It seems like that is what most everyone seems to enjoy! I'm used to the great service in the Hercules store, no comparison. Quality of service. My one sort of gripe with the environment is it seemed hot in there. Ball tip sandwich was so-so, the only highlight being the meat that is sparsely filling the sandwich. Awesome food. Roast Beef Sandwich. The history of this franchise goes back to 1946 when John Kinder opened up his first meat market in the Bay Area. Don't mind paying if you actually get the value for this. This was horrible! As I silently devoured my delicious sandwich (the mixture of the flavors from the smoked ball tip paired with the mayo and Kinder's medium BBQ sauce was amazing), I realized that I did not receive my fries. This BBQ place is delicious, tastes pretty authentic. There were 8 other people eating in the dining area along with me and my friend. Order at least a day in advance so they can marinate the meat and cook everything in time. They were out of of burger buns, place was unkept and the cash register guy seemed bored with being bothered. Apparently one of their guys cut his finger while making the food. The "regular" fries were delicious and plentiful (one order can easily serve two people). Hmmm. Hard pass. Yes, il be back when I'm back in town! Very littleIf no smoke flavor. So I came to place my order (cuz I love the food!) I will definitely keep coming back! My only complaint is that my stomach will not hold any more. Inside is about what you'd expect for a quick serve place and the TVs are an added bonus. Awesome. I wish they opened up a location in Sacramento but I would not mind a drive again to Fairfield just for these BBQ cravings! And from my previous experiences, the price wasn't worth the experience. I think I forget each time about how disappointed I was with my previous visit. Hubby had the Ribeye sandwich and I had the Ball Tip sandwich. This place is just what you expect from a good BBQ Deli, you have a meat counter with great looking slabs of flesh and sausages, along with Potato and Pasta salads. All the guys at Kinder's are soo friendly and helpful--we love coming here because we get great customer service and an awesome meal at that. Blazin' Ball Tip Sandwich at Kinder's Food Truck "Wow how cool is this place. They were  getting take-out and when they got their food, they came  by our table and told us to try and at least enjoy our food. Tri Tip Steak Sandwich. But the later staff suck. It's not fair to say it's all in the sauce either because my date had a chicken salad and that too was scrumptiously tasty.The ball tip sandwich is divine to the taste buds. Went with the 2 meats & 2 sides option ($13.95 per person). There was a guy stocking soda when we came in he didn't even look at us and the guy that took our order was so unfriendly I got the feeling he didn't want us there. As much as u pay for the food- customer service should be spot on especially when you package the last of the food. Hot sandwiches (excluding BBQ Beef) include mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato & Kinder's Mild BBQ Sauce. The meat is stacked, delicious and much like the bread, almost melt in your mouth. I haven't had anything that I didn't like on their menu. I like to pack it up to go and enjoy it for a 3pm snack.The customer service is awesome and I am always impressed at how they remember each person's order during the hectic lunch time and bring out the food to each table without a numbering or other type of identifying system.Sometimes when I have had a busy day I call in my order and it is ready in no time. Let make one thing clear, it was lunch time. Get anything on the menu and it is good, Burger, good. My husband got the bbq beef sandwich and it looked like a chicken bake from Costco just to give a visual but tasted even better. My colleague highly recommended Kinder's Famous Ball Tip sandwich, so I ordered the sandwich along with a side of fries. I like Kinders. I was pretty hungry the first day and found the food to be about a 3.5, however, the second visit lowered my view of the food a bit. For me, it's the Ball Tip Sandwich on a Dutch Crunch roll. This sandwich was great! Once you order that, you have to also get their award winning tequila lime ribs. Where I have the issue is the value for their sandwiches. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich . Ball tip sandwich, good. The service was ok, not great, but not bad. I've been to a couple of others and also likes those as well. When we walked in we were greeted by the blissful aroma of BBQ and by the employees behind the counter. I tried the two item combo which I believe was $12.95 which is about a dollar more expensive than Dickeys.I ordered the Ball Tip which was about 4-6 ounces of smokey flavored tasty beef and  ribs. Menu may not be up to date. The sides were ok, enjoyed the beans but the potato salad was just ok. Not sure I will return as I've found better places for my money and much better value. Wow it's so good, it practically melts in your mouth!Also ordered catering. So I was a bit apprehensive when my colleague suggested that we visit a BBQ restaurant located in Fairfield called Kinder's BBQ. This afternoon co-workers and I decided to go to this store for lunch. ALl thier side dishes are great too but for some reason I gravitate to chips. My combo dinner also came with baked beans-blah and a dinner roll that looked and felt like it came out of bag delivered a few days ago. I guess because of the cooking going on but it is a spacious sit down eatery. Now the food was delicious on some items. The ball tip sandwich was really tender and it was great with the bbq sauce, lettuce and tomatoes.

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