Then in like 2 weeks the meta changes and your mighty noob hammer of justice is out of date? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. That still seems crazy to me. No seriously, it will mess you up. Are common and uncommon playsets worth the money? Unlike Might of Old Krosa, this one doesn’t have the potential to slot into something more obscure like a Zoo deck or a R/G Aggro deck (you know, because Cursecatcher is blue, but you get the point). While Might of Old Krosa is in fewer decks (one), it is a 4-of in that deck, and that deck is pretty good. Following are two lists: valuable commons and uncommons. $30 is not a lot of money, really it isn't. Cards like Blood Moon and Engineered Explosives have risen exponentially in just this past year even, and I recently had to pick up my last 2 Cavern of Souls at about $50 each. Look at the top card of a deck? Aether Vial is huge and has a solidified position in both Modern and Legacy, in multiple archetypes. Try to say that title five times fast. As far as $20 uncommons go, as far as $20 cards in general go, this one if fairly underwhelming, but you can thank the popularity of the Modern format and the rarity of cards from Coldsnap for that one I suppose. Press J to jump to the feed. Knowing that you have a playset of every common and uncommon from a particular expansion is a wonderful thing. Yes, some commons and uncommons become hard as hell to find after rotation becuse no one considers them worth keeping. Yet here we are, with Cursecatcher, that fits into exactly 1 archetype, hitting the $11 mark! Look at Inquistion of Kozolik. Powered by. The hard part is getting all the rares, but you never want to end up in that awkward situation where you buy a dollar worth of farseeks, pay 2 bucks in shipping, then wait 2 weeks for your crappy commons to get to you. The first is Aether Vial. Archived. And while Horizon Canopy is a great card and a staple in numerous G/W decks (often as a 1- or 2-of, however), today I’m going to take a look at some uncommon cards that are more obscure. For Mishra’s Bauble, that archetype is Death’s Shadow Aggro in Modern (with some appearances in Abzan alongside Grim Flayer). Draw a card during the next upkeep like you do if you’re a weird Ice Age card? That’s it, on the surface. But seriously, 0 mana? Now the question you are really asking: would you actually get $30 bucks of use out of it? It’s good in Death and Taxes, it’s good in Merfolk, it’s good at looping Cryptic Commands and Eternal Witnesses, and making your opponent question their life choices. I found several RtR ones on ebay being sold for around $30 and you get 4 of all common and uncommon cards. He has created popular columns such as The Leporatory, The Lepore Report, and Modern Monday. Privacy: Well 4x Selesnya Charm and 4x Rakdos Cackler makes it worth $8-$10 already, so if you think another 716 cards are worth $20 - than the answer is yes. Done using boros charms and skull crack because esper control becomes super strong? Sacrifice a creature.” Multiply that number by 0.001. Those are all valuable. It’s addicting. I’m sorry Conflagrate, you knew what this was. Infect in Modern seems solely responsible for causing a playset of Might of Old Krosa to cost around $44. Modern has been a driving force behind the price of cards in recent Magic history, especially cards that see little-to-no play in other formats. Google's use of the DoubleClick cookie enables it and its partners to serve ads based on your visit to this site and/or other sites on the Internet. I mean, you have to remember that this is the same price as Eternal Witness, and while Eternal Witness has been printed about 5 separate times, it’s still a much more versatile and heavily-played card. Well that's ok, you can store those babies for when they make a come back. Mishra’s Bauble.

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