Buttery— Loves buttering his teachers or boss. Vegasian— For the one who loves partying at the nights! Wormy – For a guy who knows how to wriggle out of situations. Loose pants— The one who never wears pants of his size. Yes Boss— The one who never says “No” to his boss. Barbarian – A mean name for an uncultured male friend. Artificial— The guy who talks like being artificial. Pick it! Wikileaks— The one who just can’t keep a secret of anybody. He won’t know if you mean babe, bum, boy from down the street, etc. Tally marks— My favorite one for the tall and skinny guys. Absent— The one who never mentally present at the place. Churro quemado— A toasted snack you hate! Shy guy— Not too confident to face the opposite gender. Bitter melon— The short-tempered and arrogant guy. So, hurry up and get a one! Ladies detector— the one who has the “Seventh” sense to search for beautiful ladies. Sleepy Eyes— For a friend who always looks sleepy. Similarly, nicknames can be used as a negative tool. Emotional Actor— A pure dramatic character! Bamboo— Have you ever seen bamboos? Dad’s mistake— Isn’t it too mean? Barbarian—Uncultured guy, but still your friend! Pizza Face – A mean name for a guy whose face is covered in spots. Snorkel— The long stairs mostly with the fire brigades. That is not true. Snitch – For a guy who will turn you in to save himself. Cheapster— The one who always wants to buy the cheapest things. Yawner— Wants to take a nap all the time. Technophobe— The guy who is not at all interested in the technology. Bella05 on May 12, 2018: Yellow— The one with yellow teeth or nails. Stewie – For a mischievous dude like Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. Kevin— Do you remember the Home Alone guy? The best choice for a tall guy! Fish stick— The one who is tall but mysterious. Bathroom Singer— Sings badly while taking bath. Mogambo— A funny one who believes to look like a gangster! Cereal Killer— The fat guy who eats all the cereal at one time. Hawkeye – A guy that has a knack for discovering things you don’t want him to know. Mufasa – A great nickname for a guy with leadership qualities. Homer – A funny nickname for a simpleton like Homer Simpson.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'findnicknames_com-leader-3','ezslot_24',131,'0','0'])); Homie – The coolest ghetto nickname for a guy that has your back in all situations. Munchkin – An appropriate nickname for a sweet short guy. Lady Bug? Adopted Bro – A cute name to call a friend that has become a brother. Egghead – A mean nickname for a smart friend. Crime partner— The one best friend who never leaves you alone in the adventures! Glutton Belly— The one with a large belly! Pet— A truly funny and mean nickname to tease a guy. Einstein – A great pet name for a clever guy. Check out the following articles for more nicknames you can call your friend: Now, it’s time to contribute your own quota to this list of pet names for male friends. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'findnicknames_com-box-4','ezslot_5',143,'0','0'])); I call one of my guy best friends Kitten and some times Kitty sense he likes to cuddle and sleep. Beloved – the boyfriend is the only man in your life. Adopted Bro – A great name to call a guy that has been a good bro. Pothole— If you feel depression in his presence, then it is the best one. Johny Bravo— The one who has no other goal than impressing girls. Half-pint – For the short guys out there. Yes Yes! XL— Extra large! Apple cheeks— A fat guy with heavy red cheeks. Dickweed—The one who gets mad when smokes pot. Laddie – A fun name for a Scottish/Irish nickname. Endless laugh— Laughs even in the serious moments. Half man— A funniest and meanest nickname to tease a guy. It does fit. This friend will usually have caring, generous and kind characteristics. Dalmata— The one who changes his tones while speaking. Small Fries – A funny pet name for a short friend. Spoon— A South Asian slang for the Yes Boss Guys. So if you’re lucky enough to have a good friend and you even regard this person as your best friend, surely, you will need a nickname for him. Turtle – A great name to call a male friend that does things slowly. So, what fun names do you call your male best friend? Mona Cara Roja— It means Japanese Monkey. Humpty Dumpty— A common and funny nickname for the fat guy. K2— Do you know K2 is one the highest mountains in the world? Natural Error— Has physical or mental errors by birth! What about a nickname for your mysterious friend?? Crutchhhh!— The one who makes annoying noises while eating (But he looks cute) Bart – A funny nickname for your troublemaker friend. Alarm clock— The one who is the first at submitting the paper. Baked bun— The one who increases the size each day! Cyclops – A great name for a friend that uses glasses. Robot— The expressionless guy! Black pepper— The guy who is looks tasty but he is black. Stalin – For a friend who always wants to have his way. Low signals— Never understand the deep jokes! Yummy – A cute nickname for a really good friend. There’s no name for an extremely white friend. Buster – A funny name for a troublesome male friend. Stairs— Stairs resembles the guys, isn’t? There are several benefits of having a friend so awesome that you can call him your best friend. Am I the only one who calls my friends Chief? Copy paste— The one who shares the ideas of others as his own. Zippy – A great name to call a really energetic friend. Numbnuts— The one who never thinks before speaking! The third wheeler— Have no partner and come in between the couples! i call mine sunshine bc hes always so happy and joking around or lightly bc he always “shines light on me” in my darkest places and lightens me up and makes me happy. Romeo – your boyfriend has captured your heart. I love nicknames that are given to people because of something good they did to help or protect someone or something. Roadkill— The one who looks like the hit on the road. Savage – A friend with little regards for other people’s feelings. Big Bear – A cool nickname for a huge male friend. Saturday night— The one who is most lovable as the weekend night is! Big head— The one with a large head and small body. yea i have a group with all boys and I call him my skittles but in my head I would call him sexy, I call my boy bestie m&m which he hates but he knows I don’t care. Monday Morning— You hates him like you do to Monday. Doofus – A funny pet name for a real goof. Google’s teacher— The one who knows more than Google. Ginger friend— A funny one for a redheaded! Spy star— the one who talks about others on their back.

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