So, advertising can be said as an art. Such advertising has a social purpose, it is also known as social advertising. If a product is not advertised continuously, the competitors may snatch its market through increased advertisements. resort to this type of advertising. Paid communication – Businesses select, assign and pay advertisers for preparing advertisements that include the size, slogan, etc. Message creation and presentation require a good deal of knowledge, creativity, skills, and experience. National and international marketing is the result of advertising. It is non-personal mass communication which has become a potent means of education and mass selling. 1. Modern market is more dynamic, competitive, and consumer-oriented. It eases the task of sellers. The adviser must pay money for advertising activities. Company has to prepare its advertising budget to appropriate advertising costs. For example, a drink may be advertised during summer as a product necessary to fight tiredness caused by heat and during winter as essential things to resist cold. Elementary Marketing. Even, non-users can be converted into users and usage rate can be increased. They are as follows: Advertising has become indispensable for the manufacturers because of the following advantages: Advertising helps in introducing new products. Press Advertising: Newspapers have a general and wide appeal. It helps to create a non-personal link between the advertiser and the receiver of the message. Advertising helps to increase the morale of the employees of the firm. Prohibited Content 3. These are often expensive. The sixth ‘M’ stands for Measurement – Measuring and Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness (MEAE). However, most of experts agree that advertising consists of mainly eight decisions as shown in figure 1. It is not delivered in person and is … Due to huge information bombarded by a number of companies, customers are more likely to forget name of company and/or products and services it offers. Customers often purchase durable products once in a lifetime. TV sets, refrigerators, air- conditioners and washing machines. Advertising involves the one-way communication. Distribution costs are also lowered when the manufacturer sells the product directly to the customers. Advertising helps to create the steady demand for the products. Based on features, qualities or specifications described through advertising… These advertisers are asked to prepare a design or format of the advertisement as per the products and requirements of the businesse… Mass media are used intensively to advertise various products. It is a paid publicity sponsored by the advertiser. Besides, it also includes informing them about changes made in the existing product and introduction of new products. The first ‘M’ stands for Mission – Advertising Objectives. Here, the purpose is to inform that the company is still in existence and serving customers in a better way. 1. To teach consumers how to use the product. However, we will consider following objectives: This objective includes informing customers regarding product’s availability, price, features, qualities, services, and performance. Thus, advertising also helps in educating people and spreading awareness. It is the costliest option of market promotion. It involves a several decisions. Advertising educates the people about new products and its uses. Message from consumers to marketer is not possible. 4. Advertising message can be expressed in written, oral, audible, or visual forms. Advertising is an aid to middlemen and salesmen. Marketing Environment: Meaning, Features Types and Importance! Advertising helps in providing various information about the advertising firm, its products, qualities and place of availability of its products and so on. Definition of Advertising 2. 8. Advertising leads to increase the sale of existing products by entering into new markets and attracting new customers. The message, called an advertisement, is disseminated through one or more media and is paid for by the identified sponsor”-William Stanton. situations vacant for sale and matrimonial. Promotion is a form of communication with an additional element of persuasion to accept ideas, products, services and hence persuasive communication becomes the heart of promotion, the third element of marketing-mix. The increase in the selling activities helps in increment of sales in the market. Basic Features of Advertising 3. Advertising helps to sustain the press and other media by providing an important source of income to the press, radio and television network. Thapa, Gopal, Dipendra K. Neupane and Dilli Raj Mishra. Advertising helps in disseminating information about the advertising firm, its products, qualities and place of availability of its products and so on. Advertising is a dominant element of market promotion. New advertising objectives may emerge as per change in situations. It helps in creating and maintaining regular demand in the market. Thus, it guides customers to choose the most appropriate product. Element of Marketing Mix. Consumer satisfaction can be achieved by receiving information from market and sending information to the market. Advertising: Nature, Scope & Types 1.

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