Check out my free PD for technology teachers! All rights reserved Lesson 3 How To Read a Webpage These Kid-Friendly Resources for Learning to Code introduce the concept of coding to kindergarten kids. You can certainly go in any order you choose. @Edgemere_BCPS, Fabulous work with #Wixie & our snowy 10 frames. These are the lesson titles you will find in this resource: 1.Mouse Practice 1-11 (repeat to mastery. – The file for the editable lesson plans and rationale pages is in PowerPoint. Students learn about 2-dimensional shapes and create a class book identifying these shapes around their school. #vbits @brolabears @RosemontForest, Using #wixie to find real world shapes in @kdiener626's class. Working on our coin identification and value! Fun!, Comparing and contrasting on Wixie. -a web page with linked prompts, directions, and activities. #deyits #deyrocks #vbits, These kindergarteners are creating their own Duck! Scroll down to see the purchase options. Model Good Tech Habits for Kids. Kindergarten Technology Lessons Scope and Sequence 1.Mouse Practice 1-11 (repeat to mastery. In my district we teach 2nd grade students about Sound Energy as a whole unit. 2016. Students explore initial sounds through the creation of a classroom ABC book. You can make the credentials very easy. Starting in 1st grade there are lessons to teach excel/sheets, word/docs, and PPT/slides. Technology Activities for Kindergarten Even kindergarten kids can get in on tech action with these coding activity ideas. You can find several free pages on the Samples dropdown menu. Then from there you (the teacher) still facilitate student progress by letting them know which lesson page to go to and you’ll still collect their finished assignments for assessment. #wixie @tech4learning @jmitkows1, Oh how we love Wixie! Students practice making patterns and then record narration explaining their pattern. Thanks Ms. Word Processing Unit 4th Grade; Color Coded Typing 3; Color Coded Typing 4; BONUS. The conclusion I came to is that Kindergarten students need to become familiar with the computer while learning what they are working on in class. Whether you have Chromebooks, iPads, PCs, or Macs in your classroom, you can use technology to engage and inspire your students in the curriculum. What you need in order to use these lesson plans: – Students will need to log in with the class account username and password every time. Answer: All of the digital content is housed on this website. Answer: No, these lessons do not integrate with Google Classroom in that way. @Tech4Learning #VESisthebest, Using Wixie to retell The Very Hungry Caterpillar @AlantonAstros @AlantonLMS @ftfaustEDU, Kindergarten students were practicing their #digitalstorytelling skills this morning by narrating their #Wixie drawings in STEM ?? In this lesson, students learn details about a specific animal’s hibernation and design a hotel room with everything the animal needs for a successful hibernation. They printed it out as a mini book so they can practice reading! | ©2020 Tech4Learning, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Integrating Technology in Kindergarten Creative Educator lesson plans can help your kindergarten students develop a lifelong love of learning. Recycle Old Tech in Your Play Center. 3. There are optional outside subscriptions for some activities. We've reviewed the processes that change states of matter, so we've... Interactive Notebooks Gone Digital Do you use interactive notebooks in your  classroom?, K Ss make Mother's Day cards with #wixie @Tech4Learning #ppsedtech, Creating Protect our Earth posters on WIXIE! Rules and Procedures. I really struggled with coming up with lesson ideas, until I had a lightbulb moment about 5 and 6 year olds using computers. Drawing on Wixie!!!! Parents, So excited 4 K Ss creating EOY books w/ WIxie & our recording box! The numbered lessons on the front page of the site make it easy to navigate to any lesson at any time. Make sure your students are developing their 21st Century skills. Great job kinder students!!! Includes academic content with custom built learning games). Answer: With your purchase you get one class account that all students use to access the lesson pages. This means lots of mouse practice that incorporates learning letters and number sense. Lesson 1 First Day in Tech; Lesson 2 Procedures and First Project; Online Search. Students create their own adaptations of literature they are reading. Are you a new technology teacher or just interested in learning how another technology teacher gets organized at the beginning of the s... How I Set up My Computer Lab My first year teaching technology to grades K-5 I didn't even put up vocabulary words! Lesson Plans Answer: No! Ready to subscribe to the kindergarten curriculum for this school year? Bring Creative Technology to Kindergarten Classrooms! 6 Hands-On Center Ideas for Using Technology in Pre-K and Kindergarten. I made a, 3rd Grade Technology Lesson Plans and Activities, 2nd Grade Technology Lessons and Activities, 1st Grade Technology Lessons and Activities, Kindergarten Technology Lessons and Activities, Discover New Ways to Create with Technology, Technology Teaching Resources with Brittany Washburn, Kindergarten technology lesson plans and activities, Valuable Tips for Getting Started as a Technology Teacher You Need to Know, 20 Tips for Teachers New to Using Technology, Technology I Can Statements for the Computer Lab Teacher, Technology I Can Statements for the Classroom Teacher, Teaching Students how to "Google It" to Learn Online Research Skills. Videos Students explore the life cycle of a butterfly as they write and illustrate stories that show the stages of a butterfly’s metamorphosis. The username and password’s purpose is to give students access to the textbook. counting book. A curated, copyright-friendly image library that is safe and free for education. #GRA15 #GRAAmy, Kindergarteners used #wixie to make a word family book. The selected learning games target math and reading skills. Ideal for a technology teacher or a kindergarten teacher with mandatory lab time. Sign In You can pick and choose which lessons to do with your students. Rabbit! Students practice math skills, organization, and teamwork as they work as a class to plan and deliver a class party. Visit it ahead of time at to get an idea how it works. If you don’t have access to YouTube you can accomplish the same objective by doing a demonstration yourself. News Click the play button to listen to the student explain their pattern. @marilynbond18 #CESDknowthyimpact, #Kindergarten making 5 senses booklets on #Wixie in the #STEAM Lab. © 2020 Tech4Learning, Inc | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy, © 2020 Tech4Learning, Inc | All Rights Reserved | Technology Teaching Resources with Brittany Washburn You know that flip phone that’s been in your drawer forever? @Tech4Learning #ForestHills101, Working hard on our #Ibpyp unit about weather and the seasons. In this lesson, students explore symbols in the world around them and create a flag that represents the characteristics and values of their family. All rights reserved If/when you purchase access, you will create a class username and password to access the grade level pages included for your purchase. #WedoIBWELLwood #bcpskinder @KatieLugli @WellwoodIntlES, K Ss practice what fair share means. Everything will transfer. Today we explored the seasons with #wixie. Create custom graphic organizers for your classroom. Think of this website like a textbook but digital. If you want to use the lessons for digital passport from common sense media (4th grade) then you will need to make a free teacher account. Enough to last you the entire school year! Requirements, Implementation This Kindergarten set of lessons is also part of a larger bundle of K-5 technology lessons. Answer: Both!, Kdgners in Miss Demartinis's class at @Dodge_WCSD using #Wixie on iPads to work on cardinality within their "13 Days of Halloween" books. 7.1 Scratch Lessons 1-8; 7.1 Alternate Scratch Modules 1-4; 7.2 Make A Web Page; Word Processing and Typing. Includes academic content with custom built learning games) 2.Mouse and Spacebar 1-2 Use music videos to learn literacy skills. story pages using Wixie! Wixie gives students a voice to demonstrate early literacy skills that is engaging and meaningful. Ready to subscribe to the kindergarten curriculum for this school year? You can upload it into your Google Drive to open it in Slides if needed. Students practice counting through the creation of a Halloween counting book. #fhesfoxes, Ss working on animal habitat projects #wixie #techinkindergarten @WellwoodIntlES @BCPS_ELA, Kindergarteners build an understanding of fiction and nonfiction through anchor charts and Wixie @missyfanshaw, K students learn to use wixie to share facts from plant research @Tech4Learning @missyfanshaw #bcpslh @mrs_scotto, Graphing our class bar graph on to Wixie picture graph.

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