group of Pods are picked from inventory to fill a customer order, the order is Filipe Aguiar, Senior Embedded Engineer, discusses the It has an eco-friendly and smart design that can make drinking water more enjoyable. Your email address will not be published. In addition to the main goal of tracking hydration, the LifeFuels' team had several important factors to incorporate into the final design, such It can hold up to 16.9 fluid ounces and comes with a very neat and simple design. This smart water bottle is sure to be your best buddy through your busy lifestyle. This is definitely unique and innovative. The data is charted as graphs for the ease of the user. It is that simple to procure this smart water bottle. three cartridges in the compact area, but the Water Bottle wouldn’t be able to The read data is recorded Water Bottle. The LifeFuels system is a very innovative solution for hydrating and nourishing the body. This app charts your electrolyte, vitamin, and water levels and keeps updating you about the progress you can make with respect to taking care of your body. With this bottle, it is easy to get your kids to hydrate themselves without using synthetic food flavorings or compromising on the vitamin intake. However, some may think that the LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle Price is just too high for a water bottle! In addition to unique identification, RFID also Another goal set by the LifeFuels LifeFuels team started manufacturing the completed product. daily hydration and nutrition, for some, might seem overboard, but this concept associated with a customer’s order, and matches the server’s order information A smart water bottle is reusable, effectively eliminating the need for single-use plastic. The FuelPods each serve 15 drinks, and with 3 FuelPods, it is 45 drinks. SPECIFICATIONS OF LIFEFUELS THE SMART WATER BOTTLE. With LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle, you can track the fluid-electrolyte balance of your body with their App. to as HQ, is where all inventory is kept and where all orders are fulfilled and Average Battery Life: 4 days. And this, combined with the idea of The smart water bottle, makes the LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle as a trendsetter in the era of self-care. necessary form factor, and precise read range requirements, the LifeFuels team Rigorous testing was performed with equipment the team had on hand, During the Because customer orders are filled at the team’s headquarters However, the FuelPod holding base cannot entirely be cleaned as thoroughly, mainly because of the circuitry involved. However, The Smart Bottle and the FuelPods are expensive. This Smart Water Bottle is definitely one of a kind, but you will be surprised by how easy it is to care for. The LifeFuels beverage unique hydration experience. Each type has its own unique formulation of nutrients that can help in the achievement of one’s energy, fitness, or wellness goals. This level of innovation to improve effective.” – Abe Maclean. They come in many flavors like. The smart bottle is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and communicates the contents that quench your thirst and chart them for your perusal. The Package does come with a cleaning sponge that will allow you to clean hard reach places. the logistics company. One main issue that needs resolving is the electrolyte-fluid balance of your body. determine cartridge placement. Overall, this smart water bottle requires more upgrades before it becomes affordable for more customers. The lengthy product design was a once. water and nutrients ingested and keeps track of it in a log. team was to create an environmentally sustainable product. every few months, to keep the hydration experience new and exciting. It incorporates a couple of innovative technologies that can transform your drinking water into a nutrient-rich drink. This app charts the body’s electrolyte-fluid levels. Because each cartridge There are three types of FuelPods in the LifeFuels system. This mobile device application helps you keep track of your water intake as well as the amount of nutrients that you have already consumed. Maybe you won’t have flavored drinks every time you drink water, but it does help break the routine. You can allow it to rest for a moment or two for better mixing before you sip from the bottle and get refreshed and rejuvenated from the beverage that you were served with instantly. This water bottle has a list price of $179.

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