", Charles Whitaker • It was a wonder of his grace, that he fixed the services of his disciples according to their strength and standing. The Gloss is, Old wine: Share "Commentary on Luke 5:39". Luke 5:39 is a truism that occurs in the New Testament only in Luke’s Gospel: “No man also having drunk old wine straightway desireth new: for he saith, The old is better.” That there is no evident reason for Jesus to have said this is borne out in the fact that no two theological commentaries seem to agree on its meaning. The Psalter is read through twelve times a year; the bulk of the Old Testament once; the New Testament (save for three chapters) twice. 1828. They are feasting and fasting, a new patch and an old garment, new wine and old wineskins, and new wine and old wine. In Luke 5:39, Jesus uses an illustration to help us understand this rejection syndrome. As to the others, they are no more under obligation to Luke than Luke is to them; would they, of their own accord, have made the teaching of Jesus more anti-legal than it was? to him that eats ripe grapes, and drinks, , "old wine"'' signifying, that the knowledge of old men is more solid, and mature, and unmixed, and free from dregs of ignorance, than that of young men: though it follows, that "Ribbi had used to say, do not look upon the tankard, but on what is in it; for sometimes there is a new tankard full of old wine, and an old one in which there is not so much as new in it:'' signifying, that sometimes young men are full of wisdom and knowledge, when old men are entirely devoid of them. This was particularly true of the Jewish religious leaders who regarded Jesus" teaching as new and inferior to what was old. "Commentary on Luke 5:39". & Maimon. Popularity relative to other verses in Luke chapter 5 using average monthly Google searches. The conclusion is that, if a new garment is available, we would be foolish to use it to mend an old, defective one. Hilch. The difference which we have pointed out in the purport of the first parable, a difference which is entirely in Luke"s favour, also attests the excellence of the document from which he has drawn. "Vincent's Word Studies in the New Testament". This sea,—these nets,—the fishers,—the fish,—the vessels,—all are thine, O God; do in us, and by us, what thou wilt: give us ability and grace to follow thee, and to take men; and give unto men the will and grace to be taken; and take thou the eternal glory. Old covenant is faulty one cause it can't make us to produce fruit of spirit from outward righteousness by telling us to obey to the Law.As it is faulty one we are in need of new one.God ordained the old one in order to let us know that we are in need of redemption.So we need a new covenant then we can produce fruit of spirit.As the Lord said to Jeremiah a new covenant is gonna come. . and caught nothing; yet at thy word I will let down the net. 39 No man also having drunk old wine straightway desireth new: for he saith, The old is better. The new wine of Christ's sacrifice, of the New Covenant, and of God's Spirit being poured out on us is infinitely more valuable than anything before conversion. "Commentary on Luke 5:39". It is the unprogressive spirit which relies simply on authority, precedent, and tradition, and says, ‘It was good enough for my father, it is good enough for me;’ ‘It will last my time,’ &c. The expression itself seems to have been a Jewish proverb (Nedarim, f. 66. What are the different sects in the Muslim religion? The independence of Luke"s text, and the originality of its sources, come out clearly from this last passage, which forms such an excellent close to this portion. BibliographyBengel, Johann Albrecht. And he is still the same gracious Lord; no miserable sinner need despair; let him look unto Jesus and be saved. His example is clear enough on its own, except that a well-known Messianic prophecy speaks of Israel's God as her Bridegroom (Isaiah 62:5). But what has this to do with the question about fasting? Martin G. Collins Much discussion took place all over the country in connection with it. It would be ill-timed, inappropriate, and incongruous. & Bava Bathra, fol. Just at that time a paralytic was brought to Jesus: unable to gain access by the door, because of the multitude, his friends carried him up to the top of the house, and let him down through the roof into the room where Jesus was. Zeller would have us believe (Apostelgesch. Jesus came to fulfil the Law & the Prophets, not do away with it (Matthew 5:17)2. See Luke 5:39 with its adjacent verses in bold below. The Vision (12/20/12): A Look Back on 2012 at CRBC, Evangelism Series (Part Six): Personal Work.

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