Still, to be visible from that distance means PSO J352.4034-15.3373 gets dubbed the brightest object in our universe. Some discoveries brought about a more rich understanding of our past. Scientists were unable to determine the date of the fossil for decades because of the weatherization caused by heat and pressure. But this year Elena Korka and her team, after working on the site since 2013, found a housing settlement, proving that people actually lived there. For a while, scientists have suspected liquid water might be found on Mars, but a radar instrument known as MARSIS was able to detect a 12-mile-long lake of liquid water under Mars' surface. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. This one was six feet long and had a "strange disc-like body" but no shell. Previously tested male birth control pills have had serious side effects, or needed to be taken twice a day to be effective, but a recent clinical trial shows that dimethandrolone undecanoate or DMAU was able to effectively drop testosterone to prepubescent levels without significant averse side effects. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. There aren't many Christian images from there in part due to a law about worshipping icons. Uncover the latest in science news and discoveries. Once scientists were able to extract the cholesterol from the specimen, they were able to pinpoint when it existed. In 2017, LIGO and the European observatory Virgo felt another set … But unlike the famous four-legged, plant-eating bronty, the Ledumahadi is believed to have been what researchers call a “transitional” dinosaur, or what CNN described as “an evolutionary experiment… during the early Jurassic period [in which] the forelimbs of this dinosaur are more ‘crouched,’ while being very thick to support its giant body.” This presumably means the dinosaur may actually have evolved from two-legged ancestors, but scientists posit the way in which it evolved to four legs helped its digestive system handle a more vegetarian-based diet. The fossil was initially discovered in 1947 by Australian scientists in a remote area near the White Sea in Russia. The structure is a new type of protein complex that the cell uses to attach to its surroundings and proves to play a key part in cell division. See how science is making today’s news. A 228-million-year-old turtle fossil was uncovered, and it looks slightly different than our modern day turtles. ; Researchers report developing a blood test (or liquid biopsy) that can detect eight common cancer tumors early. Featuring articles about unexplained mysteries, oddities and weird discoveries. Other turtle fossils have been uncovered that show partially formed shells, or beakless fronts, puzzling researchers. Get the latest science news and learn about scientific breakthroughs and discoveries from around the world. Scientists called the discovery "the Holy Grail of paleontology.". ... succeeded in detecting a unique system to move and pull blocks which can be dated to … By Adam Mann - Live Science Contributor 26 December 2018. Previously, studies have manipulated the aging process in mice by editing their DNA, something we can't do in the same way for humans. From blood tests to detect cancer to the potential to grow human organs for donations, these breakthroughs will give you hope for the future even in bleak times. 2018 Top 10. The researchers in China published their study in the journal Cell Stem Cell, saying that while this won't be possible for humans in the immediate future, it is a promising step forward. In October 2018, same sex mice couples gave birth to pups with the help of gene editing and stem cells. The compound, when given to mice, increased their endurance by 56% after just two months. Chinese scientists used the method that cloned Dolly the sheep to clone a macaque monkey in January. A look at the best, most important, most influential, most memorable, and unforgettable things of 2018, ranked by hundreds of thousands of votes. The city of Tenea was said to be settled by prisoners of the Trojan War and for years tiny archaeological finds hinted at its existence. However, recently unearthed fossils with some biofilm preserved confirm that these are, actually, the world's earliest known animals. This list of 2018 scientific discoveries features informative works that span a wide range of disciplines. Reportedly, the Ledumahadi is closely related to sauropod dinosaurs - similar to the brontosaurus. Named “Ledumahadi mafube” - or “a giant thunderclap at dawn” in the local language of Sesotho - researchers now believe this dinosaur was one of the largest animals on Earth during the early days of the planet’s existence, about 200 millions years ago. The latest in science news is inspirational for a new generation of thinkers who will continue to push the boundaries of human capability. ", An unknown dinosaur fossil was uncovered in 2012 in South Africa, and scientists were recently able to reconstruct the 26,000 relative of the brontosaurus.

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