buy this. Get moving without the crash or jitters. Best matcha I've ever had. Best tasting green tea and pacts a good punch to keep me energized throughout the day! Otherwise, a positive clarity and interest in what the day might hold. Can’t go without! I got this first as a free sample at a yoga event for healthcare workers. After trying the samples and then reading the reviews I realized I HAD to order more. 95 ($8.54/Ounce) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon . Try these tasty matcha recipes from “The Matcha Cookbook” that use the superfood. Free Shipping With Orders of $70 or More! I’ve been drinking it every morning to start off my day and I’ve felt the difference. Hone is honestly life changing. Glad I found this stuff! Thank you Hone! This is my favorite morning pick me up. I'm hooked. HONEst appraisal Get it Tomorrow, Nov 18. Price After reading about the benefits of cordyceps and looking for an alternative caffeine source, I decided to try out HONE. You can find matcha in tea shops or at Asian supermarket such as T&T. Blocks light. Will keep ordering to have it always in the pantry for sure. While I love a good Matcha Latte, there are all sorts of ways you can use matcha green tea in your kitchen besides drinking it. I try and stay away from coffee when I can and this is a great alternative. While I love a good Matcha Latte, there are all sorts of ways you can use matcha green tea in your kitchen besides drinking it. HONE is the best supplement to an active day! I'm a believer for life... Amazing Product!!! Whisking matcha helps the powder suspend in water. I'm always hesitant with powder drinks but this has been one of my favorites. I used to drink coffee at least twice a day because my energy would tank in the afternoon, but I’ve started to replace coffee with hone & find that my energy feels way more sustained throughout the day, Noticed greater cardio endurance The price for matcha and its flavour (or intensity) varies depending on grade. I’m blown away by this product. Hone is by far the best matcha I have had the pleasure of enjoying on a daily. Mornings at work with a cup of Hone gets me dialed in for hours. Love the product! Perfect FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. I find myself very calm with full energy all day long. ...OMG! Recently I discovered another way to use matcha powder – stir it into your overnight oats. 4.6 out of 5 stars 5,484. I track my sleep and find this carries over to positive deep and rem sleep. I am ordering more! I highly recommend it!!! I'm hooked! Those looking to cook with matcha, or use a cheaper powder for lattes and smoothies, should check out Jade Leaf’s Culinary Matcha —one of … Great pick-me-up in the morning and it’s so easy to prepare. It is recommended to use the hair mask around 2 to 3 times a week for hair growth and healthy hair. Making Matcha Latte with Mason Jar. I’m not a big coffee guy but once my friend introduced me into this I got hooked! Hemp milk is also a fun addition for extra creaminess! Highly recommend. 1. Get it Tomorrow, Nov 26. Thank You Magical, Delicious Matcha £9.95 £ 9. / per. And the best part is that I only need 1 cup and it will last me through the entire day, but sometimes I treat myself to a second because it's so damn tasty. 95 (£199.00/kg) £11.95 £11.95. I used to drink multiple cups of coffee in the morning to wake up, but one cup of this matcha does the trick. That perfect clean green energy I never get those negative side effects with Hone. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. My favorite green tea! Save more with Subscribe & Save. I love it more than coffee now. Read on for instructions to make matcha pancakes and more. Matcha Green Tea Powder (Super Tea) 50g by PureChimp | Ceremonial Grade from Japan | Pesticide-Free | Recyclable Glass Jar & Aluminium Lid. I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed anything but here I am. I'm so grateful I discovered this fantastic blend. I am absolutely HOOKED. You did it, HONE. The beautiful and reusable milk white glass jar has an eco-friendly bamboo lid and is packed with 30 grams of ceremonial Encha organic matcha powder. 10/10 recommend. The energy lasts without me feeling jittery, but instead re-energized and sharp! Best matcha blend IMO! But I look forward to my post lunch HONE every day! It provides a boost of energy unparalleled to other products I've tried. Cant wait to try more recipes to use my Hone Matcha. Personally, I have been adding this to my protein shakes and love the result (vanilla whey compliments the matcha perfectly).

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