Or you just love to drink kombucha? I am inspired by this pair of brothers who are building a zero-waste brewing/farming/energy/somanythings facility in my hometown of Chicago called The Plant. This commission comes at no charge to you. This parallel is home brewed kombucha drink. Required fields are marked *, Hey, Gigi here. are included like ph chart, ph test strips, elastic jar bands, jar covers and comprehensive instructional booklet. easy and simple to follow instructions  including flavoring guide, lab which is fully licensed with FDA and the Florida Department of Agriculture, specialty culture and equipment included can be reused for many other batches, This is a perfect kit to make your first batch of fizzy and delicious kombucha. ). It comes with, includes everything you need to start brewing like a pro –  starter culture, ingredients and equipment, easy and simple to follow instructions to which you will continue to refer after your first batch. poured over Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream….or GT Dave Synergy Kombucha- Serenity Strawberry flavor” Kits are designed to allow you to place food in glass jars, load them up with ferments and wait until nature takes its course. When she shared it with me, I noticed a … Gigi Mitts For the price, it’s a perfectly acceptable first kit for those just getting into the game, and will give them the confidence to graduate to larger sets. Keep in mind kombucha is not a sugary drink like  a soda or a soft-drink. Growing A Kombucha Culture: Pitfalls and Problems ... How to Copycat GT Kombucha Flavors at Home. We outline some of the main kombucha health benefits below. including a premium kombucha continuous brew kit system. lol. This kit includes All Essentials you need to make your first batch of kombucha at home. Use code CMKIT at checkout. Manufacturer states that the kit includes custom kombucha tea blend which is specifically formulated to keep the culture happy and nourished. There are very few things that can go wrong when making your own kombucha at home, and it won’t just save you running to the store every day (or having to carry armfuls of bottles at a time), but also save you cash you could spend on cool gear, especially with the holidays coming up, so why not treat yourself, hey? The event will be packed with amazing stuff so come on out to say hello and try some Hannah’s Homebrew! Published in WholeFoods Magazine, August 2013. If only I could send you a text. This is a perfect kit to make your first batch of fizzy and delicious kombucha. This kit includes All Essentials you need to brew your own kombucha straight from your kitchen. Being obsessed with a healthy lifestyle myself, I understand the importance of having a method of brewing kombucha in an easy & safe way. Katrina sped down to the closest Whole Foods, and got a bottle for herself. The kombucha culture inside the kit is entirely shelf-stable for up to a year—so you can ship and gift worry-free! The main reason that influenced our decision is that EVERYTHING is included in this kit –  all ingredients and all supplies. We would love to find more about your kombucha journey. This kit comes with full step by step instructions on how to make your first batch of kombucha at your kitchen counter. It’s full of probiotics. Our flagship product that started the whole company, this brewing kit has taught hundreds of thousands of new brewers how to make their very own delicious kombucha at home. Our customer support team is here to answer your questions along the way. Former Lostie and current star of MTV’s Teen Wolf Holland Roden says, when asked about her favorite things: It’s unlikely that you’ll want (or be able) to make a batch larger than 1 gallon, but if you have a jar big enough to do that, you’ll need to scale the ingredients, around double the amount of one gallon should suffice. Choosing the right fermentation kit can be challenging especially if you are new to fermenting food. High quality ingredients at a lesser cost, Contains only the essentials for successful brewing, Option to choose single or continuous batch, Extra ingredients would give broader brewing options.

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