Just take a deep breath, take your time and follow the instructionsWe did ours a few days before I had dd and manged not to fall out. Did you look into that and if you did what made you pick Ikea? After our initial plans, we took some of your feedback and tweaked a few other things before eventually pulling the trigger on our wardrobe system. The whole idea was that if we decided we didn’t like it in five years’ time, the whole thing could be removed without much impact on the room. I can’t remember the exact cost but I expect about £500 of PAX, then around £150 on other wood and around £75 on paint. Full Disclosure on Sponsorships & Affiliates, we showed you our plans to install IKEA’s Pax system, Shopping For Stone For Our Bathroom (And What We Decided On! Its a bit of overkill as you could probably get away with an L-shaped section and just blocks to hold them together, but its a pragmatic solution I think. Thoughts on using the same floral wall paper on the back wall of the closet to tie it to the bathroom more? Share your stories about your children’s favourite toys with Munchkin Nursery Steriliser - £100 voucher to be won, How do you style your children’s hair? This led to ‘the wardrobe project’. We’re both really tall so it hasn’t been an issue at all for us. That is a concern I had. The mirrors were a great addition and really complete the look. Annoyingly I had to make the 8 x 2 planed timber from 6 x 2 and 2 x 2 screwed together then planed together. You can see that by moving the kickboard flush, the filler can run across the fonts of the wardrobe frames, with no gap to the kickboard, and, if positioned correctly, the skirting board will bridge the platform edge and filler perfectly. Sorry I cant help. And screwing it to the wall helps. First, the big half of the hinge attaches to the door, and the small half to the frame, as the video makes clear. Just making an offset (in one axis) on the existing holes wouldn’t work as the offset was small and the holes would join up. Hi, how many pairs of shoes fits in your 39″ drawer? But, it will absolutely need trimming out and customizing. You have heavy pieces and a somewhat complicated assembly system, at least for most people. Looks great. Can you link them? Services work quickly. The major parts of our renovation are finished, but we continue to work on little details around the house. Two lengths of 8 x 2 inch planed timber were created by screwing and gluing 6 x 2 inch to 2 x 2 inch lengths. This procedure was repeated on all the PAX frames. Love you guys!!!❤️. We have standard, 8ft, ceilings, and went with the taller 93″ wardrobes, but had to assemble them in an upright position–definitely requires two people but we’re so glad for the extra space. The Ikea designer woman measured it and said they would fit so am hoping she knows what shes doing! We looked at it, but found the price was almost as high and IKEA didn’t require as much involvement from the store, whereas CS Elfa you often have to work with someone. Sound right? It also helps to break out the level at this point. However, it dries very very quickly giving you about 5 seconds before the paint will begin to drag, if using a brush. Do people get Ikea or an odd job man to build and fit? In our initial plans, we had drawers cutting wardrobes in half, at varying heights, etc. We started with a blank slate and worked together to build the 6 PAX wardrobe boxes, two 39″ wide ones in the center on either side, with a total of four 19″ wide boxes filling in the rest. The only thing that i couldn't do was carry the boxes up the stairs, had to open them and carry all the bits up seperately, that was a faff, building them was easy. You can print it (I would! This dimension was wide enough to allow the PAX units either side of it to be screwed into it hence attaching them to each other and also giving the framed look I was after. It should have been nailed to the back. . It was amusing, looked easy, and the video gave some good tips. The photo below shows the finished wardrobe project, minus knobs, which were added later. Mine are the 201 high and I can fit 8 plastic tubs per wardrobe. Plus there are items that I want to complete in a DIY fashion so I feel like I built something in the house. Better builds, quick times, and excellent services make this the only option in this situation. May I suggest a continous LED-strip right behind the top skirting? Swap out the floor register for something that blends better. From the planner, you’ll see an icon with a magnifying glass and a list next to it, click on that: This will bring you to an itemized list of everything your plan entails. Just google kitchen cornice. Anyone know if pax comes with spacers too so no neeD to take skirtings off? This has been an issue we’ve been avoiding until we could figure out a way to make all the ikea shelving work. First, I am so excited you went with a galley style. What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers? What you get in return is a perfectly working, in great condition closet that you did not have to put together yourself. So beautiful.Great workmanship! }); Your email address will not be published. So cute!! Here is how it all looked so far: Next came the skirting which was cut from 6 x 1 inch planed timber, mitred in the corners and made to fit to the existing wall skirting boards using a contour gauge. Hi Alex this issue is that the kick board is not flush with the bottom front edge of the PAX base and at the same time the doors end just below the top of the kick board. They will handle every aspect of the Pax assembly and installation. I saw you ordered some hole covers from amazon on your insta stories. You could use two strips but it gets a bit messy. Hardware for connecting them to each other was included, but not to the back wall. Are these Bergsbo doors or the Hemnes doors? My husband and I are currently in the process of building ours. Thank you :). I am going to be installing the Pax now too thanks to you guys! I built the two boxes outside the closet. Get a shelf in asap to help it stay rectangular rather than trapezoid then get the back on to help with stability.Re interior fittings, the best thing to do is go into Ikea and figure out how much room something takes up, so a plastic drawer takes 7 holes spaces.

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