The Cloudbot also comes with several Chat Mini-games such as !Heist as well as fun commands like !8ball  to answer all of your viewer’s questions. The most common and widely-used broadcast software are Streamlabs OBS and OBS. Streamlabs OBS also offers a Themes Tab, allowing you to install and customize complete theme packages, as well as Widget Themes for those who use Streamlabs for their personal stream alerts. Me I like a challenge trying figuring things out in OBS Studio if it doesn’t work the first time. 1. That’s it, click ‘Go Live’ in the bottom right-hand corner and you’re streaming! All that’s left is to link your streaming account, run the auto optimizer, add your stream key, and your set to stream! OBS does provide a few free overlays and others at additional costs, but with resources like Visuals By Impulse, it’s never a hassle to find free overlays for your stream. Streamlabs OBS vs OBS Studio Whether you’re a newer streamer, or someone who has been grinding it out for a while, you have definitely thought about which streaming program to use . The most common and widely-used broadcast software are Streamlabs OBS and OBS. Streamlabs OBS, otherwise referred to as SLOBS, took the streaming program market by storm. OBS Studio really covers pretty much everything you such as Twitch, YouTube/YouTube Gaming, Facebook Live and about 30 other platforms. Whether you’ve seen them from Streamlabel’s Redemptions, to just simple use commands, the integrated chat lacks sound commands for your chat. If this gets into the wrong hands you could lose your account by getting a permanent ban. Live streaming is no longer complicated nor costly. Although both apps share many similarities, they also have different pros and cons. As for performance, we have only had positive experiences with it. Want to start streaming and I have no idea which one to go for. Video management tool designed government, agencies, corporates, universities, and more that helps with multi-destination streaming, audio sourcing, graphics previewing, source switching, and more. Streamlabs OBS is ultimately an advancement of OBS with increased functionality. OBS Studio has been the king of streaming programs with its easy-to-use interface and open-sourced plugin integration. Streamlabs OBS went ahead and took their code, improved it, made it more user-friendly with more features and then released it. Go to Settings > General > Run Auto Optimizer. On top of this software being free, it is also open source, so the code is open to the public. This will ensure everything is configured correctly for your setup. On the other hand, we have practically the same broadcasting software adapted specifically for gaming. Once you apply the settings all you need to do is click ‘Start Streaming’ in the bottom right hand corner of the window and you’ll be live. From the Cloudbot Tab, you have access to powerful mod tools, such as Caps Protection, Link Protection, and more. So, if you want to quickly grow your audience – multistreaming is the right decision for you. The integrated chat also doesn’t have some of the features that even the Streamlabs Chatbot has as a separate program. Everything from inbuilt features to being able to turn on my computer and begin streaming within 30 seconds. OBS will recommend a few settings after this and then you are free to stream. So what should you choose? ", "This program is great due to its great cost (It's free!) Thanks! You can also analyze the specifics of costs, conditions, plans, functions, tools, and more, and decide which software offers more … With all of this, it comes at a cost of using more CPU usage for those who have already established the way they want their stream setup. It even allows you to stream to custom streaming servers! Performance-wise, both SLOBS and OBS Studio show excellent results. This is exactly why streaming software is also often called a live broadcasting software encoder. Once you’ve completed the Windows installation, Streamlabs OBS pre-configures all the setting for you and brings you straight to your dashboard. Continue this thread What's the point if preview doesn't match program?

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