1/4 pecans is 6 points. I left out the nuts and used about half the honey(because I ran out). Do not waste your time money or effort. I made this today and it's so great! Yum! This binds pretty well. This reduces the points on purple to just the walnuts. Made it last night and reheated it this morning.. WOW! I used blueberries & apples (not a banana fan), subbed pure maple syrup because I didn't have honey. I doubled the recipe and divided it up into silicon muffin tins, then put the tins in the freezer and popped them out into a Ziploc bag when frozen. Thanks! and i had ot make it with some frozen fruit mix that i had cuz my bananas werent ripe enough. Are any of them maybe a misprint? – Napa Healthy Bodies Coalition. I really didn’t measure the fruit, cinnamon, & walnuts either…very easy & adapable? Over the past 5 yrs I’ve tried many different fruit variations, but the original is my favorite. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, that is why. I now have your 3 bean chili in my crockpot for tonight's dinner. I also had to leave out the nuts because I didn't have any. 5 points. The best part was after my son finished he said, “I’d eat this again!” Coming from him who is just not a breakfast fan, it’s a big win. I made it for dinner (as breakfast in our home is usually super simple and quick, like yogurt or toast) and when my husband came home from work he thought I had made a blueberry crisp for dessert–and I said, "No, this is actually a healthy dinner". Can I use a metal pan instead of ceramic? would it work if i use cooked couscous instead of oatmeal? Bake until set, 25-30 minutes. we just had our second child and after spending 53 days in the NICU (she was 11 weeks early.) My three year old asked me for oatmeal ‘cake’ yesterday, so we are trying this version this morning. Would love to know if anyone has had success w/ this or something similar, assembling ahead and then cooking in the morning. I could see this being a great go-to item for breakfast on the run. I used half steel cut oats and half old fashioned oats (not quick cooking) and followed the recipe exactly. I wanted to make some hearty for a Saturday morning breakfast, and knew I had all the ingredients on hand already (which was a surprise). So it is at least 45 min to bake. By the way, I'm a new reader and totally love your blog (though I'm vegetarian, but thankfully you have lots of veggie friendly recipes too!). Pingback: Be good to your Heart this February! and did you bake it for the same time ? Wow, is it ever GOOD! I’m a banana lover, so that will be a constant! Will it make a difference, if so how? but this was awesome and decent portion. Trying to stay away from the grocery store! I baked it for 30 minutes and then another 10 minutes and it still did not set. Yes, curious about points on purple plan? Made this for brunch today, my sister gobbled it up despite being full, I had to battle myself fiercely to not eat more than one serving and my housemate, who is sick with the flu and refused everything I had offered up to that point took one look and said "yeah, I want some, looks good". So so good! Thanks for another keeper, Gina!!! Kristen answered your question, reheats well! I love it! I am going to try again cuz it really does look delish. I used Quaker old fashioned oats (which are 5 mins vs quick oats which take 1). Any ideas or should I just experiment? Not sure if this freezes and reheats ok, if anyone tries it, let me know! I would not recommend steel cut… Would not cook to a chewable texture. This will be added to my breakfast rotation. I loved it and my husband did as well. Stir in the dry ingredients. ? Today I used my last 2 eggs for breakfast so I subbed 3 tablespoons of unsweetened applesauce and I used 1/3 cup of Splenda Brown Sugar Blend instead of the honey/agave. I can’t wait to eat these for breakfast all week. Hi Gina- how would using strawberries or raspberries instead of the bananas affect the baking time? it is AWESOME !!! I might experiment with freezing portions, too.

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