Mini Leaf & Pumpkin Mold Tutorial, part 2, Mini Leaf & Pumpkin Mold Tutorial, part 1. I’ve got this tutorial. Stir slowly until fully incorporated. But the vast majority of glitter is punched plastic.). If you’re mixing the sparkly powder into polymer clay, pay attention to which you’re using. Mica minerals come in a variety of naturally occurring colors. Lip safe Micas in Russet, Passion Orange and Bordeaux. When mica is ground into a powder, you get mica powder. No fluff. All rights reserved. But they DO behave differently. I chose to use 3% in this tutorial. Pour some of the decoupage glue into a plastic cup of bowl and stir in mica powder in increments of ¼ of a teaspoon amounts and stir to combine until the desired color is achieved. Button Make and Take Class at A Twist of Yarn, Mixing Up Mica Powder Colors -- Zircon Teal Blue. Mica flakes will be irregular and will feel powdery on your fingers. Avocado & Jojoba Lip Balm Base For 1 oz of balm: Learn how your comment data is processed. Mixing resin with mica powders and acrylic paint adds a lot of shimmer and sparkle to any jewelry project. Mica is a natural mineral, found naturally in sheet form, that’s mined from the ground. Does all this talk of powders get your curiosity going? There’s often mislabeling and misunderstanding about these ubiquitous crafting materials. (This is approximately 2 Tablespoons of base). Oxides and ultramarines can be mixed with oils or like I do and mix them with white mica powder. It is a mined mineral from the earth that comes in different colors. They come in many colors. Mixing mediums are mediums added to pigment powder to create a thick paste you can use for... 2. Years ago, glitter was made from glass. Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg will be teaching in Mount Vernon. If you want a piece of jewelry that has a metallic facade, mica powder is the way to go. Lip Balm Tubes Step 4: Using the same process as in Step 3, add the sweetener. Plus, it’s free. Stay tuned for a tutorial showing you how to formulate a simple lip balm recipe in which you can use even more beautiful mica colorants! And that is blurring the lines between these two products. Step 7: Taking a clean disposable pipette, slowly fill each lip balm tube to the top. Learn to use your craft materials to their full potential! You can see all the colors of Pearl Ex and download a poster of them here. Glitter is best applied after baking by using some sort of binder, such as mixing the glitter with glue, varnish, or liquid clay. Supplies and Equipment Needed They’re used to give a metallic or shimmery pearl-like effect. An easy way to add a shimmer of color to your lip balms using lip safe micas! TIP: How to test if your lip balm is flavored or sweet enough: Take a clean pipette and drop one or two drops onto your palm and let it cool & set (within seconds). But if you’ll be slicing the resulting raw clay as for making canes or mokume gane, then you’ll want to stick with mica powder. Step 2: Slowly melt the base in a microwave for 30 seconds at a time until fully melted. In addition to soap and cosmetics, mica minerals are used in a wide variety of applications including electronic equipment. The mica powder will add a lot of extra sparkle to the decoupage project even if you are using a pure or clear natural mica powder that has not had any color pigment added. Spoons or butter knives That doesn’t change the fact they are different things. Natural Mica Powder is the perfect subtle finishing detail that matches well with any project. And a word about environmental concerns. see all the colors of Pearl Ex and download a poster of them here. Digital Scale Pour the mica powder and pigments into a mixing bowl. Learn to use mica powders, pigments, metal powders, and dye powders with your polymer clay in this 90 page comprehensive eBook! Measure out 1 ounce of the Avocado & Jojoba Lip Balm Base. The larger flake size of glitter will get caught on the blade and cause draglines. They’re both sparkly little flakes that make your project have a special magic. Glitter is nearly always made from tiny pieces of plastic. Mica powder can be made from large flakes (which very much resemble glitter) or from a very fine powder that gives a pearlescent sheen. Mica powders will stick to raw clay without using any sort of glue. Step 8: Allow to completely cool and set before capping. This is for search purposes so they can sell more. For more information, go to the Customer Service page. Sometimes mica powder can be very coarsely ground, and it will look a lot like glitter. 18 drops = 3%. When used in clear soap bases they have a pearlescent look and sheen to them. You can use them both with papercrafts and with polymer clay, but you’ll use them in different ways. Then you will LOVE the 90 page Guide to Using Powders with Polymer Clay. Slowly stir between each 30 seconds. Get extra tutorials and tips that aren’t on the website. Disposable pipettes It’s free! Do not exceed recommended dosage. Microwave (if no melting pot) You can then use this mixture to paint directly onto the glass surface. The end of the metal skewer works really well for mixing up the powders without spilling and making a mess. Because plastic glitter has obvious drawbacks (it never disappears), there’s a growing movement to use mica powder as a natural substitute for glitter. Do not overheat! For some reason the mica stops clumping and makes it so the mix can be added dry to the soap base. copyright 2011-2018 Rustic Escentuals. You do have to mix the mica and the oxides/ultramarines together very well, using the back of a spoon to 'smoosh' the mix together. 0.15cc scoops We are thrilled to announce that Shades of Clay is now carrying ArtResin. 12 drops = 2% Optional: if you have Mini Melting Pot, add the measured lip balm base to this pot instead of the microwave. (I say nearly because glass glitter is still being made and sold, and there is also metal glitter you’ll find every once in a while. Mixing micas into your Melt and Pour soap base can be tricky. While these colors are awesome in soaps, they can sometimes clump a little when mixing. Step 1: Place your glass container on the digital scale and tare out the container (zero out the scale). You can mix 2 parts of mica powder with 1 part of Glastac, and then 1 part of rubbing alcohol. I chose to add 2%, however, you can add up to 3% in your lip balm. You can still purchase glass glitter, of course, but nowadays, most glitter is made differently. Carolyn Good - 2GoodClaymates Artist in Polymer Clay on Facebook, Free Crochet Pattern – Crochet Pocket Shawl, Polymer Clay Tutor Bead and Jewelry Making Tutorials, Polymer Clay Tutor Weekly Q&A Replay Videos, Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Bundles are back in stock, Karo La…where the crystals come from wherever you want them to, All Things Thrifty Home Accessories and Decor. Use … All tutorial purchases come with full customer support by email. You can use up to 1/4 tsp to one ounce of lip balm. Step 4: Using the same process as in Step 3, add the sweetener. And while we’re at it, mica powder and pigments are not the same things either. You can read more about that in my article here and see photos that show the difference.

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