I can't imagine not taking Kanna if I find her in the first 3 packs. If not, I just take whatever the game gives me at the end. I can understand most blue heroes not being S or A tier but whats the rationale behind not putting Kanna there? I personally like the idea of having a 2 strong and 1 weaker hero on the flop and another 3rd strong one on the turn. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I play blue in about 50% of my drafts but I agree that blue is weaker overall, I just like the color personally. Coming from arena in hearthstone where drafting the right mana curve is vital for your deck I'm a bit confused about the importance of mana curve in artifact. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I like that. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Item deck is 95% of the time 9 cards, the only time I went 11 was because I had way too many good item cards (something like 3 stonehall cloaks, 2 blink daggers, hourglass...it was nuts) and I had the gold generation in my deck to support the extra item cards. Why so? Card count is literally always 40. That doesn't mean you should ignore mana curve. I sometimes go over 40 cards if I use a hero with useless signature cards such as Keefe. Even in a slow format, two mana cards are one of the most important and most utilized spots on the mana curve. Mana curve is less important here than literally every card game out there. (FWIW I'm 65%+ winrate, Draft rank 41, not that skill rating really means anything). I looked at valves decks that are under the featured, and I get the general curves of those decks (whatever the win streak mode is for the pre-constructed decks), and the general idea of each colors purpose. First 3 packs always take the best cards, ignore heroes that arent B tier or higher (drawtwo.gg tier list). I play draft. I'd also say its important to learn the key cards of every color. I have found a lot of my 5 win drafts recently are duo colors. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. should i limit myself to the 40 main deck 9 equipment during draft? If they cost 4+ mana they will often be cast on curve, while cheap removal spells tend to be cast off-curve. How important is the mana curve in Artifact and how does it work in terms of deckbuilding after the draft? In Artifact, you have heroes and creep spawn, who are out there no matter what you do, so they can at least slow down the advance of your enemy even if you don't have a lot of cards to play early game. The expected mana spent for this deck over turns 1-5 is 15.53. Removal spells are a little trickier. For mono/duo/tri, pretty much none of your decks will ever be mono in draft. The main issue with not playing on curve in HS is that you are fucked unless you can take back the board later on with AOE spells. I try to keep a balance between creatures/spells/improvements , but sometimes you just have to deal with what you draft. It's just that the punishment you take from not curving out isn't as much as in other games. I mean you should be mana concious as always; but remember curve starts at 3 so 8 is now effectively where 6 was in any other game. If I don't get one, usually it's at the last 3 picks of the pack where I may consider taking a less strong hero if it fits with what I have (color wise) and it's enough of an improvement from the base heroes. i play a ton of draft and always feel like most of the cards that I end up drafting tend to shift my curve towards 4 drops. If I build a Constructed control deck, I'm certainly putting my counterspells on my mana curve since I am planning to … Your “mana curve,” or simply “curve,” is a depiction of your cards spread out in piles based on their CMC. Like Annihilatiom for blue, Disciple/slay/no accident for black, so on amd so fourth. any help/tips is appreciated. Then sometimes i splurge and add that in case i dont have other ways to get rid of improvements. 9 items yeah. There's a very conspicuous loss of consistency with tri; I find that oftentimes because I get a card that belongs to the solo color, I feel forced to play it in the wrong lane. The usual ratio for cards is 8 of each hero's color in my lineup. Example: You're running 2G/2B/1U. Been saving up event tickets and practicing before i start spending them. Also, make sure you have the right heroes on your drop, end phase 1, and end phase 2 to match your mana costs. Because your board isn't empty even if you don't play cards. As for items, I usually keep that at 9, didn't experiment with that too much tbh. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. 3x Traveler's Cloak, ~3x Short Sword, ~3 drafted items. Learning to count gold matters too. 85% of Draft … Tri is probably the most common if you simply take the best cards but imo, it is worth slightly weakening your card quality for a duo. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Maybe I draft a control deck, and my early removal spells are actually on the top part of my curve. What is the ideal mana curve and card count for a draft deck? Hero drafting priority for me has slightly changed. Question. You always give up one lane, by having the 3rd hero on the turn you can make sure ur 3rd strong hero isnt getting stuck in the lost lane. Thats what adds to the complexity of this game. Ran 40 cards even with 2x Keefe. This would be the best mana curve for a blazingly fast Limited format. Mana Curve in draft mode? Say their turn shoppimg phase you saw them spend 7 gold, did they get 1 card or 2? Next two packs play into the colors where you're strongest. 2 cards means it wasn't a blink dagger, 1 is likely. Imo its more about creep count not being low rather than a good curve in draft mode. I suppose if you really have too many good cards and too many useless hero cards you can go more but in all my drafts I've never run into that problem. You typically always want something playable in hand, but you don't want your hand to be underwhelming later on. Limited (40-card decks) The optimal curve for a turn-5 format: 0 One-Drops 8 Two-Drops 7 Three-Drops 4 Four-Drops 2 Five-Drops 19 Land. Adjust from there (no leather armor). (i guess constructed too , but i dont play that) Question. Cookies help us deliver our Services. They're all there to help me get to my long-game threats. Also, how do you all make the decision for heroes when drafting, like when to pass up a hero or when to go mono/duo/tri for a draft deck?

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