and swirl to evenly coat bottom. But if these aren’t problems for you, this is a well-designed and versatile pan that won’t break the bank. Note, though, that this one has sloping sides that are higher than most. And if you’ve got a gas cooktop, you’ll need to take care that the plastic isn’t positioned over another burner. They are non-stick, and have low edges, which makes flipping the thin and delicate crepes easier. This pan can be used on all cooktops and induction. 5. And you won’t get any hot spots burning your crepes either. Le Creuset L2036-2767 Enameled Cast Iron 10.75″ Crepe Pan with Rateau and Spatula. multifunctional: can also be used for cooking tortillas, grilling sandwiches, etc. Ideal for preparing traditional crepes or pancakes, the smooth cooking surface of this crepe pan … Carbon steel pans have a smoother surface; they are more lightweight, and more responsive to changes in temperature. Let’s start with the basics – how big do you want your pan to be? Whichever method or technique you are going to use, keep in mind not to flip the crepe too early. It is pre-seasoned, which means that it is already coated with oil to prevent rusting. 6. If you’re using it on a gas burner in particular, watch out for the height of the flame. Many prefer to use a crepe pan instead of a normal pan because it is affordable but does not compromise the quality of the crepe. The pan works just as well for tortillas or omelets. Crepe pans are shallow compared to regular pans. It is very important to wait for the top batter to dry, its surface are no longer shiny. Its exterior is finished in enamel, durable and resistant to cracks and chips. Flipping too early will tear your crepe. The low sides that make this perfect for crepes also mean you may get some splashing if frying oily foods. Note that this one isn’t dishwasher safe. Recently I had several hungry mouths to feed, so I didn't want to make them one at a time. The core of the pan is made from cast aluminum, so it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver. The non-stick coating is free from PFOA and PTFE. Condition: … It’s made from entirely natural substances, so there’s no PFOA or PTFE. Its thick aluminum base is durable, while the titanium-based coating ensures equal distribution of heat. With each equipment comes its own advantages and disadvantages. It will come to you coated in beeswax to prevent rusting. Here we take a look at ten of the best crepe pans we’ve found. And if you want to make it simpler still, you can slip a spatula under the edge with ease. Anywhere around the world, crepes are a well-loved treat! Simply wipe it over with a sponge and warm soapy water. Get ready to flip it without it sliding off the side and onto your cooktop! Cuisinart FCT23-24NS French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless 10-Inch Nonstick Crepe Pan, Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Nonstick Heavy Gauge Crepe Pancake Pan Griddle, Norpro Nonstick Breakfast/Crepe/Tortilla Pan, Neoflam Crepe Pan – 10 inch Ceramic Nonstick in Berry Blue, Saflon Titanium Nonstick 11 Inch Crepe Pan, Woll Diamond Lite Nonstick Induction Ready Crepe Pan, Chefmade Mini Crepe Pan with Bamboo Spreader, Le Creuset L2036-2767 Enameled Cast Iron 10.75″ Crepe Pan with Rateau and Spatula, 16 Fertility Yoga Poses To Boost Your Chances Of Conception, 100 Sweet And Short Names For Boys With Meanings, Stainless steel riveted handles keep hands safe while cooking, Cooks evenly without having to adjust the temperature, Bottom of the pan tends to warp after a few uses, Can be used on gas, electric, halogen, and ceramic hot plates, Handle comes with a suspension hole for hanging when not in use, Lightweight body makes it easy to flip crepes, Smooth non-stick surface is simple to clean, Non-stick coating only works with wooden spoons or spatulas, Aluminum body enables even heat distribution, Safe to use on induction, gas, electric stovetop and in an oven too, Ergonomic heat-resistant handle is soft to touch and comfortable to hold and use, Scratch-free body is easy to clean in a dishwasher, Handle may get wobbly when used too frequently, Cooking surface may seem rougher than that of other pans, Ceramic coating is made of all-natural materials, Patented coating helps achieve the perfect golden brown finish, Lower walls on the sides enable easy movement of spatula, Rivet-free surface is easy to clean and maintain, Plastic cover attached to the handle is not heat-resistant, Can sometimes give off a chemical smell when used, Compatible with metal spoons and spatulas, Cannot be washed with soap or in dishwasher, Can rust easily if not maintained with care, Interior made of food-grade silicone coating, Compatible with gas, electric, ceramic halogen, and induction, Initial few uses can give off a chemical smell, Compatible with induction, gas, glass, and electric stove, Outer coating may not be as durable as expected, Suitable for use on any cooking stove as well as oven and grill, Cast iron body may seem heavy for some users, Handle comes with good grip and insulation, Flat bottom ensures even heat distribution.

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