After a little while, there should be a steady beam of blueish-green and a strange noise. Interestingly, a CPU Master Hand will attack players even if he isn't Player 3. Since he takes no knockback at all, he cannot be KO'd except in Stamina Mode. Wham Bam Rock and Master Hand share a move where they point their index finger at the player like a gun; however, Wham Bam Rock proceeds to make rocks fall, while Master Hand shoots out bullets. The Super Scope will now have infinite ammo. This glitch requires two players in Melee mode. From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia, If a player is in the middle of their jump, they will be meteor smashed, therefore the ram attack cannot KO a grounded player unless the player is at a very high percentage. Player 3 will not be able to freely move about, but they will be able to use their moves. This can be exploited by repeatedly pausing the instant the Hands strike. The player must make sure the "Controller Rumble" feature is turned on before playing the match. The balls should reflect off of both shines, creating a stream of glowing balls flying back and forth. Master Hand makes a large sweep across the stage. The two Master Hands can move only if one of them is a CPU, as a human player can only control Master Hand if he/she is Player 3. Again, Zelda can be selected without any problems. The player should make sure there is one entry and only one in the namebox. 10% (one set) 6% (three sets). However, despite these advantages, Master Hand is considered worse than every regular character in the game. If the victim utilizes DI, they will be sent sideways with decent horizontal knockback. After being KO'd, the game won't freeze, as Stamina Mode doesn't have a results screen. Another technique involves one player. One requires only one controller; the other requires two. As typical of bosses, all of Master Hand's moves have both extremely long startup lag and ending lag, and he is unable to block or dodge opponents' attacks, allowing a skilled opponent to easily dodge all of Master Hand's telegraphed attacks, while using Master Hand's unavoidably large vulnerable periods to inflict damage, including slow high-damage attacks that would almost never successfully connect in a usual match. In earlier versions of the game, the player should view the Daisy trophy from the back and look under her hair so the camera clips through it, where an eye can be seen. Can't load. ", except if he is defeated before another character on a battle with three or four combatants. 7-34%, Master Hand hovers over the target, then quickly punches down. When viewing detailed information of Master Hand on the, This glitch is the only way to normally see Master Hand's, If the game freezes while using this glitch, save data (and the console) should not be affected at all but players may need to hit Reset on the console. The game still might freeze if the stage is picked by P3, however. Also, if three or four players are chosen as Master Hand on a battle, the game often freezes, with Master Hand's laugh being heard at first. If performed correctly, then it will continue as above. Depending on the direction pressed with Z, Master Hand will throw the opponent differently. The game will freeze on occasion. Similarly, on Princess Peach's Castle, Master Hand will spawn inside the castle. If Mr. Game & Watch catches three PK flash moves (by using Oil Panic) and attacks, if he moves he will be sent flying through the screen causing an instant KO. Released shortly after the Master Hand glitch was discovered, he was placed in his own tier below all other characters, in a "Gengar" tier. Occasionally freezes in the middle of the event for no real reason, especially on All-Star Matches. Player 3 must select "New Name Entry" selection in the nickname menu in the character selection screen, while Player 1 selects "Back" button. If a character touches the concentrated turnips, they will receive massive damage in seconds. Master Hand pause exploit There is a bug while fighting Master Hand and/or Crazy Hand that facilitates facing these bosses; when they attack the player and then they pause the match, both Hands' animation attack will continue but the player will not take any damage. Yoshi and Kirby will need to be picked then go to any stage. In any stage players choose, Player 3 will be Master Hand. Although he is original to the Super Smash Bros. series, some of Master Hand's attacks are very similar to those of Wham Bam Rock in Kirby Super Star (Kirby's Fun Pak in the PAL regions).Wham Bam Rock attacks using its hand, which is made of rocks. Then, once there is a mass of turnips in the blue beam, disrupt either Fox or Falco's shine. His targeting system therefore becomes flawed, e.g. As Master Hand cannot receive knockback, being giant, tiny or metal won't affect him at all, other than size/physique changes. However the match will end before he makes it all the way off the stage, as the announcer will shout "GAME! The opponent should now be frozen in place. Now press the A and B buttons at the same time, and the player will come to the name selection. Any options that would affect knockback, such as handicap and damage ratio, will not affect Master Hand at all. 34%, Master Hand flies off the top of the screen, then appears in the background. Using the laser move will permanently shoot lasers out of Master Hand's fingers. The Master Hand glitch is not mentioned in most tournament rulesets. The player can only get around by doing moves. Players have to complete 100-Man Melee, which is when the player defeats one hundred foes that are in rather different modes. All max combos go to Mario. After selecting the stage, the player will be playing as Master Hand. 24%, Master Hand flies up, then slams down while spinning in a drill-like fashion. Also, it will always behave the same way even if the CPU Level is changed, as Master Hand only has one AI code. Under this interpretation, Master Ha… A video of a player using the one controller method. He attempts to slam into a target, then flies back onto the stage from the top of the screen. 13% crush, then 18-20% afterwards. 9% each. The player must have a controller in slot 3, or Master Hand cannot be controlled. Both controllers must then hit A at the same time, as to select their option, and the stage select screen will appear (there is very little leeway between selection, less than a second). The player must earn a KO score in a timed match, or knock out all the opponent's lives if in a stock match. Also, it's not possible to have only Master Hand CPUs on a battle, as the player cannot execute the glitch with CPU ports. Master Hand can still lose on a Coin or Bonus match by having another player get more Smash Coins (or a higher score at Bonus matches).

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